Western movies Essay

What is the true meaning of a western movie? In order to define a western movie, you need to know its characteristics. For example, the movies setting should geographically be in the west coast. One of the main concepts of a western movie I believe is “change”. “Riding the Rails” and “All Quiet on the Western Front” are to great examples of a western movie. The Great Depression was a very difficult time in American history. The Great Depression was the longest and most severe depression that was experienced in the Western World.

The movie “Riding the Rails” is a good example of times during this depression. The movie presents a story of ten men and women in their youth, who gave their accounts about leaving their homes in search of a better life. Some left home to escape poverty or troubled families and others left because it seemed like it would be a great adventure. The Great Depression caused people to lose their homes and Jobs; eventually ending up on the streets staving for food. The terms “riding the rails” are referred typically to teenagers who are using he railroads to settle somewhere better throughout the movie.

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These teenagers are considered hoboes; people who wonder from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood. In their Journey, they encountered a hobo camps by the railroads Just outside the city in a Jungle. The Jungles shared a place where one could eat, sleep, read and wash before heading out once more. Later on they encountered religious organizations such as churches which provided indoor locations where hobos could get hot meals, clothing and a good night’s sleep.

If hobos accepted this charity, they were then obligated to work for them, no matter how long. “Riding the Rails” gives a very clear and accurate view of how life was for young teenagers during these historical times. “All Quiet on the Western Front” is about innocent boys who turn into men when they Joins the military. The military was cruel at that time; the soldiers would beat them down, both emotionally and physically. They experienced near starvation, attacks by rats in the trenches, long tretches of boredom, seeing death of friends, and separation from family and friends.

The movie mentions how war can change a man, making them inhuman. The main character in the movie, Paul, is an example of what war can do to a person. When Paul was hurt in battle, he returns home but to find what he was once familiar with a completely different universe. He then chose to return to the front early which eventually killed him. There are many ways you and compare these two movies. “Riding the Rails” was much more of a typical western movie where one is moving out o the west in search for a better life. All Quiet on the Western Front” is not considered a typical westerns movie. The movie describes a change in one’s life. Paul going from his normal life to the military changes him toa point when he couldn’t go back. One of the main characteristic of a western movie that was previously mentioned is “change”; in most scenarios it’s for the better in other cases, it ends up being for the worst. Moving to the “west” isn’t as easy as it sounds. Western movies By sidmehta


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