Western Way of Thinking Sample Essay

Western civilization brings its ain manner of thought. as is with any civilization. Something that our civilization puts a batch of value on is money. We value these pieces of paper as something to endeavor for. The people with the most power tend to hold the most money. Some people even believe that money is happiness.

Our state has a democracy. in which the authorities gets its power through the consent of the people. These people are each his/her ain single individual. with a alone personality and physical visual aspect. Everyone leads one life in whatever manner he/she so chooses. Our ain life is one thought each of us inquiries or examines frequently.

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Western Way of Thinking Sample Essay
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This leads me to the thought that persons of Western civilisation are self-critical. Our ain lives are a large enigma we want to work out. What we don’t realize yet is that we will non work out the enigma that is our life until the terminal of it. Therefore. “live life to the fullest” has become a common phrase. This life style is all about making what you’ve ever wanted to make because you ne’er know when you’re enigma will be solved. I am non here to carry. but to inform.

We are merely able to populate with the life style of our choosing because we have that freedom. We are free to “ [ pursue ] felicity. ” A certain life style could be a portion of that felicity we all wish to accomplish. Another cardinal portion of our felicity could be to be intelligent. or to hold cognition.

Other civilizations that arose before Western civilization would state that some kind of God was the reply when they didn’t know the reply. The Western manner of thought is all about research. experimenting. and sometimes thinking at first. We don’t merely go forth it to Gods. We use our logic and scientific accomplishments to happen a truer reply to the unknown. or antecedently unknown. Our civilization is traditional but ever-changing.


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