What are physical changes of matter?

Question Answer
Change of state a physical change that occurs when matter changes from one state to another such as a liquid to a gas
Physical change a change in which a substance remains the same substance
Mixture a combination of two or more different substances
Chemical change a change in which a substance or two in which becomes in a new change
Physical Property a trait such as color, shape or hardness that describes a substance by it's self
Chemical property a property that involves the ability of substance to react with other materials to form new substances
Chemical reaction a change in which one or more new substances are formed
Compound a substance two or more different substances elements
Law of Conservation of Mass The mass of the products of a chemical reaction equals the mass of the reactants
constructive forces are processes that help build up the Earth, either by depositing soil or silt in a river, or by volcanoes and lava flows that generates new land.
destructive forces are processes that break down the Earth, either through the violent actions of volcanoes and earthquakes or by the steady flow of a river. Click here to understand what destructive forces are

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