What Are the Aims of Academic Study and How Can They Is Achieved? Essay

What are the aims of academic study and how can they is achieved? Currently, education is considered one of the important factors to accomplish the development in societies. The most significant part in education is academic study which is provided only in universities and colleges. This type of instruction has several purposes for instance; preparing students to be specialists in one of academic subjects. In addition, academic study can be achieved through a number of ways such as, creative a smaller classes.

This essay will discuss the main aims of academic study and then provide certain possible methods to achieve them. To begin with, the major aim of academic study is to impart an enormous amount of specialized information. Universities and colleges offer student the opportunity to having a deep academic knowledge in various subjects which lead to raising the degree of knowledge in whole society and quality of work as well. Therefore, academic study contributes to improvement of countries in all fields such as, medicine, technology, engineering and industry (Nair. 008) Another aim of academic study is to provide professional skills which are necessary for work. Academic study prepares people to meet the demands and challenges of current century through providing them the necessary work skills. For example, “M. Sc International Securities, Investment and Banking in University of Reading equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the challenging field of investment banking and have been designed with the support of industry practitioners “(Nair. 2008).

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What Are the Aims of Academic Study and How Can They Is Achieved? Essay
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In addition, academic study might also raise the career prospects. When persons are qualified, they will be able to find a better job easily with suitable remuneration which assists them to increase their standard of life. Academic study can be achieved through many methods. One of the effective ways is diminishing class size which can help the students to achieve academic success. A class which includes a reasonable number of students has several benefits. It allows a teacher to pay more attention to help the tudents which enhance their abilities, and also the class will be less disruptive which afford an opportunity for students to concentrate in the lesson and finally, it give the chance for communication between teacher and the students which encourage more discussion in the class (Ronald. at al. 2001 ). The Second way to achieve academic success is parents. They play a principal role to make their children accomplish academic success through supports them to be industrious student and also supplying them financial support that they require in their study life.

Moreover, motivation from parents or teachers is a great method to accomplish academic success. It influence simply on student performance. To sum up, academic study is extremely important. It is the key reason to development of countries in all fields. It is vital to aware the importance of knowing specific subject in depth for a successful academic career. In addition, there are plenty of aims of academic study and also there are numbers of methods to achieve it. Word count: 503


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