What are the causes of unethical practices in advertising

?Marketing is what you do when your product is no good. Most efficent way to increase sales is advertising. Advertisements announce your product and give information about product?s quality and the functions. Advertisements can easily pay attention people and have significantly effect to direct consumer preferences.. As well as advertisements have a lot of advantages they could be harmful. The causes of unethical advertising can be counted in three main areas. These are not following ethical rules, targeting children, and confusion over new media platforms.

Advertisers who are following their own rules sometimes dont care if the advertisements are true or harmful. They just trying to sell products.When some companies trying to sell low quality products they don?t tell truth about the products in advertisements. They are going to hide it?s defects and show more than what is it in reality. Marketers persuade and change consumers decisions about what should they purchase by telling lies and giving false information.They are misleading to consumers and this make consumers more awareness when they are shopping. Advertisers also take care social consciousness to pay attention. Companies ignore morality and they are just interest to gain money. Use social consicousness to advantage of them. ?Objectivation of woman could be seen in? most of advertisements include woman and always illustrate those woman as a sexual object or in detergant advertisements women is shown restricted to the home and isolated from other women that is outside of home. Advertisers dont consider woman as a human they think women as an object.
For a company easiest targets are children. Glossy images on the billboards or flashy advertisements on televisions have an effect on children?s minds. These advertisements have bad effect on their young minds and change their world view. That cannot be ignored. According to Richard, U. (2012). Marketing the Case for enhanced advertising ethics. Journal of Advertising Research. Vol. 15, pp 37-39) children are vulnerable and easily influenced and dont know the difference between advertising and enterainment. Therefore advertisers m?ust be aware of this and protect children. So parents also should be aware of this and they have to work stop and prevent these unethical practices in advertising. Also media platforms should be checked.

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What are the causes of unethical practices in advertising
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New media resources are getting stronger and more pwerful. As the media is getting stronger advertisements are becoming more effective. Advertisers put subliminal messages on videos or news. New social media like Facebook and blogs make it diffiuclt to distinguish the difference between editorial content and advertisement, (Ricahrd). These kind of advertsing seems legal but that should be asked if they are ethical. Sometimes we don?t know if the advertising or marketing is paid for by the company that makes the product or if it is being written by someone who is a consumer of the product. Advertisers have to be very careful if they are too be ethical.

Advertising is to help people sell their products and so make money for them. Many people mistrust advertising and this can be blamed on the unethical advertising that they have seen and perhaps caused them to buy a product that does not do what it promised or breaks easily. Companies need to make sure they are honest in their advertising, that they don not target children and are clear that an advertisement is an advertisement rather than a review or a testimonial.


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