What are the Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Essay

As Professor Rossi discussed in category, there are six cardinal properties of an enterpriser ; committedness and finding, leading, chance compulsion, high tolerance of risk/ambiguity/and uncertainness, creativity/self-reliance/and adaptability, and in conclusion, motive to stand out. As a new, and inexperient alumnus, the three most of import qualities I would look for in the leader of my concern squad are ; leading, committedness and finding, and creativeness.

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What are the Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Essay
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The most of import quality to me is leading. Although the definition of a leader varies from individual to individual, the qualities that make up a leader are similar, and every concern squad needs one. Without a leader, the squad would hold nil. They are independent and important to team edifice. They are likely the individual who came up with the thought or brought the squad members together. A leader is besides needed to learn which would be something I would greatly value from as a recent alumnus. Besides, with regard to the squad as a whole, leaders are scholars excessively and make no hierarchy within the squad.

This creates a really degree and comfy environment which most alumnuss do n’t acquire to see in first occupations and therefore they ‘re subjected to a high emphasis and high force per unit area environment, which could suppress them or otherwise negatively affect their public presentation. Furthermore, leaders are willing to portion the wealth which means that their extreme end is NOT money, but their company, and that inspiration and passion will flux into everything they do any state, including me! Continuing with the thoughts expressed above, leaders lead through influence and inspiration, non power or hierarchy. They inspire their squad which makes the squad want to work for the good of the company, and it makes everyone aroused and happy. Happy employees are productive employees, and everyone is united around a common and exciting end.

“ The velocity of the leader determines the velocity of the pack ” are the words of Mary Kay Ash, the laminitis of Mary Kay cosmetics ( “ Expert Advice for Get downing A Small Business from Scratch ” ). Mary Kay is a true leader and visionary. After being invariably underappreciated and underpaid, compared to work forces, she resigned from her occupation with a program. With this program, her full nest eggs, and the aid of her boy, she started Beauty by Mary Kay ( “ Mary Kay ” ). The company was dedicated to doing life more beautiful for adult females and the belief of praising people for their success ( “ Mary Kay ” ). The company allows adult females to be in concern for themselves and be every bit successful as they want, or do n’t desire, to be. The basic thought is ; after subscribing up, the “ beauty adviser ” receives a basic stock list and sells to friends, household, coworkers, neighbours, etc., and when merchandises are purchased, they receive committee.

Mary Kay created a company that is all about sharing the wealth. My cousin is really a beauty adviser for Mary Kay and she loves it. Mary Kay creates a enormously inspiring community and support system for their advisers. They hold meetings and conventions a twosome times a twelvemonth where the advisers are invited to acquire excited about new merchandises and tips on maximising gross revenues. It besides creates a topographic point to web and portion thoughts. They are a really large squad which is genuinely alone since every adviser is their ain foreman. Mary Kay ‘s company exemplifies what a leader can make through inspiration and influence.

In really close second, committedness and finding is something I would necessitate in the leader of a concern squad. A leader who is committed and determined is indirectly actuating particularly during down times or when the squad runs into an issue. A leader who is committed to their thought is traveling to be passionate about it and when you are passionate about something it truly affairs to you. Because passion is so inspiring, they can maintain the squad members traveling and assist work out many of the jobs when less determined people may desire to give up. Team leaders who have this quality are relentless and disciplined, forcing the squad frontward like an engine. Besides, every bit much as they are committed to their company and squad, they know when to de-commit and they are disciplined to ne’er “ marry ” an thought.

They are nevertheless, married and passionate about being an enterpriser and are willing to perpetrate their clip and resources to the squad. It takes a batch of subject to equilibrate passion and level-headedness which is really of import in the determination devising procedure and something I would decidedly look out for when looking for an ideal concern squad leader. All these features non merely profit the squad as a whole, but they would particularly profit me. It would cast a new visible radiation on the definition of difficult work, and demo me all the pay-offs of continuity. It would besides learn me to be a better job convergent thinker and to be disciplined when doing determinations so as to non allow feelings acquire in the manner.

Probably applicable to multiple illustrations, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple is one of the most determined leaders I ‘ve heard of. He was forced out of his ain company in 1985 and from so on gross revenues and invention lagged as Microsoft became an even bigger engineering giant ( Burkitt ). When Jobs returned in 1997, he helped to revolutionise Apple in the digital music and nomadic phone industries ( Burkitt ). Today, Apple is exceling Microsoft as the technological giant.

Historically, Apple computing machines were ne’er preferred to PC ‘s, nevertheless that is turning about today as Apple continues to revolutionise their engineering and make new merchandises. Jobs ‘ committedness to his thought and his company pushed them through their rickety startup and ferocious competition. His doggedness and continuity lead to platform engineerings such as the iPod and iPhone that are seen virtually everyplace today. It is uncommon for consumers in today ‘s universe to non hold some Apple merchandise. Besides, the fact that all of these inventions were coincident with the return of Jobs proves merely how priceless he is to the company.

Last but non least, creativeness is a really of import quality in a successful squad leader. Creative people are pioneers, and bizarre. They are ever unfastened to new thoughts, new ways of thought, and invention which demonstrates their ability to larn every bit good. When a individual is of course originative, they ‘re of course in an entrepreneurial mentality all the clip. Of class, non all successful companies were started based on a radical or advanced thought, but it surely is an advantage to be able to believe of one. Similarly, to be able to revolutionise an already bing service or merchandise takes even more creativeness than the initial thought because it has to be that much better to win over the original. I like to believe of myself as a originative individual, and as a originative individual, I can certify to the fact that originative people are ever believing about new undertakings. It ‘s marginal obsessional, and this is really of import to hold in a concern squad leader because they will ever hold the company on the encephalon.

They will invariably be believing about an thought, how to better the thought, where the thought could travel in the hereafter, and what is needed for the thought to win. It will ever be a precedence to them as a originative undertaking, unlike a director in a traditional concern who merely thinks about the company nine to ticket, Monday through Friday. Imagine how many great thoughts are over-looked when clip spent believing about a company is merely half of what it could be. I besides believe creativeness is contagious. When one individual starts speaking about thoughts, everyone starts down that way and everyone starts speaking about thoughts no affair how brainsick or bad the thought. This sort of environment is important to invention, important to an entrepreneurial start-up, and therefore important in the start-up ‘s leader.

Following my first idea of Disney in the originative section, I thought of Pixar. Pixar has revolutionized the alive movie industry with their first production ; Toy Story in 1995. Harmonizing to the Pixar web site, back so, Pixar was led by present twenty-four hours Chief CREATIVE Officer, John Lasseter. The squad is responsible for authorship, bring forthing, and inspiring all of the movies. Lasseter was subsequently awarded a Particular Achievement Academy Award for his divine leading function in the creative activity of Toy Story ( “ Pixar ” ). Lasseter and his squad revolutionized the industry so much, that similar studios are emerging such as, DreamWorks Animation, whose first production was the film, Antz.

Successful concern squads surely require more than merely these features, nevertheless ; these are the qualities I would look for in a successful leader, and they are the most of import qualities I would desire in myself as a future leader.


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