What Caused The Dust Bowl Essay

During the 1930’s a monolithic dust and sand storm hit the western skyline. Families across the state were struck with the Depression. nevertheless. people populating in the Southern Great Plains were non merely affected by the Depression. but besides by the 300 dust storms that destroyed their land. The three chief grounds for the cause of the Dust Bowl were: the geographics of the Southern Plains. heavy machinery used to farm. and dry clime. The chief cause of the Dust Bowl was the geographics of the Southern Plains. A shepherd from Texas said: “Grass is what keep the Earth together” ( Doc B ) . The grass in the Dust Bowl part was non really tall. nevertheless. the grass and its roots were a barrier that kept the sand and dirt in topographic point. Wheat husbandmans plowed the short grass prairie to make wheat farms. hence go forthing the soil exposed and unprotected when the strong air currents struck.

The heavy farm machinery being used destroyed the fields and led to the Dust Bowl. Farmers. like Fred Folkers. purchased a tractor that had the capacity of making the occupation of 10 Equus caballuss ( Doc C ) . With the new tractor. Folkers was able to bring forth a greater trade of goods than earlier. Unfortunately. Folkers’s tractor besides increased the sum of short-grass destroyed. The figure of estates that were harvested between 1899 and 1929 doubled in eight Great Plains provinces ( Doc D ) . The new heavy machinery that Folkers and other husbandmans were utilizing crushed the soil and dirt into smaller pieces that could easy blow into the air.

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What Caused The Dust Bowl Essay
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