What Do the Terms Race and Ethnicity Mean to Me? Essay

WHAT DO THE TERMS RACE & ETHNICITY MEAN TO ME? The terms race and ethnicity to me are two very different things. Race is said to be determined by your physical appearance. I believe that we are what we are. So many different things in society today have had a label put on them. If you fill out a survey they ask for your race. If you apply for a job, they ask for your race. I cannot seem to understand the point in all of this. Everything is said to be “equal opportunity”, yet every time you turn around someone is asking you to check the box beside your race.

I would like to think that the term “equal opportunity” actually meant something. The concept of race in the United States is unknown. However, in my opinion, it is to prevent discrimination. But my problem with this is that if two people go to apply for a job and one is more qualified than the other, I think that they should be presented with the opportunity of employment vs. the race that is a minority in the workplace. I believe that Ethnicity is based more on cultural aspects. It has to do with heritage, nationality, religion, and many other things.

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What Do the Terms Race and Ethnicity Mean to Me? Essay
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There are many different ethnic groups. I believe that these are designed for people to share their lifestyles and customs with other people of the same background, religion, or heritage. I like to think of the United States as one big melting pot for people of any ethnicity to come and educate others of their customs, beliefs, and religion. It is also important to demonstrate diversity and acceptance. The great thing about the United States is that we are allowed to be who we are where many other countries only allow one religion or one belief.


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