What Does A Relationship Do For An Individual? Every Relationship Betw Essay

een a male and female change their current status. Having a relationship affected me in many ways in which some are good and some bad. The good and bad sides to having a relationship are lower grades, need of more money, but a better social life.

One of the main reasons why students receive lower grades are due to relationships.Having to be able to keep in touch with the one you have feelings for takes time away from your homework andother things you might need to accomplish. Some students may be able to get their priorities straight and stay on
track but its highly unlikely.
Your homwork piles up little by little and you won’t even notice it until the day before all the work is due! That’swhen you’ll realize you’re behind, but by then it’s too late.

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What Does A Relationship Do For An Individual? Every Relationship Betw Essay
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Money is a key factor to a relationship because in a relationship every couple wants to do things togetherlike watch a movie, eat dinner, or buy him/her a gift.
You may be able to stay on track in school, have high grades, etc. but the point is its better when you have a relationship than not having one. Well, for most people anyways. One thing for sure is that you’ll have a better social life. You’ll have someone to talk to when you have problems and someone to lean on
She can be a great comfort to you if the person actually does care for you. If you’re going out with a person becausethe person just has a nice physical appearance, than you might not have that luxury, but it is a great convenience
for most people.
I hope this has informed everyone that read this about the good and bad sides to having a relationship. There are many other reasons to a relationship, but these are the main three things to it, at least for me anyways. My advice to everyone is, wait until you’re out of school if you want a good future, because it can really mess your grades up, but if you’re willing to be diligent and can live with less sleep then by all means……start a relationship. At least, one that will last.


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