What i want to be and why

From the time I started elementary I knew I had to be somebody when I grew up. As you would expect I draw up plans and many times dreamed of being somebody. As I grew older I learned in order to make my dreams and goals realistic it would involve determination and dedications. So I constantly kept that in mind as I get a step closer to making decisions and choices. I suppose if u believe in yourself u can be anybody you would like to be even if it may seems impossible and even if it was just a dream. My dream was to be very successful in what I attend to do.

To put together my future I thought a financial sales agent would be a good profession. A financial sales agent buys and sells securities in investment and trading firms. They also develop and implements financial plans for individuals, businesses, and organizations. On the other hand, they do a lot of communicating as well as looking up updated quotes. Being a sales agent would not be simple; you have many special tasks to carry out. So, if I would want to become a successful financial sales agent these are the few usual farm duties. First, you develop policy based on an analysis of a clients financial condition.

Then you make contact with brokerage firms to purchase and sell securities based on market quotes. Then there would be records transactions that have to be updated for your clients. Meanwhile, there would be lots of calculations and preparations for financial reports to monitor clients. Reading corporate and having interviews with clients to determine their liabilities, cash flows, and financial objectives could be a vast issue. Finally, identifying potential clients and solicits business using publicity campaigns, mailing lists and private associates.

The largest part of a brokers job would be discovering customers and building clients foundation. Beginning brokers spend much of their time searching for customers, relying heavily on telephone solicitation cold calls that is, calling people with whom they have never had any contact. (Ferguson 11). So as you can see this occupation requires sales ability, enthusiasm, patience, communication skills, and mostly the ability to work well with others. Yet, you have to be very convincing and get clients to have faith in you.

Although, this occupation requires a lack of trust and patience to deal with clients, personal qualifications are also needed. Financial sales agents are critical thinkers and resolute problem solvers. They are comfortable with complicated financial and legal documents, they can quickly grasp complex concepts, and they are highly detail oriented. (Careers 14). I find myself very good at giving advice on financial matters. I like dealing with people and I also like processing numbers and figures, so Im sure this occupation would be perfect for me.

However, this occupation does necessitate a bachelors degree because securities sales representatives must be well informed about economic conditions and trends, a college education is increasingly important, especially in the larger securities firms. (Choices 2000 2). On the other hand, taking courses in business, accounting, economics, mathematics, government, and communications are considered necessary. Taking electives courses like typing and speech are very useful in this field. But if you already have the gift in communicating as well as having an open mind you would have no worries in this profession.

Since the demands for financial sales service would grow faster than any other occupation, you would never have to worry about being unemployed. There are number of different paths real estate agents can take towards career advancement. (Field 178). Additionally, the development of business activities joined with industrial latest breakthroughs will increase command for the sale of stock to meet capital necessities for companies around the world. As a result, finding a job in this profession will not be difficult. Yet, because of the high earnings in this business, the competitions would very intense.

According to the earnings in this job, it may vary from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars yearly. However, most of the agents are paid on a commission basis. There would be agents that can earn millions of dollars through selling real estates and agents who havent made nearly as much. Since earnings can alter very much based on the condition of the market, some agents may find it useful to add-on their income through other earnings during time of slow market activity. The natural consequence of life is that money follows work. (Godfrey 51).

As you can see, money doesnt come easily; it comes with difficult task and strength of mind. Above other fields, sales agents hours would be more flexible. The peaks and the drops of market activity can cause a great deal of pressure. Therefore, working hours would be irregular and weekend work would also take place. Most of time, the work setting for a financial agent would be sitting. Considering fortunes being made is thrilling but the overturn also eventuate so, it requires strength and maturity to cope with the setbacks.

More important, success would be my number one priority; nothing can keep me from that. I know saying it would always be easier than actually doing it but I strongly believe you should vision what you want to do and then make it real. So I would try my very best to accomplish what I attend to be in life. No one would live your life for you so do it yourself and be happy. I know I may change my major throughout college but what I want to be for now would be a successful financial sales agent.


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