What is a diagnostic about? Essay

Hearing a word “Essay,” we immediately realize that we are going to write a typical essay with ‘much water.’ Despite its name, the diagnostic essay isn’t totally about it. Its main function is to represent a test which in turn means to ‘diagnose’ the writing skills. That is the main point of such type of essay. Now let’s define in details what is it.

A diagnostic essay is usually given at the beginning of the term to see what are your writing skills and how skillfully you can perform. As you understand, the primary aim of the diagnosis paper is to check and test where you have strong and weak sides of style. All these are needed to check your level and to allow teaching staff to give you appropriate recommendations to make the writing process better and of course to plan further tasks according to your strengths. Also, all diagnostic essays have the main thing – they have to minimize the time of writing. Usually when you have stressed is show the real results. Maybe it’s not an encyclopedia definition, but this variant will help you to understand in the best way.

What is really good, is that you don’t have to do any research, that is, probably, the biggest difference from any other types of essay. Diagnosis essay demands the immediate beginning of writing. So, you have to concentrate on demonstrating the ability to distinguish where is the exact time to write, to relax, to edit and to proofread. That is called the right time management, and that will be the reason why you will succeed or not, why the teacher will like or not your essay. The key point is that you have to give it to you all. Even though you worry a lot, and feel like this essay is the hardest thing you have faced in an emotional way – then stop it now. The biggest secret is that professors never put marks according to your diagnostic essay.

Diagnostic essay topics

Most often professors give to the student topics on which they have to perform an essay. However, there are situations when professors want their students to feel free thinking that it will increase the level of diagnostic essay results.

If your variant is the second one and you want to find the most appropriate topic, then you are in the right place, look at the examples of topics given below to find yours. If you are the teacher searching for the topic to give to your students, look at our samples as well.

  • What is the biggest experience you had in your life?
  • According to your point of view, do books have a chance to become as popular as websites again?
  • If people are popular only on the social media, can it be called as a celebrity?
  • How do you think, if the teenager passes a test according to which his brain and intellect are on the same level as adults have, can he start using alcohol as adults do very often?
  • Is it a very important thing as discrimination in nowadays society?

Diagnostic essay structure

This paragraph will tell you about the main things of the essay. Of course, you will have not much time for writing this text; nevertheless, you still have to understand how to complete the text with its proper structure. In another case, you will spend much more time rereading, checking and editing errors and mistakes you might have because the main picture will not be so pleasant.

The outline may look like that.

  1. The introduction:
  • Your topic changed in other words
  • Three main key points
  • thesis statement
  1. The body
  • The first important key point of the text
  • The second key point
  • The third key point

So, you see that the most important thing is to see the outline and work according to the plan you made. Also, the structure isn’t different from any other type of the text; it consists of: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

  1. The introduction Start your introduction by remembering the topic of the essay. For instance, if you are given to perform about hard decisions that you had in your life, such as moving to another country, then write an answer, a huge explanation of all the emotions you had while making up that decisions. It is very important to show the emotions, feelings, and troubles you have on the way to your dream.  Also, write three reasons of why that was very hard for you? Those three reasons will be the thesis statement of the text.
  2. The body
    After you have done with the introduction, think about the body. It should have three key points, three arguments, or three ideas. To make them start with connecting sentence “I did not think I would be able to adjust to life in a new country.” And then, you can start with writing your feelings, thoughts, everything you had inside in the process of moving. Don’t forget to mention something good too. It is important to end an essay with the positive tone. Also, you may write about the language you have taught, the people you have met and so on. All the new experience is welcome.
  3. The conclusion
    This is probably the easiest part. Write about the key points you mentioned in the text and paraphrase them because repeating isn’t cool at all. Also, if your three challenges are the new language, new friends and new culture, then write something like, “When I moved to the Canada four years ago, I did not even think that I could ever learn a new language, make new friends, and adjust to the culture.”
  4. After that, check the text on mistakes or errors you might have, and here we have the ready text.
    To sum it up, never think that your experience isn’t important or interesting to the people. You are you, and you have all the rights to tell your story to the people, especially if the task demands it.
  5. Conclusion: just write about all the key point again, but in other words and summarize an answer to the main question.

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