What is business dilemma? Essay


This constituent will concentrate on pull offing client relationships with the organisation in order to heighten client trueness. Furthermore, it will besides discourse on the facets of the practical universe and the scheme which will be implemented to utilize YouTube as a vehicle to pass on with the clients.

Business Dilemma

Yes I believe that the most influential individual in cafe is the client. Customers can assist the Broadway Cafe by increasing the gross revenues of the cafe and besides they can assist in advancing our cafe . For case, if a client comes to our cafe and finds the service good and enjoys the nutrient so that peculiar client would decidedly travel and state his/her friends and households about our cafe and in this manner many more clients will get down coming to our cafe . In order to pull more clients we need to understand the demands of the clients and we need to happen ways in which our cafe can fulfill their demands. Customers will travel off if the cafe does non run into their outlook since clients presents have become more demanding.

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What is business dilemma? Essay
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Traveling on, it is really indispensable to give proper service to clients because clients can besides ache the cafe . If proper service is non provided to them so they can easy do a ailment about our cafe and this can harm our repute in the market. Gross saless of any concern are based on clients and in order to keep the clients we need to develop a client relationship direction scheme. We need to happen ways in which we can better our services and pull more clients because clients play an of import function in the success of our cafe . As seen in I hate Dell.net that clients and employees are allowed to post their ailments on web sites so it is really of import for every concern to function its clients decently so that they do n’t post any ailments and ache the repute of the concern. ( SN Web Consulting ) , ( I hate Dell.net ) .

Yes our employees besides believe that clients are the most of import portion of the cafe . Employees who work in our cafe understand that it is really of import to supply clients with proper service. Every top direction expects their employees to pattern a good client relationship. Employees are employed in any company so that they can work and function clients and they are judged upon how good they serve their clients. The Broadway cafe can offer reward plans such as fillip to its employees in order for them to work hard and keep client satisfaction. Therefore, employee that is most helpful to clients can be rewarded.

Making Business Decision 1

“Virtual universe can assist people run into, join forces, program, visualise, train and learn together.” ( How practical universe can assist existent universe concern, 2010 ) . Second life and practical universe are playing an of import function in a success of a concern. Many concerns are developing practical universe in order to integrate it into their concern and increase net incomes. Besides now concerns have realized that making concern in practical universe can work out jobs which are faced in existent universe such as, communicating, costs and developing etc. In existent universe it is really difficult for every employee to interact with other employees and work together but through practical universe it becomes easier to pass on with every employee and work together. ( How practical universe can assist existent universe concern, 2010 )

Traveling on, Advertising in practical universe can maximise our clients and this will besides take to a decrease in production costs. Many clients presents like watching pictures on cyberspace and they largely like those pictures that are presented in amusing construction and which has all information sing the merchandise. Hence, with the usage of picture we can publicize and in this manner it will make to clients more rapidly and it would be far more effectual. Besides there will be a decrease in going costs as people can pass on in practical universe and salvage clip and costs on going down to each others office for meetings etc. ( Lowe, 2009 ) .

In practical universe merchandises are displayed in different signifiers for different concerns and in some you can prove out the merchandise how it looks on you and it allow people to see or utilize them before you really buy the merchandise. Virtual universe is a really utile tool for people to be able to run into virtually and besides acquire full information about a peculiar merchandise. Besides it increases trade name visibleness and facilitates a new client base. Therefore, it could be said that practical can truly do work easier for concern in existent universe. ( Saltzman, 2008 ) .

Customer relationship will be different in a practical universe is through that there will be no physical interaction amongst clients and employees. In practical universe clients can show themselves decently for what they want and they can besides province their positions on which type of merchandise they are looking for. Here clients will acquire an experience of how things will be at shop, the surrounding and the types of merchandises that are sold. Traveling on, in practical universe clients will be able to do ailments about the merchandise but they will hold to wait on the response from the company sing their ailment.

In order to pull off client relationships in this new practical environment you need to be prompt while supplying feedback to clients. For case you should seek to reply a client ‘s question within 24 hours. Besides try to cover with client ailments in right mode so that they do n’t acquire offended. You need to be polite and attentive with clients either in existent universe or practical universe clients are one of the major factor in lending to concern universe. Furthermore attempt to follow up with every client ‘s concern. ( Baley, 2011 ) .

Supporting traditional clients are the clients in existent universe. Supporting 2nd life clients will be different in a manner that in 2nd life it will be more advanced and more expensive to implement. In 2nd life merely those users who are to the full equipped with the latest computer science hardware can hold equal entree to 2nd life. Besides in 2nd life a new client will necessitate to take some clip acquiring familiarize with the 2nd life universe while for traditional clients it is non so complicated. ( Chia Yao Lee, 2007 ) .

In 2nd life clients can interact with the employees at the same clip in its embodiment signifiers but on web site clients are unable to interact they are merely able to e-mail each other. If any merchandise is displayed on web site, so a client can merely see the image of the merchandise and monetary value of it and can merely put an order while in 2nd life clients get opportunity to seek the merchandise on themselves and if it suits them merely so they purchase it. Advertising on web site is much cheaper compared to 2nd life but in this modern universe 2nd life is more acceptable as it provides clients with maximal satisfaction in respects to what a client really wants and is looking for.

The security issue which you might meet in 2nd life is authentication and individuality larceny. Peoples ‘interact in practical universe via embodiments and new histories can be opened” . ( Beer, 2007 ) There will be times when there will be multiple embodiments and it will be difficult to guarantee which embodiment represents whom and even if that peculiar embodiment represents to existent individual so it will be difficult to cognize to whom it is really associated to. Traveling on, confidential and sensitive information should n’t be discussed in a 2nd life because it is non so secured. For case, the information exchanged texts and confabs may non be private. ( Beer, 2007 ) .

Besides larceny of practical objects illustration, stealing of embodiment apparels, practical edifices designs etc. There can be unauthorised usage of existent universe trade name name and trade grade. Furthermore payment and dealing unity can be an issue excessively. As there is a hazard for practical billfolds and stock list to acquire stolen. ( Chia Yao Lee, 2007 ) .

Some of the ethical issue is “defamation and disparagement intending spreading of false rumours and misdirecting information. There can be depreciation of practical and existent universe products” ( Chia Yao Lee, 2007 ) . Traveling on, people holding bogus individuality are non an ethical behaviour. Besides “vandalism and harassment” ( Chia Yao Lee, 2007 ) is an ethical issue, damaging of practical objects and practical locations. ( Chia Yao Lee, 2007 ) .

Making concern determination 2

YouTube would assist in pass oning with clients about the unusual long delaies for frappachunios and cappuccinos through a picture. As JetBlue ‘s laminitis apologized to its clients via YouTube for the cancellation of flights, that ‘s how Broadway cafe can demo a picture to their clients on the execution of new espresso machine and how employees are still acquiring used to it. You can demo in the picture that clients who are willing to hold frappachnios and cappuccinos, they can put their order in progress, so once it gets ready so the employee can reach their clients and so clients can come and hold their farppachnios and cappuccinos and bask the drink instead so waiting in lines for the order and acquiring frustrated. Since most of the people go on YouTube so it will be best to upload a picture about this job on YouTube so that bulk of the clients will see the picture and put their order in progress.

Traveling on, the four new employees who have been employed late are holding trouble understanding the new machine, so the old employees are most of the clip helping the new 1s. In this manner much clip is wasted and employees are non able to achieve to clients. Therefore, you can besides upload a picture on YouTube sing on the use of the new machine so that new employees can see that picture and can larn from at that place on how to utilize the new machine instead than ever inquiring the old employees aid. In this manner the jobs can be rectified.

Some of the Pros of utilizing YouTube as a client communicating vehicle are that many people presents watch pictures on YouTube and therefore, publicizing on it will be really good for the cafe . You can watch the picture for free and besides Broadway Cafe can show its creativeness of the cafe and its assortment of merchandises on YouTube easy and in more advanced signifier. Furthermore, publicizing on YouTube will ensue in decrease in selling cost and it is really utile and much effectual so publicizing in existent universe. ( Feldman )

Some of the cons of utilizing YouTube as a client communicating vehicle is that, the picture uploaded on YouTube can be viewed by everyone. Since it is viewable by everyone so everyone who views it can post remark. Some times some people post bad remarks which can harm Broadway cafe ‘s image and repute. ( Feldman ) .“Try to avoid spam attack otherwise viewing audiences will halt watching any picture that has been uploaded by the cafe.” ( Feldman ) .

Yes there are other engineerings which could be used as a client communicating vehicle. Web sites such as societal networking for case, MySpace, Facebook. Nowadays people enjoy societal networking, so printing on web site such as Facebook will be really good since many people will acquire to see the Broadway Cafe ‘s web site and this will pull more clients. We can besides utilize Blogs. It can be used to advance merchandises, hence, Broadway cafe can utilize Blogs to advance their merchandises and increase gross revenues. ( SN Web Consulting ) .

Use Your Knowledge

Presently the Broadway cafe ‘s quality of informations within the system is low. It has become hard to find which clients are telling what type of nutrient or music. Having quality information means, to hold accurate and up to day of the month information. As for Broadway cafe their informations is non up to day of the month and accurate. Quality information should be free from duplicate mistake intending non holding two names for a peculiar merchandise which becomes difficult to place under which merchandise name the merchandise should be charged. There should n’t be any confusion while obtaining certain information. ( What is data quality ) .

It is really of import to hold high quality information because it will find the success of the cafe in future and besides enable for the cafe to hold a good repute in the market. Most of the times clients are dissatisfied with the low quality information presented by concerns hence, it is highly of import to hold high quality information so that clients are satisfied. Proper information makes it easy for clients to put orders and besides it becomes easy for employees to understand the order and function the client with the right order. High quality information would take to better determinations to be made and hike more profitableness for the concern. It can obtain competitory advantage in the market and besides achieve employees and client satisfaction which would enable cafe to accomplish the organizational end.

Furthermore, low quality information merely means non holding accurate and up to day of the month information about a peculiar merchandise. Low quality information largely consequences in lose of clients because of client dissatisfaction. Customers who places order expects to have the right merchandise. Traveling on, Cafe is confronting troubles in finding which client has ordered which merchandise. This is due to, the hapless quality of informations been entered into the system. Low quality information will ensue in hapless determinations made.Also many clients who will be dissatisfied with the service provided will besides halt coming to the cafe and this will impact the cafe and its profitableness.

The manner in which the Broadway Cafe could understand its clients is by cognizing how much each client purchases and who all are the valuable clients. This can be done by taking history of the client ID and ciphering the gross revenues for the peculiar client for all the old ages. In this manner we will better understand our clients and happen ways to retain them. Furthermore, by measuring the merchandises and stock on manus figure. Broadway Cafe can concentrate on selling of those merchandises more which are selling fast, because this would fulfill the clients demands and besides increase gross revenues.

There are many informations quality issues as noticed in CRM_AYK.xls. The information presented is really confusing. For case, the merchandise name ? cup of java for java gross revenues, it is stated two times otherwise. First it is named as ? cup of java and so named as ? Cup of Coffee, so when a client topographic points order for ? cup of java the information is entered falsely. Therefore, to avoid confusion they should merely maintain one decently spelt name of ? cup of java.

Besides data presented under heading ‘Other ‘ it does non province any dollar value so we can non province that what really the figures under the heading ‘Other ‘ depicts and how to take history of the figures. Some of the figures are negative so it is really difficult to analyze that what the negative figure means. Possibly they are entering some merchandises under one general header as ‘Other ‘ . To avoid this issue the company can merely enter the merchandises under its several headers instead so seting it all under one as ‘Other ‘ which is equivocal. It besides shows negative sums which needs to be clarified as, what it means and how it should be taken into history.

The Cafe needs to maintain path of the stock and the system should automatically picture that how much stock is left for case, if a Music Cadmium is sold so the system should automatically diminish one Music Cadmium from the stock record and besides demo how many more Music Cadmiums are left.

Traveling on, when placing the best merchandising merchandise it is difficult to bespeak whether to take into history the highest figure of gross revenues of the highest figure of merchandise sold or the profitableness of the merchandises or whether to merely take into history the highest figure of merchandise sold.

We have assumed and taken into history the client ID and the entire sum of gross revenues for each client for all the old ages and have analysed upon the highest figure of gross revenues as the best client.

Upon analyzing the clients with their highest figure of gross revenues sum for all the old ages we see that client figure 305668 has the highest gross revenues sum of $ 49647.45 and is regraded as the best client. In past 5years it could be said that these clients have purchased a batch from Broadway Cafe which is really good and we need to retain these clients by supplying them with better service and run intoing their outlooks.

There are many selling runs which need to be used in order to retain our valuable clients. The cafe should increase in its client satisfaction and trueness and seek to understand a clients demands. The cafe can hold a promotional activity such as wagess for best client of the twelvemonth and the best client wins awards. Furthermore, cafe can offer price reductions to valuable clients in order to retain those clients.

We have assumed that in order to find the best merchandising merchandise and the worst selling merchandise we looked at the entire gross revenues figure of the best and worst types of merchandises sold and non the units because it was a small confusing. We have n’t taken into history any value from column heading other because it is really equivocal, it does non hold dollar value so it is difficult to find whether the sums are in footings of dollars or units. Besides it has negative figures so if it is a sale sum so how can it be in negative and how to take history of it. Therefore, we have non taken any information from column heading other in computation of all the inquiries above.


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