What Is E Form sinple easy fast Essay

1. Introduction

E-Form is the easiest manner to roll up any response by electronic mail or web, Web based contain study publishing house. Not merely studies for E-Form. It will direct signifiers to e-mail reference – cod information and consequences – and salvage informations in your database.

2. Background

TheHong Kong Institute of Vocational Education ( IVE ) is one of the member establishments of the Vocational Training Council ( VTC ) offering vocational instruction to post-secondary pupils inHong Kongthrough its nine campuses located across the district.

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Established in 1982, VTC is the largest vocational instruction, preparation and professional development group in Hong Kong. Provides valuable certificates for over210 000 pupils each twelvemonth through a full scope of pre-employment and in-service programmes with internationally acknowledge makings.


Since there are tonss of pupils in IVE, it is non easy to take a all-out study. Admin Department roll uping options and remarks is really hard. Admin Department want to happen effectual method or tools to roll up, salvage and analysis information and information by distribute different inquiries to pupils and internal staffs on a regular basis.

Now Admin Department collects options or remarks and ballots. Will design and preprint signifier and so in the category Begin clip distributed to pupil or established remarks package to roll up it. This is non effectual and waste clip and stuff.

Exiting Problem and Manual Limitation

  1. Printing cost expensive
  2. Paper cost expensive
  3. Waste Paper, non environmentally friendly
  4. Paper ca n’t recycle usage
  5. Not effectual. Ca n’t 24 hr ballot and commend
  6. Not easy to roll up and easy lost the signifier and non security
  7. Trouble and unsystematic to salvage informations
  8. Trouble to analysis day of the month
  9. To rip off in ballot
  10. Necessitate many people manual for wooing
  11. After ballot or remarks many informations input computing machine
  12. Form ca n’t recycle go forth many rubbishA


Using questionnaire to garner information is recommended because it has some advantages which will be discussed subsequently.

Hope addition school with pupils and staffs communicating.


Website distributed on cyberspace. So it is limitless the clip and topographic point.

The questionnaires post on web site pupil can any clip on-line entree it. 24 hours can vote or commend.

Costss effectual

Online study is much cheaper than other study methods. It eliminates the cost of administering a study. Decrease paper use and printing cost and people numbering. IVE can set their budget to put analysis or instruction and installations or environment.


Online ballot, study and commend security more. Every pupil had their ain history, so on-line questionnaires are a suited pick. All informations maintain waiter more safety than use ballot or roll up box. Decrease cheat ballot.

Easy to analyse

Traditional study consequences are sometime tainted by human mistake while on-line study collect informations immediately and consequences are automatically sorted out. This saves research workers much clip and money. All informations save in Server, anytime and systematic to seek informations. IVE can rapidly see the consequences of the study and travel straight to the information analysis part of the survey.


5.1 Questionnaires Survey

Different types of studies, instance survey, interviews and questionnaires

Case Study

It is based on probe of single group or events. Case surveies may be descriptive or explicative. More recent is used to research causing in order to happen implicit in criterion. They may be expected, in which standards are established and instances suitable the standards are included as they become available, or reappraisal, in which standards are established for choosing instances from historical records for inclusion in the survey.

Although instance survey can develops analytic and job resolution accomplishments and research solutions, it is non suited for research. Because we need to roll up the sentiments of pupils and staffs which instance survey can non.


Interview method of research, typically, face-to-face meeting in which a research worker ( interviewer ) asks an person a series of inquiries.

In add-on, interviews are utile for extricating complex subjects and can seek deeper into a response given the interviewees. However, since there are tonss of pupils, so it will take tonss of clip if utilizing interviews method.


A questionnaire is a research tool include of a series of inquiries and other blink of an eye for the intent of information from respondents.

It is specifically utile for a research with many sample sizes, which is suited for our research.

Since there are tonss of pupils in IVE, it is non easy to take a all-out study. Using questionnaires to garner information is recommended because it has some advantages which will be discussed subsequently.

Besides, as every pupil had their ain intranet history, so on-line questionnaires are a suited pick.

5.2 Research Result

Executive Summary

The purpose of this study was to look into which study system is Suitable for usage within VTC. A staff study on attitudes towards the usage of the usage of

study system in the staff / squad meetings was conducted. The consequences indicate that the bulk of staff would wish to take on-line study system. The study

concludes that online study system are suited for usage within the company. It is recommended that VTC must utilize on-line study system.A A


The vision of VTC is to be the taking supplier of vocational instruction and preparation in the country. Better the instruction quality is a must for IVE. ImportantA to better, required to understand what the pupils and staffs want most and the deficient topographic points. Consequently, the aim of IVE is to do a method to roll up such information. To accomplish the aim, this E-form study system is introduced.


This research was conducted by questionnaire and investigated VTC staff members ‘ which study system is Suitable for usage within VTC.

A sum of 10 questionnaires were distributed with employees ‘ biweekly pay faux pass. The questionnaire used Lekert graduated tables to measure societal attitudes to study system usage and provided clear ended responses for extra remarks.

Survey aggregation boxes were located in every subdivision for a four hebdomad period.A No information was collected ; the study was voluntary and anon. .


There was an 80 % response rate to the questionnaire. It can be clearly seen from the consequences that online study system are considered to be Suitable for usage within VTC. Survey besides allowed participants to place every method has advantages and disadvantages.

Telephone Surveies

In USA, the most popular is telephone questioning. Because a telephone cosmopolitan coverage whole USA.


Peoples normally use telephone contact faster than other methods. The interview use telephone studies can be a few proceedingss complete. Telephone studies can random Numberss to dial when you non fix respondents.


Many people do non desire to reply phone interviews. Because many telephone sale nexus with telephone studies.


Can face-to-face with the Interviewee. Interviews can every topographic point and everyplace to make.


It can allow the Interviewee see, experience and savor a merchandise.

It can happen the mark population.

Peoples may be talk longer face-to-face than on the phone. So it can do detail interviews.


More expensive. Because 2 people in different topographic point so have travel factor.

Everywhere hold its factor and features. These factor and features may different from the mark crowd and will make a non typical sample.

Mail Surveys


Mail studies is the cheapest.Mail studies can include exposure and chart, but the telephone can not.Mail studies allow the Interviewees relaxed to reply instead than at the inconvenient minute.


Mail studies need more clip than other methods. The answer response of Mail studies less than other methods.

Email Surveys

Email studies are really inexpensive and really fast. Many people have full Internet entree it. This makes electronic mail easy than a Web page study for some populations. But email studies have limited to simple questionnaires, as Web page studies can include complex logic.


Email studies can hold reply within a few yearss. Email studies can attached exposure and sound files. Email studies are no cost so really economical.


Some people have more than one electronic mail, so they maybe reply more than one reply. The email studies can non generalise findings the whole populations.

Web Page Surveys

Internet study popular rapidly. They are rapidly, cheapest, and flexibleness.


Web page studies are really fast. Questionnaire station on a web site can roll up a few 1000 responses within a few hours. No cost affect to put up have been completed. Web study can demo exposure, sound and picture file. Web Page Surveys in founts, colourss format more can take. But Email can non more choose.


More people non finish a questionnaire. Because it can easy and anytime to discontinue.


6.1 System Features

Use Case Diagram

User diagram

Administrator diagram

Class/Object Diagram

State diagram

In order to make the questionnaires, invitation electronic mails are needed. The electronic mails are sent by the decision makers. Each electronic mail is alone and can be used one time merely.

There are two positions for the electronic mails, valid and invalid.

First of wholly, when user clicks the invitation electronic mail, the system will look into if it is valid. The electronic mail is valid if and merely if it is the first clip clicked. Otherwise, it will be treated to invalid and return to the home page.

There is another state of affairs that the system will handle the electronic mail to invalid. That is when user clicks the “submit” or “cancel” buttons when replying the questionnaire.

State diagram

The questionnaires have 2 positions, in advancement and expired.

When a new questionnaire is established, it will tag as “in progress” which means the decision makers can direct it out. When the questionnaire is cancelled during set uping or delete, it will tag as “expired” and can non be sent.

Collaboration/Flow Chart

6.2 Functional Requirements

( 1 ) Main page – Prompt User to Login

Mandate against database, and redirect to ( 1 ) or ( 2 )

( 2 ) Administrator Mode

( a ) Create, Edit and Delete User map


  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Department
  4. Email reference
  5. Admin Level

( B ) Create, Edit and Delete Work map ( Store )

  1. Questionnaire Type
  2. Survey Description
  3. . Question1
  4. Question2
  5. Question3
  6. Question4
  7. Question5
  8. Question6
  9. Question7
  10. Question8
  11. Question9
  12. Question10

( degree Celsius ) Reports for the work map ( Group by Work map )

  • Chart to demo consequence
  • Allowed to choose ‘Pie Chart ‘ or ‘Bar chart ‘

( 3 ) User Mode

( a ) Email work map

  • Allow user to choose “User” or “Department”
  • Allow user to choose “Work function”
  • A button “Send” , when clicked, will direct the electronic mail to the users harmonizing to their registered reference.

( B ) Answer Questionnaire

  • When the user received the electronic mail, click the nexus
  • *Only let to allow users to snap the nexus one time, and it will run out
  • Show the Work map which had assigned with “value” , and option box for “Yes” and “No” for user to choose
  • A button “Submit” , when clicked, will be records these 10 yes/no value into the system.
  • A button “-“ , to diminish whole page ‘s font size
  • A button “+“ , to increase whole page ‘s font size

Non Functional demands:

Data Security:

  • Create user degree login for application connexion
  • Password is required when accessing the database

System Performance:

  • Create questionnaire: & lt ; 60 seconds
  • Submit consequence: & lt ; 15 seconds
  • Generate study: & lt ; 30 seconds
  • Capacity: 50 concurrent logins
  • Resume clip after system failure: & lt ; 30 mins


  • Hours of operation: 24/7
  • Dependability: 98 % ( i.e. & lt ; 30 mins outage/downtime/maintenance per twenty-four hours )

Client Requirement

Workstation ( mini demand )

  • Processor – Intel Celeron D 2.53 or supra, RAM – 1G DDR 333
  • Hard Disk – 40GB 7200rpm, Integrated 10/100 web card
  • Os: Windows XP/ 7/Vista


  • Processor – I3 ( 2.4GHZ ) or above, TFT – 12.1 ” WXGA or above
  • Random-access memory: 2GB or supra, Hard Disk – 320GB, Integrated 10/100 web card
  • Os: Windows XP/ 7/Vista

Web Browser

cubic decimeter IE version 7 or above/Google Chrome/ Mozilla Fire

6.3 Business Workflows / Diagrams

Design Specification


Harmonizing to company expand, our company has recruit many staff, and the foreman demand to cognize the staff ‘s remarks, all of these staff are hard to together meeting without more clip. So our company needs a system to pull off these.

6.4 Technical Requirement


JavaScript is scripting linguistic communication used for client side scripting.

Rose India Technologies PVT.LTD.”JavaScript” [ Online ] Available hypertext transfer protocol: //www.roseindia.net/javascript/what-is-javascript.shtml

Internet Information Services

Internet Information Services ( IIS ) is a powerful Web waiter that provides a extremely dependable, manageable, and scalable Web application substructure. IIS helps organisations addition Web site and application handiness while take downing system disposal costs. Microsoft has redesigned IIS from the land and during this procedure the IIS squad has focused on 3 major countries:

  • Security & A ; Extensibility
  • Configuration and Deployment and Performance
  • Administration and Nosologies

Introduction to Internet Information Services 7.0 [ Online ] Available hypertext transfer protocol: //www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Introduction-Internet-Information-Services.html


SQL stands for Structured Query Language, a standard linguistic communication used for making, updating, questioning and recovering relational database direction systems.

Rose India Technologies PVT.LTD “Databases” [ Online ] Available hypertext transfer protocol: //www.roseindia.net/databases/sql.shtml


Exchange Server supply enterprise-class messaging package solutions for Web electronic mail, online programming, contacts, and voice mail. Exchange helps you achieve new degrees of dependability and public presentation by supplying characteristics that simplify disposal, protect communications, and run into user demands for greater concern mobility. Exchange helps you lower costs and better concern results.

Business Productivity Infrastructure [ Online ] Available

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.microsoft.com/businessproductivity/en/hk/products/exchange-server.aspx

6.5 Costs & amp ; Profit

* Hardware/software costs:

Includes the cost of buying computing machine installations and environment. Software costs cover required package licence.

* Employee costs:

Money spent on the people concern in the development of the system. Cost includes wages, other benefits such as medical insurance, conveyance allowance.

* Operating costs:

Operating costs are the disbursals for day-to-day running of the system. Includes keeping the hardware or application or paid to professionals for keeping the system.

* Tangible or Intangible Costss and Benefits

Tangible cost and benefits must be measured. Hardware costs, wages for employee, package cost is all touchable costs. Training, package or hardware and wages are touchable costs. Benefits better response clip, safety, effectual, stable and dependable.

* Direct or Indirect Costs and Benefits

Accounting point of position, costs are see as either direct or indirect. Direct costs holding value associated with it. After use the system can diminish order paper measure that is direct benefits.

* Fixed or Variable Costss and Benefits

Any costs and benefits are fixed. Fixed cost and Fixed benefits ca n’t alter. Depreciation of hardware are all fixed costs. Variable costs are catch on regular footing. Variable benefits are understand on a regular footing

6.6 Network Design


Web Server

Are computing machines on the Internet that host web sites, functioning pages to viewing audiences upon petition. This service is referred to as web hosting. Every web waiter has a alone reference so that other computing machines connected to the cyberspace know where to happen it on the huge web

Database Server

Server dedicated to supplying database services. Like a waiter runs the database package.

Database waiter is utile for organisations that have a batch of informations to merchandise with on a regular footing.

Mail Waiter

A mail waiter is a computing machine that serves as an electronic station office for electronic mail. Mail exchanged across webs is passed between mail waiters that run specially designed package.


A firewall is a secure and trusted machine that sits between a private web and a public web. The firewall machine is configured with a set of regulations that determine which web traffic will be allowed to go through and which will be blocked or refused.

Backup Server

A Backup Server is an first-class manner for you to salvage your of import files A A into one individual compressed file.

6.6 Security

Encryption Data

Symantec Endpoint Encryption “http: //www.symantec.com/business/endpoint-encryption”

Provides advanced informations and file encoding for desktops, laptops, and removable storage devices. Provide scalable, enterprise-wide security that prevents unauthorised.

Antivirus “http: //au.norton.com/products/norton2011.jsp? inid=au_ghp_hero1_nisnav2011”

Fast protection that does more to halt viruses and spyware

Internet Security “http: //au.norton.com/products”

Powerful, fast protection to e-mail, store and bank online without concern

6.7 System decision maker

7x 24 Hourss Support

Backup agenda

* Every Sunday to Friday run differential backup

* Every Saturday run full backup.

Differential Backup hypertext transfer protocol: //www.backuptool.com/incremental % 20backup.htm


Differential backup provides backup of files that have changed since a full backup was performed. Differential backup typically saves merely the files that are different or new since the last full backup, but this can change in different backup plans


Disk, tape infinite less than incremental backups.

Backup clip is faster than full or incremental backup.


Make a full backup on Saturday and a differential every dark, and the system clangs on Thursday. Merely need to reconstruct full backup from Saturday and differential backup from Wednesday.

Offline Recoveryhttp: //www.tech-faq.com/differential-backup.html

We will setup workstation for recovery informations usage

Backup and Recovery package usage Acronis Backup & A ; Recovery.


Acronis Backup & A ; Recovery provide characteristics, ease-of-use and functional profusion beyond the range of any viing merchandise on the market. Acronis advantage centres patented disc imagination and unfastened metal restore engineerings that manage all backup and catastrophe recovery activities in Windows.

6.8 Constraints and Concernsy



Entire 30 working yearss will be finished this system.

* 1-3 yearss Research usage questionnaire ask waiting clients

* 4-16 yearss For scheduling and design

* 16-20 yearss Testing and Debugs

* 20-30 yearss Training system operation and Launch and research

ManPower Resource

Programmer x 2

Duties and Duties:

Education/ Qualifications:

Admin staff x 1

Duties and Duties

Education/ Qualifications:

Legal adviser x 1

Duties and Duties:

Education/ Qualifications:

IT Support x 1

Duties and Duties:

Education/ Qualifications:


7.1 Hardware Design

Database Server

  • Processor – 64-bit, four nucleuss for little deployments
  • RAM – 8 GB for production usage in a individual waiter or multiple waiter farm
  • Hard Disk – 1T for system thrust ten 3 ( RATA 5 )
  • Network Card, DVD ROM

cubic decimeter OS: Windows 2003 Server or supra, Norton Anti virus

Backup Server

  • Processor – 64-bit, four nucleuss for little deployments
  • RAM – 8 GB for production usage in a individual waiter or multiple waiter farm
  • Hard Disk – 1T for system thrust ten 3 ( RATA 5 )
  • Network Card, DVD ROM
  • Os: Windows 2003 Server or above
  • Backup package Acronis Backup & A ; Recovery 10,
  • Symantec Endpoint Encoding

Mail Waiter

  • Processor – 64-bit, four nucleuss for little deployments
  • RAM – 8 GB for production usage in a individual waiter or multiple waiter farm
  • Hard Disk – 1T for system thrust ten 3 ( RATA 5 )
  • Network Card, DVD ROM
  • Os: Windows 2003 Server or supra, IIS
  • Norton Internet Security

7.2 User Interface Design

Particular Feature for low vision – Amblyopia


Amblyopia is a lessening in both far and near vision which is uncontrollable by eyeglassess, surgery and any other intervention

Introduce to Accessibility

General term used to depict the grade to which a merchandise, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. Handiness can be viewed as the “ ability to entree ” and possible benefit of some system or entity. Accessibility is frequently used to concentrate on people with disablements or particular demands and their right of entree to entities, frequently through usage of assistive engineering.

7.3 Flow Chart

7.3.1 User Flow Chart

7.3.2 Administrator Department Flow Chart

7.4 Webpage Design


8 Trial Plan

8.1 Testing Scope

Lists of the chief types of proving following. All system trial program sand conditions will develop functional specification sand demands of the catalog.

  • Testing Approach
  • Performance Testing
  • Aims Of Testing
  • What will be the environment?
  • What will be the deliverables?
  • Hazard Factors
  • Features to be tested

8.2 Testing attack

Contentss of this release are as follows:

– 8.2.1 For System Functions

  • Make a new history and revised history
  • Revised the website interface
  • Checked all of button on study system
  • Make a study e-from on study system by decision maker and normal user history for cheque the entree right.
  • Submit the study one time

8.2.2 For terminal user proving

After system maps tested, find 10 users for pilot to utilize this study system and subject the User Acceptance Test signifier by terminal user after usage. To guarantee that system works in the mode expected. This is a high-ranking testing to guarantee that no vulnerable map.

8.3 Performance Test

These trials guarantee that the system provides acceptable response times

Using the hr metre for proving the logon clip, logoff clip, subject study clip and make new history clip. Besides, proving the bandwidth clip and lading informations clip.

8.4 Aims of Testing

The test is a mensurable the milepost that the trial has reached the ends. So need to happen out bugs and mistakes in study system and verify the points as below:

  • Affordability
  • User friendly
  • Utility
  • Performance
  • Appearance

8.5 What will be the environment?

Workstation ( 1 )

  • Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo E6320, RAM – 2G DDR 333
  • Hard Disk – 320GB 7200rpm, Integrated 10/100 web card
  • Os: Windows XP, IE version 7

Workstation ( 2 )

  • Processor – Intel CoreI7-960, RAM – 4G DDR 333
  • Hard Disk – 500GB 7200rpm, Integrated 10/100 web card
  • Os: Windows 7, IE version 8


  • Processor – I3 ( 2.4GHZ ) , TFT – 10.1 ” WXGA
  • Random-access memory: 2GB, Hard Disk – 250GB, Integrated 10/100 web card
  • Os: Windows Vista

8.6 What will be the deliverables?


  • SQL Database Server
  • Web Server
  • User Manual
  • Firewall
  • Backup Server
  • Web site
  • Mail Waiter

8.7 Hazard Factors

Mistake – a people action that produces an wrong consequence.

Mistake or Defect – an wrong procedure, measure or informations definition in a plan or system.

Failure – the incapableness of a system or control to execute its required map within the specified map demand.

Error – the difference between a computed or measured value or province and true, specified, or theoretically right value or province.

Specification – a papers that specifies in a complete, exact, verifiable mode, demands, design, action, or other feature of a system or constituent, and frequently processs for resolve whether these status have been satisfied.

8.8 Features Testing

Outlined 6 points for functional testing as below:

  • Administrator Logon
  • User Logon
  • Data Input
  • Button map
  • Magnifying glass map
  • Database

8.9 Test Case

Invite some people become proving user to roll up the user ‘s remark after they attempt utilizing the system. For illustration listed below:

  1. The interface user friendly?
  2. The cardinal button work decently?
  3. System work swimmingly?
  4. Any suggestion to better the system?


10 Undertaking Plan


Using the cyberspace study, we can cognize the intents of pupil really good. For illustrations, involvement topics, involvement occupations, dream of future, avocations and brush jobs on survey etc. For operator to good manage different pupil demands and increase the pupil survey interesting and better the IVE repute degree. Create different and functional class for future addition and assist pupil to larn.


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