What Is In Mars

What would it take to build a spaceship that could travel at the speed of light? When will the moon be colonized? These are just some of the questions that wander through my mind all day. Fascinated by the secrets of the universe, I yearn to uncover mysteries. In order to blast open all the closed gates between knowledge and myself, I need the powerful tools of education. After I graduate from high school, I plan to attend a college or university that has strong mathematics and science departments.

Even now, I am actively preparing to enter the realm of science, taking college-level math and physics classes through the Running Start program. Upon receiving a college degree, my life-long dream is to engage in scientific research for NASA. Unfortunately, most colleges notable for their academic standards are also renowned for costly tuition. My family consists of one working parent and two children who wish to attend college. Receiving the Lacamas Credit Union Scholarship would lighten the financial burden on my family and would enable me to pursue my dream.

Perhaps then, my questions could be answered. Include an essay to help the Admissions office gain a more complete impression of you and what you can contribute to the University of Connecticut As my application shows, I am an above average student in most areas. I have particularly excelled in mathematics, earning good grades throughout high school. When pondering about my future, I thought that I might be able to use math to be successful in business. So after my sophomore year, I decided to take some business courses with the goal of attaining a solid background in the field.

High school, however, has not adequately prepared me to enter the world of business. This is the primary reason I am applying to the University of Connecticut: I hope to further expand my education in the field of business. Outside of school, I have a wide variety of other interests. One of my favorite things to do is to play sports, especially baseball and basketball. Since I was about seven years old, I have played in many baseball and basketball leagues. While I join an intramural baseball league every spring, I play competitive basketball year-round.

I play these sports not just to enjoy myself, but also to learn how to be a better leader. My leadership in basketball was formally acknowledged last year, as I received the sportsmanship award. This award meant a lot to me, especially since my team won the league championship that year. Not only did it show that everyone on the team recognized me for my leadership, but also it made me feel good knowing that I had helped lead a team to a championship trophy. This was my third year being on a championship basketball team, and I have also been on championship baseball teams, but winning the sportsmanship award was an added bonus.

Beyond my competitive sports, I have been skiing and playing golf recreationally since I was about eight years old. Every summer I take golf lessons to improve my abilities on the golf course. I also took ski lessons every winter for about five years until I felt I was skilled enough to compete on my own. During my sophomore year in high school, I went out for the high school ski team. I did pretty well during the season, although I might have done better had I taken a few more lessons earlier in my life. Unfortunately, that was my only year skiing for the team.

This is because the next winter I started working at a grocery store, where I continue to work today. With limited free time, I had to choose between skiing and basketball. I chose basketball because I enjoy it more, and because its team nature allows me to develop my leadership abilities. One of my most meaningful activities outside of school was a Jewish youth group called the B’nai Brith Youth Organization, BBYO. This was an opportunity to have fun and socialize with other Jewish youth. Getting together for group activities and taking trips out of state for weekend conventions was fun and educational.

In summary, my high school education and extracurricular activities have prepared me well for college. It is extremely important to me to receive a good education beyond high school. I am looking to learn more about business and how I can succeed in life using these skills. If I am accepted to the University of Connecticut, I plan to work hard to receive the best education I can — and, of course, to enjoy my time there by joining clubs, organizations, and intramural sport programs. Have your Essay Edited */essays_fr. html* Go to View Essays Page */samples. shtml* John F. Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. It is in the spirit of this quote that I write: what can I do for Chicago? In the classroom, I can do much more than warm the seat. My knowledge of most subjects is wide and, in places, deep. This gives me a good initial base for any class. I know many study skills necessary to get studying and research done in the shortest amount of time, leaving me with time to do extra work or, of course, free time. When I know relatively little about a topic, I am eager to learn more.

I accept new ideas, but not passively; it must stand up to critical thinking. My mind is neither stagnant nor closed, but it is not uncritical. In addition, I am good at discussion. I am on the speech team at my school, and my event is discussion. To do well, one must be able to think quickly, clearly, and critically about what another contestant is saying. This skill carries over into the classroom, both in high school and in college. I can add a lot to class discussion. Outside of the classroom, I have much to offer.

One of my talents is chess. I am a powerful player on the North Central team. Chess, however, is only one way I spend my time. I have a computer, with which I play and program games–as well as type college essays. Athletics are important to me. Like most Hoosiers, I love basketball. I compete in a local basketball league. I play a decent game of raquetball, and I pick up a tennis racket occasionally, too. I like to play football with a few friends, and am always ready for a game. My background is more diverse than an Indianapolis suburb.

I lived for seven years on a farm in southern Indiana, where my family farmed river valleys amid rugged hills and deep hollows. The experience of independent, isolated living–it’s just you, the corn, and the cows–has given me an introspective personality and, surprisingly, a broader view of the world. Those agrarian years, which contrast sharply with my time in the northern ‘burbs of Indy, give me–and offer you–an interesting, well-rounded outlook on the world. I am a blend of two opposing lifestyles, and my thoughts, ideas, and actions reflect this blend.


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