What makes people happy Essay

What makes people happy? What makes people happy? It seems to a simple question but people have their own different answers. Some believe that they are happy when they have money, some say that love can make them happy. There are some main factors that lead people to be happy including good health, close relationships and working condition. First of all, the most important thing of being happy is having a good heath. It is easy to understand that having a good physical condition is having a happy life. People are allowed to do whatever they want when they are healthy.

Whether they are babies, hildren, teenagers or adults, good health enables them to do the normal functions of their life every day. For instance, a healthy student can be able to go to school to have knowledge and build his character. For adults, good health allows them to go to work and make money to support their life everyday. Good physical health can lead people to be happy and enjoy their life. Besides of having a good physical health, people need to have a good metal health to be happier in life. Good mental health can be considered to have Joyful spirit, clean mind, laughter, optimistic attitude.

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What makes people happy Essay
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Life is a battle. With positive, confident thinking, people can easily succeed and have a happy life. Having a good mental health helps people to stay focus and accomplish their gold. For many students, having projects due for all their classes at the same time are truly nightmare. But if they have strong and positive attitudes they can deal with them with no problem. And happiness is naturally coming. Secondly, people are happy when they have the close relationships. The relationship here can be considered as family and friends. Family is always the important thing that makes eople happy.

Family is the safe place for people whenever they want to be themselves. People never have to explain themselves to their family because family really knows who they are and always understands them. People can cry too hard or laugh too loud and never worry what their family will think of them. It is very happy when people have home to come back after a hard working day. They do not need to fear that someone may lie to them or hurt them, because they know that their family will do the best thing for them. Moreover, family members will give them advice if hey want it, but family will not Judge them or make them ashamed of their behavior.

Beside family, having a good friendship is also making people happy. When being with mates, people seem to be happier because they can share whatever they think with friends. They can also receive the good encouragement from their friends when they feel bad. With friends, people can be themselves when they hang out, have fun, relax and enjoy together. More laughs, more fun and more sharing mean less stress, less sadness and less tears. It also means people are happier they have good relationships. Finally, working condition can also decide whether people are happy or not.

Having a good Job is the wish of thousands of people. Some people want to have an ideal Job that they can work to pursue their dream. For instance, people who love flowers can start their business by trading flowers and make money from it. They have their passion therefore they can work, live and fght for them. And they are happy to live and do what they wish to do. Moreover, having a good working time. Also, people make a lot of money from their work so that they are going to have a better life. Having money, they can do whatever they want to make them feel good.

For those people who love traveling, they can go all over the world as long as they are still making money to support their hobbies. With money, people can help other people by doing charity works, going to any place where people need helps. Making others happy is a good way of making people smile happily. In conclusion, to be happy people should have a good health, close relationships and good working conditions. I wish everybody was always happy. It is not easy to be happy in life but you can create your happiness by your own attitude.


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