What makes you alive?

Question Answer
What are the four characteristics of living things Organisation of cells, growth, respond to an environment, reproduction.
List six organisms that share these four characteristics Cat, rabbit, strawberry, sunflower, blackberry bush, rhino.
Explain organisations of cells and list an example All living organisations are made up of cells cells have a certain job. cells are the basic building blocks of life. Humans are made up of 200 different cells
Explain growth and list an example living things increase in size. They must have energy. A puppy is most done growing at 2 years old.
Explain responding environment and list an example. Organizations respond to changes in the environment. A flower in a pot as it grows it leans towards the sun light.
Explain reproduction and list an example living things reproduce which means they form other organisms like themselves. rabbits carry the babies for about 32 days.
Why is a virus not alive A virus is not alive because it doesn't have all the characteristics listed in box one.
What is asexual reproduction A single parent produces offspring,
Which type of reproduction leads to greater diversity and why? Sexual reproduction leads to greater diversity. their are 2 sets of DNA.

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