What Makes You Happy? Essay

Materially, things can make me happy but it really can’t suffice my craving for the real happiness. As a person, some of us wake up each and every day that whatever they have is what make them happy. Lucky to those who are rich, for they have fame and wealth that they can use for their everyday living. Lucky some of those who are poor that some of them can still eat at least three times a day. Ironically, we humans sometimes seek and find happiness on material things.

And more so, we forgot the real meaning of happiness in which that case, we thirst for what is our real happiness. What makes me be in the state of happiness? I am happy when I devote myself to God in everything I do and being his instrument in doing helping others. Moreover, I find happiness when I’m in love. Generally speaking, love doesn’t only end in an intimate relationship but, it conquers us all. “.. Faith, hope and love, these three but the greatest of these is love. (1corinthians 13:13)Many people are dying and suffering because they were not given love. People die in Africa because of their disease and of hunger but definitely, they were unloved by the world and left behind. Mostly immaterially and intangible things can really make me happy. But still I am no close door materially because we need it in order to survive. I am a human. I crave for more and I have needs to sustain for me to continue to live. As a human finding what our real happiness is, is a challenge to us to find our purpose of our life.

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What Makes You Happy? Essay
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