What Motivates Some to Volunteer or Perform Community Service? Essay

What motivates some to volunteer or perform community service? Explain the reasons why some volunteer willingly use their spare time on projects that do not benefit them and even ones that may put them at risk. Write an essay of about 300 words. Remember that although the reasons for volunteering might be many and varied, you should choose those details that best support your overall thesis and use details that are easily understood by your audience. It is the fifth annual campus conference of Active Mind at Penn University. 100 backpacks lying down on the ground, representing each student who takes their own life every year. Alison Malmon founder and director of Active Mind, pledges to save our students from committing suicide. What motivates her and others to volunteer their time to save others? When Alison was freshman at Penn, her brother Brian was a senior at Columbia. Alison reported that Brian while in college was dealing with serious depression but didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone. Therefore, help was too far too late when he kills himself in March of her freshman year.

Concerned by that rising situation, Alison and some college students have taking the right decision. They have formed the Active Mind, a nonprofit organization with the goal to stop this problem. They dedicate themselves to raise mental health awareness on college campuses nationally and abroad. Understanding the need to help others cope with difficult situations is one factor out of many. These factors are the ones motivating us to volunteer and serve others. Alison Malmon is one of many who joined their voice together and call for help.

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What Motivates Some to Volunteer or Perform Community Service? Essay
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Help when our brothers, sisters or our environment are under terrible threat of destructions. That makes us understand without people who care there will be no care for people. Whatever the reasons why we volunteer, we see something that may be an answer to our fight. The fight against real life problems, ideologies that will shape our present and future situations is our motivation. Like Alison and the members of Active Mind, some may willingly devote their time to serve others. But understand the value of life and the necessity to help preserve and improve it is our motivation.


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