What Options Do Managers Have to Turn Individuals Into Team Players? Discuss Each. Essay

Q1. What options do managers have to turn individuals into Team Players? Discuss each. The following options summarizes on how managers can turn individuals into team players. 1. Selection Our selection criteria focuses more of the technical qualifications of a candidate and not much efforts is put into taking a background check to ensuring that the candidate is a team player. There is a general assumption that once a person has been hired they will automatically get along with colleagues / fit in.

This misconception later on leads to unnecessary interruptions and various visits to the HR office for this issue or the other later resulting in the person quitting the job or being fired taking us back to where we started from, recruiting once again. The manager has various ways to dealing with such individualistic persons either to take them to a department that does not require team work (this is rare) or taking the person through training. 2. Training

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What Options Do Managers Have to Turn Individuals Into Team Players? Discuss Each. Essay
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In today’s individualistic society training opens a door on where one can get to unlearn the individual mindset and embraces team work. Training specialist have been known to conduct sessions that allow employees to experience the satisfaction that teamwork provides. One of the most effective tools of modern team building is the recreation weekends which give employees time to interact away from the office. 3. Rewards Rewards system over time has been focused on individual accomplishments therefore pushing employees to strive for the ultimate price being offered.

Without sidelining the individual achievements / efforts organizations can introduce rewards that are focused on encouraging / strengthening team work / spirit. Examples of this would include having various departments in the company rewarded for best team work. Rewards for persons who have been mindful of their colleagues would also be introduced; these recognitions can go along way in motivating team work. Activities that the employees are required to undertake ensure that they all work together towards a common goal.


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