What Role Will the Enormous Amount of Documents Accumulating on the Web Play in Your Life Essay

Write a 1-2 screen prediction on what effects you think the Web, and in particular, the enormous amount of documents accumulating on the Web will play in your life and your children’s life in the future. The web has become an apparent part of the global village; it has emerged as a tool to break various barriers across global boundaries and physical variations.

The web has increasingly gained a lot of relevance in our day to day activities that its modern use has factored in our daily living procedures and most secured entities and boundaries rely on it. The web has become a place where everyone can place their view and read others view. The documents available on the web will enhance various ways to help the education research of the public. The path to learning will entail knowing the best way to research and improve than re-inventing the wheel for already studied aspects of knowledge.

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What Role Will the Enormous Amount of Documents Accumulating on the Web Play in Your Life Essay
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The web has an important aspect to play in the lives of our children in the future and with the enormous documents that are readily available to supplement the traditional teaching aids and information they will be exposed to will be more updated to keep them at least a par with their peers, there will be very good benefits and of course disadvantages of this media as the original design of the web did not put into consideration the learning pattern of the web.

This therefore will expose the kids to other Research from the National centre for Education statistics, 2002(Els Kuiper et al, 2005) shows that 99% of the public schools in America have access to the internet in 2001. The web will therefore play a part in children’s lives now and in the near future because: * Increased knowledge and information from chat rooms and platforms will help learn about different cultures and break barrier of communication and stigma. * Because the internet has a lot of information that is vast, this information might be useful and harmful.

Support and guidance will be required for the children on their search on the web. This will increase their ability to search for accurate information, increasing their filtering and accessibility techniques on the web. * The web has maximised its usefulness on the commerce section, E –commerce has therefore become a tool that will play a lot of role in the life of our kids both now and in the future. Because of the movement of critical information across the web, it would be note worthy to say that theft and impersonation will be dangers to watch out for. One of the greatest problems of the web is pornography (Jayashree Pakhare, 2007). When children are not well guided on the web, they may be affected mentally with this detriment that has become a part of the web. * The web in the future will help increase a side business activity for some digital resources and services, providing more opportunities both to content providers’ and media people and other buyers. References : Els Kuiper , Monique Volman, and Jan Terwel . (2005).

The web as an information Resource in K-12 Education : Strategies for supporting students in searching and processing information . Review of Educational Research . 75, (3), p. 285-238. Jayashree Pakhare. (2007). Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet. Available: http://www. buzzle. com/articles/advantages-disadvantages-internet. html. Last accessed 03 October 2009. P. J Deitel & H. M Deitel (2008). Internet & World Wide Web , How to Program . 4th ed. New Jersey : Pearson Education, Inc. p12 .


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