What’s News and What’s Not: How Media Professionals Make Decisions Sample Essay

1 ) News editors decide what to air on telecasting and what to publish in newspapers. What factors do you believe act upon these determinations? Do we go used to bad intelligence? Would it be better if more good intelligence was reported? IELTS sample essay Posted by Nova English Campus ( Possible bands 9. 0 )

There are many co-related factors that the editors need to see before finalising the content of the intelligence to show to the public – whether in print or on air.

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What’s News and What’s Not: How Media Professionals Make Decisions Sample Essay
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The most of import factor to see is how relevant and latest the intelligence is. If the editors pick up a piece of intelligence which has already been talked about a batch. it may set a reader off. Likewise. in this cut-throat competitory media universe. everyone is interested in the latest of the latest intelligence. The following thing of consideration is the mark audience. The involvement in a peculiar intelligence varies from individual to individual. To do it clearer. a adolescent is more likely to be attracted by the intelligence about the modern manner. doodad and athleticss updates ; but such things may non entreaties to a man of affairs or spiritual individual. It’s a large challenge for editors to fulfill the readers or viewing audiences. Apart. the intelligence content must non trip contentions. unrest or riots among the people. Printing expressed articles on faith. political relations or other affectional issues must be handled with a batch of attention. The universe has witnessed a figure of societal agitation and gores ignited by newspapers and other media. Therefore. the editors must do the content safe. enlightening and read worthy.

It is besides true that each forenoon welcomes us with a batch of sole intelligence coverage on offense. sex and force. Interestingly. it seems that newspapers and telecasting channels are viing difficult to give as much bad intelligence as possible to the multitudes.

Obviously it would be much better if people were exposed to plentifulness of truly good. inspiring and enlightening intelligence.

It is said that “no intelligence is good news” . There are two types of intelligence ; good intelligence & A ; bad intelligence. Television & A ; newspapers are the resources of current information. All the intelligence depends on the fortunes of the state. News editors are merely playing their function. They are non a narrative Teller who can do any intelligence good or bad. They are merely informer or presenter who keep the citizens up-to-date through those intelligence which they collect from the existent events. But on occasion some facts influence these determinations like ; the strong Politicians. Political parties & A ; authorities who can supercharge them to conceal the world from the citizens by hook or by criminal. If there is absolutism in the state. so evidently intelligence editors will follow the dictator. But if there is democracy. so media will be free.

Largely intelligence are related to the jurisprudence bureaus. their do’s & A ; don’ts. authorities governments. their policies. political parties. current personal businesss. athleticss. traffic & A ; violent citizens etc. And all these things to maintain in order is the duty of authorities & A ; bench who are the most of import pillars of the state & A ; who runs it.

Now inquiry is that are we used to bad intelligence? & A ; is it better to be reported good intelligence largely? And the reply is that after having bad intelligence on the jog. we become immune. so intelligence lost its appeal. people avoid to heard or read those type of intelligence & A ; largely spend their clip on other activities. It can besides do the citizens hopeless. Similarly. it is non better to be reported good intelligence all the clip because it can give people incorrect feeling. It may go on that the intelligence editors will be blamed that they are playing a disgusting game.

In short. surplus of everything is bad. News editors should air & amp ; publish a mixture of good and bad intelligence. They should be wide minded non narrow minded. They shouldn’t present bad intelligence in a negative manner. They should distribute the optimism non the pessimism through telecasting or newspapers among the citizens. News editors are merely playing their function.

You need to be clear about the difference between “editor” and “reporter” because in the undermentioned sentences you blur the two together. The editors are the 1s who have decided what to describe and hold written the narrative. The newsmans merely transportations information to the populace. Both editors and newsmans are journalists.

But on occasion some facts influence these determinations like ; the strong Politicians. Political parties & A ; authorities who can supercharge them to conceal the world from the citizens by hook or by criminal. If there is absolutism in the state. so evidently intelligence editors will follow the dictator. But if there is democracy. so media will be free. Try to be really clear and direct with what you say here. ewThis is an of import point. it is more than occasional that the media tells people what the authorities wants them to hear. Almost all mass media is controlled. and the USA is a democracy where this media control is really common.

Largely intelligence are related to the jurisprudence bureaus. their do’s & A ; don’ts. authorities governments. their policies. political parties. current personal businesss. athleticss. traffic & A ; violent citizens etc. And all these things to maintain in order is the duty of authorities & A ; bench who are the most of import pillars of the state & A ; who runs it. You have some good grounds to back up your statement. but you need to form them better. in order to reply the inquiry. This statement sounds like a batch of joging. Be more specific & gt ; you are seeking to compose WHY and WHAT influences the editors– focal point on that. its the chief point of your paper.

6 ) We get knowledge from intelligence. but some people think we can non swear the journalist. What do you believe? And what do you believe is the of import qualities that a journalist should hold?

Nowadays. we are surrounded with so much information. the bulk of which comes from journalists. While some people assert that journalists are unworthy to swear. I suppose their behaviour can be apprehensible.

Everyone. doubtless. has his ain positions towards a intelligence narrative as we have different educational backgrounds and upbringing environments. Journalists judge things by what they experienced. Therefore. bias can non be avoided. Besides. the media converge is usually controlled by the authorities. It is non easy for reporter to show the intelligence to the public under certain regulations created by the authorities. One careless error might take to be cut down. Further. the most of import trait of intelligence is latest. Journalists have to describe the intelligence to the universe within an hr. or even proceedingss. Therefore. it is excessively limited for letter writers to acquire the whole image of the exigencies. which consequence in the progressive in the coverage.

In order to be an outstanding journalist. personally. larning to be impersonal is a primary class. what I mean is that the chief responsibility for journalists is to show the facts instead than transfuse the right and incorrect on audiences. They should hide their ain feelings while making their occupations. Additionally. a journalist ought to hold the bravery to interrupt through the regulations which prevent the populace from larning the truth. The strong will to peruse truth. more critical than any other qualities. separate the remarkable from the norm. Journalists need to hotfoot to the primary scene instantly every bit shortly as something happened. which may scarifies regular feeding and kiping wonts temporarily.

Journalist. give a batch but receive a small. should be respected instead than be blamed. Whether we should believe the intelligence presented by the journalist depends on our personal thought. Prompted by the fast development of the media. people can acquire lost of cognition and information from intelligence. but whether we can to the full swear the journalist has become a thorny issue. Peoples have been attaching greater weight to this job. In this essay. I will seek to research this controversial issue and seek out some effectual factors. When it comes to intelligence of today’s newspaper. different people have different attitudes. Personally. I think some intelligence in some newspaper are misdirecting and rip offing. particularly the intelligence about amusement? Some journalists even produce or imagine a narrative and compose it as a piece of intelligence. The lone undertaking for they do so is merely to accomplish the major’s attendings. However some intelligence from some celebrated media. for case. BBC and Guangzhou Morning Post are true and responsible. This sort of intelligence are ever accompanied by informations and groundss which are much more credible. They merely tell the truth and what happened precisely.

Why some intelligence is incredible while some are responsible and true? I believe that the qualities of a journalist contribute to this complicated phenomenon. First. as a journalist. he or she should hold a strong sense of duty. The journalist needs to state the truth and the fact. be responsible of what he writes and negotiations. Furthermore. he must hold accomplishments of showing himself by composing. He merely needs to utilize exact words and suited phrases to state the populace the fact. with out any imaginativenesss. The last but non the least. he should be nonsubjective. What he needs to make merely to state what the fact is. it doesn’t need any personal thoughts or emotion. It is a audacious misdemeanor of the people’s basic right to cognize the truth of the universe that journalists are rip offing in the newspaper. As we should read a fresh when we want to read a narrative. we should read a Newspaper when we want to now the truth. It is high clip that both the authorities and the whole media make conjunct attempts to allow all the intelligence are credible. I strongly hope that we can cognize what we want to cognize and what we should cognize from our media.

( Today ) is
the epoch of information but the inquiry of which ( SOURCE ) of information is dependable still remains controversial. Some people believe that by dint of intelligence we can roll up our cognition. while others claim that we can non thoroughly trust journalists. Each thought has its ain cogency. my authorship will discourse both of them.

First. it is
undeniable that intelligence enables readers to derive ( A ) assortment of information without traveling to somewhere. For illustration. while you are in Vietnam. by reading day-to-day newspapers you still can easy cognize the unsmooth competition between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the election of the US or the ( WEDDING ) of Rara – a celebrated vocalist in Japan. However. who can province that journalists give us plausible information without cognizing precisely their ability? Facts have shown that many investors in Singapore’s bond market made incorrect determinations because of the day-to-day statistical analysis in a well-known fiscal newspaper.

Second. it is
the moral issue of journalists that decide the measure of intelligence. The possibility is that some journalists having bribe money from person. intentionally provide readers with incorrect information ( IN ORDER TO ) misdirect them. However. we ( CAN NOT ) deny the attempt of ( JOURNALISTS ) who dare sacrifice even their life to. ( REACH DANGEROUS DENS OF CRIMINALS SO AS TO PROVIDE US WITH AUTHENTIC

( ON ) telecasting or on the cyberspace. Nonetheless. journalists must hold some peculiar

2 ) The mass media. including telecasting. wireless and newspapers. have great influence in determining people’s thoughts. To what extent do you hold or differ with this statement? Give grounds for your reply.

* You should compose at least 250 words.
* You should pass about 40 proceedingss on this undertaking. theoretical account reply: The mass media have a powerful influence in determining our lives. We have come to depend on them for information and amusement. and in making so we let them impact of import facets of our lives.

The undeniable utility of the media in about immediately supplying information about events around the universe is mostly taken for granted. But in our dependance on the media we have allowed them to model our impressions and sentiments of events. topographic points and people. Though few of us likely think about it. our constructs of. state. our elective functionaries spring from telecasting images and newspaper narratives. Most of us will ne’er run into premier curates or presidents. but anyone who is on a regular basis exposed to the media will hold an sentiment of them. When it is clip to project our ballot. we will do our determination based on how the media portray the campaigners. We are likewise swayed by coverage of wars. The media. stand foring the values of their proprietors. societies and authoritiess. tend to describe wars with a prejudice ; which is the ‘good’ side and which the ‘bad’ is determined for us by newsmans. editors and observers. and certain plenty the public begins to organize sentiments that reflect the coverage they see. hear and read in the major media.

The media are besides influential in the manner they facilitate the spread of civilization and life style. The alleged ‘global young person culture’ . in which one finds immature people around the universe exposing a common involvement in music. vesture manners and movies. is an illustration of the media’s tremendous sway in this respect. A popular figure such as Michael Jackson would ne’er be so good known were it non for the media’s extended range into every society on the Earth. Nowadays some may keep the sentiment that utilizing mass media. including telecasting. wireless and newspaper evidently influence on the ideas and behaviours of people. but others think that what people think and behave in day-to-day life has nil to make with mass media. Equally far as I am concerned. I agree that telecasting. wireless. newspaper more or less affect in determining people’s thoughts. My statements for this point are listed as follows. The first ground is that the clip people spend watching Television. reading newspapers leaves them about no clip believing on their ain.

If they utilizing these mass media excessively much. it may do mental indolence because most clip they merely listen to radio or lodge eyes to telecasting. newspaper and allow scenes movies. lines in newspapers flow in their head without believing by themselves. Another ground why I agree with the statement above is that many people watching movies are influenced by the characters or scenes. For illustration. last twelvemonth a movie called ” Full house” was on Television in my state. This movie was so celebrated that it raised a “fever” . everyone watched it. particularly adolescents. The chief character is a really beautiful and cunning miss. Immediately after 2 hebdomads “Full house” was on Television. many adolescents seek to purchase apparels like the chief character’s. Adding to movies. many advertizements on Television have a great influence in the determination of people.

For illustration. my brother bought a purifier H2O to stay alive last hebdomad merely after watching an advertizement on Television. stating that the H2O we are imbibing is to a great extent polluted. Finally. when you read newspaper or listen to radio. you are frequently persuaded by their analysis. statement. or persuasive voice. You will see everything in newspaper. on wireless is concluding. which may impact on the manner you think. the manner you say in day-to-day life. You don’t know people who write documents. talk on wireless are trained to make it. They ever have the manner to do hearers or readers believe them. In a word. from grounds above. we may make the decision that the mass media surely affect people’ thoughts. Peoples should non pass excessively much clip watching Tv. reading newspaper or hearing wireless.


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