Where Does Our Food Come From? Sample Essay

I have gotten into the form of swearing the safety of any nutrient that is available for purchase but does my blind trust put my wellness in hazard? It seems that holding entree to safe and healthy nutrient has ever been an false right as an American. but why? We have all witnessed nutrient callbacks. e-coli eruptions and heard studies on insecure nutrient processing patterns by US companies. Who is ‘approving’ this nutrient for American ingestion and through which procedure? What are the punishments for misdemeanors and where can the mean American entree this information in order to do an informed determination about the nutrient they consume?

Formed in 1906. the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) is an bureau within the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. One of the 6 centres doing up the FDA is the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition ( CFSAN ) which works to guarantee that the nutrient supply is safe. healthful. wholesome. and candidly labeled. In 1938 the Tugwell measure signed by Teddy Roosevelt. are you certain it was Teddy? ! stated that nutrient criterions were required to be set up when needed “to promote honestness and just dealing in the involvement of consumers. ” This is still the chief foundation of the CFSAN today ( U. S. Food and Drug Administration ) .

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Where Does Our Food Come From? Sample Essay
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The FDA inspects nutrient installations routinely. frequently in partnership with province regulative bureaus. The frequence is based on the type of installation. the type of nutrient processed or handled at the installation. and the public wellness hazard associated with the merchandise. If a installation is found to necessitate some disciplinary actions. follow-up reviews are conducted to reexamine the execution of the corrections. The FDA does non modulate meat and domestic fowl ( except for game meats. such as venison. ostrich and serpent ) nor is the FDA responsible for eating houses or food market shops ( U. S. Food and Drug Administration ) .

Meat and domestic fowl are regulated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. Inspections and licensing of eating houses and food market shops are typically handled by local and county wellness sections.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) has been in official operation since 1860. The Food Safety and Inspection Service ( FSIS ) is the public wellness bureau in the U. S. Department of Agriculture responsible for guaranting that the nation’s commercial supply of meat. domestic fowl. and egg merchandises is safe. wholesome. and right labeled and packaged. as required by the Federal Meat Inspection Act. the Domestic fowl Products Inspection Act. and the Egg Products Inspection Act. Under authorization of the Federal Meat. Domestic fowl and Egg Products Inspection Acts. USDA inspects and proctors all meat. domestic fowl and egg merchandises sold in interstate and foreign commercialism to guarantee conformity with compulsory U. S. nutrient safety criterions and review statute law ( United States Department of Agriculture ) .

FDA and the U. S. Department of Agriculture are the primary federal bureaus “responsible” for modulating our nutrient supply. The bureaus work closely with province and local spouses. every bit good as the nutrient industry. to “oversee the safety of nutrient sold in the United States. ” The Federal Food. Drug. and Cosmetic Act requires nutrient makers and distributers to use a assortment of steps to guarantee that their merchandises are “safe. clean. and decently labeled. ” The same jurisprudence empowers FDA to take action to maintain “unsafe or misbranded” FDA-regulated nutrient merchandises out of the market place ( U. S. Food and Drug Administration ) .

Unpredictable events. mechanical and human mistake. and environmental conditions all play a function in the jobs we continue to see in nutrient production. processing. and distribution. FDA works within the industry to guarantee merchandises that may do injury are recalled every bit rapidly as possible. Remembering a nutrient merchandise may intend that a job has been caught early before it has a opportunity to go an even greater one.

Unfortunately. as systems for observing nutrient borne unwellness evolve and better. the really organisms at the root of much of nutrient borne unwellness besides continue to germinate. So. we find these beings under fortunes in which we have ne’er seen them before. However. FDA continues to work to “detect jobs earlier so nutrient borne unwellnesss can be prevented” ( U. S. Food and Drug Administration ) .

Equally late as May 7th. 2010. there have been E. coli eruptions in the imperativeness. In an article written by Mary Clare Jalonick. she addresses the issue that 23 provinces have been sold E. coli contaminated boodle. all stemming from one farm in Arizona.

This eruption is responsible for the unwellness of 19 people so far. three of them with life-threatening symptoms. How can vegetables be unsafe? The harm of this eruption was minimized by the fact that the chief consumers of the corrupt boodle were college pupils and immature grownups. If the taint had been able to make an simple school or a retirement installation. the amendss and loss of human life would hold been much higher as the immature and the aged have less opposition to E. coli. The FDA is look intoing the boodle farm every bit good as an nameless processing installation that may besides be associated with the taint. In the average clip. whatever staying un-consumed E. coli infected boodle has been recalled. Jalonick studies:

Donna Rosenbaum. manager of the nutrient safety protagonism group Safe Tables Our Precedence and one of those briefed. said the bureau held a phone call with public wellness advocators Thursday. Rosenbaum and other public wellness advocators have long been forcing for stronger nutrient safety Torahs. The House passed a measure last twelvemonth that would give the bureau much more authorization to patrol nutrient protection. but the Senate has non acted on it. ( FDA Investigating E. coli At Arizona Lettuce Farm )

In add-on to immediate nutrient safety issues. I am besides concerned with the over-all wellness of our nutrient supply. It has been predicted that 1 in every 3 Americans born after the twelvemonth 2000 will fall victim to early oncoming diabetes. Because income degree is a direct factor in fleshiness. the rate of early oncoming diabetes in minorities will be 1 in 2 people. Along with early oncoming diabetes. corpulent kids will confront a heightened hazard for bosom disease. bosom onslaughts. shot and hapless general wellness. all of which lead to a sawed-off life anticipation rate. 2006 was the first twelvemonth on record in the last 50 old ages that average life anticipation for Americans has decreased. Even with all of our modern medical progresss. we are still no lucifer for fleshiness ( Food Inc. ) .

Presently. Oregon has the lowest childhood fleshiness rate in the state with merely less than 10 % of kids ages 10 – 17 old ages old being corpulent. This may sound like good intelligence but the fact remains that even with the lowest fleshiness rate in the state. one out of every 10 Oregon kids in this age bracket is corpulent. The national norm for childhood fleshiness in 2007 was 16 % . So although Oregon ranks at the underside. the border is non really big with the national norm being 16 kids out of 100 being corpulent ( Cooper 1 ) .

What has changed in the manner we eat? You may be inquiring why diseases like diabetes and fleshiness are on the rise. The simple reply is that the nutrient we eat has changed. Food production is no longer based on supplying healthy and alimentary nutrient. The focal point has been changed to “bigger. faster. quicker’” harmonizing to Joel Saltin. proprietor of Polyface Farms. Net income is now the name of the game. Saltin believes:

When you have a little group of transnational corporations who control the full nutrient system from seed to the supermarket. they’re deriving control of nutrient. If we put glass walls on all the mega- processing installations. we would hold a different nutrient system in this state. Is inexpensive all there is? Who wants to purchase the cheapest auto? ( Food Inc. )

It seems that we have become a civilization of technicians at the cost of our nutrient beginnings. In the twelvemonth 1900. one husbandman was able to feed 6-8 people. Now the same husbandman is able to feed 126 people. The scientific progresss made in nutrient production have one underlying goal- to do nutrient faster and cheaper in order to let for more net income. This net income is coming at the monetary value of the American people’s wellness and most of us don’t even know it’s occurrence ( Healy 151 ) .

To salvage clip and money. we visit the drive-thru alternatively of food market shopping and fixing a repasts at place. Most of us have a pick as what we can hold for dinner and are non wholly limited by fundss. In Food Inc. Kenner highlighted the fact that a low income household could buy a repast at McDonalds cheaper than they could buy food markets. including veggies at a food market shop. I was surprised and disgusted by this so I wanted to make my ain probe in Eugene.

Turns out. Kenner is right. I visited several local food market to acquire an mean monetary value for ingredients in a dinner I frequently prepared for my household ; stir fry with teriyaki poulet and brown rice. It takes less than 30 proceedingss to fix and is overall. a healthy dish with merely 400 Calories and 5 gms of fat per functioning. Average monetary value of ingredients to feed a household of four- $ 17. 59 and this was non for organic points. To travel the all natural path. the monetary value went up to $ 26. 42.

On the other manus. a household of four can EACH hold 2 points off the dollar bill of fare at their local fast nutrient eating house for a expansive sum of $ 8. 00. Sounds like a deal right? It is until you factor in that a dollar bill of fare cheeseburger from McDonalds has 300 Calories and 12 gms of fat and an order of medium French french friess has 380 Calories and 19 gms of fat. For those who think they are picking a healthier option by telling poulet. believe once more. The Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich at McDonalds may be merely a dollar but has plentifulness of clout with 420 Calories and 10 gms of fat. ( McDonalds )

In comparing. a household of four could stop up cautiously eating 3. 000 Calories and 110 gms of fat for this McDonalds dinner vs. 1. 600 Calories and 20 gms of fat for a repast prepared at place. Some unluckily do non hold a pick between the monetary value tickets. At the terminal of the hebdomad. a household of four could pass $ 122. 43 on ingredients used to fix 7 dinners at place or the same household could pass $ 56. 00 for 7 darks of McDonalds Dollar Menu dinners. How can it be more to eat healthy? Is anyone oppugning why a cheeseburger costs less than a caput of boodle?

The largest abattoir in the universe is Smithfield Hog processing works in Tarheel. NC. On a day-to-day footing. this one works processes 32. 000 pigs. Unfortunately. most of the work gets done non merely by cutting corners but besides by working illegal workers. Large fabricating companies such as Smithfield Hog. actively seek impermanent employees in Mexico. Ads advancing good rewards and even promises of provided lodging and transit falsely lure illegal immigrant workers into this really unsafe occupation. Because they are here in this state illicitly. they are non able to travel to the governments when their safety or rights are violated. This is what these mega-coperations are numbering on. They burn through these impermanent work forces with no respect for the existent workers. If a company can treat worlds like this. conceive of how they process the hogs. our nutrient ( Nestle 128 )

Sadly. the U. S. authorities is non checking down on these companies for their labour misdemeanors. but alternatively are concentrating on the illegal workers. Large nutrient processing workss who pattern this signifier of employment frequently have an understanding with the local in-migration offices. In Tarheel. merely 15 illegal workers a twenty-four hours will be arrested and deported so that it lessens the impact on the production line at the Smithfield Hog works. An anon. Immigrations Officer interviewed by Michael Pollan says. “These illegals are here for 10 or 15 old ages treating your bacon. your vacation jambon and now they are being picked up like felons while these companies are gaining 1000000s of dollars” . At what point should these illegal workers be considered American? They are being exploited and used for net income. They come to this state on the promise of doing money to back up their households and better their lives. They perform occupations that are deemed insecure or unwanted by American people and so when they have served their intent. we send them back and replace them with a fresh illegal work force. protracting the rhythm. I have to inquire that if these foreign nutrient processors were given the same rights as American citizens would the soiled secrets of nutrient processing workss remain secret? Is this illegal work force being deported and recycled in order to hush them from whistling blowing? ( Pollan. In Defense of Food 86 )

Watching Robert Kenner’s documental Food Inc. . I am SHOCKED at the corner-cutting nutrient processors and husbandmans implement while bring forthing our nutrient. 80 % of the bacteriums in beef could be eliminated by leting cowss to grass-graze for 3 yearss prior to butcher. How could this profit non be profitable? Scientists have reengineered domestic fowl genetic sciences by shortening the adulthood rhythm and enlarging the most expensive portion of the bird. it’s chests. Food production is about net income and non about feeding people. and husbandmans have become huffy scientists.

How are our veggies acquiring infected? It makes me quake to believe that eating a veggie could be unsafe to my wellness. I am truly shocked that the Toyota callback hold dirt has generated the imperativeness and authorities attending that it has when Toyota has merely been responsible for 58 deceases. non yet even confirmed. Foodborne unwellnesss kill 100s of people a twelvemonth here in the US. Kids served their school tiffins. college childs seeking to do healthy salads. busy mas on the tally. halting through the thrust thru. We are all susceptible to this danger every clip we put nutrient in our oral cavities but our authorities seems to be soft-spoken when it comes to the safety of our nutrient supply.

There are two chief issues with our current nutrient protection policies. First. the sanctioned methods are non being regulated or enforced purely plenty. Not suiting of the offenses. the 2nd issue we face is that the presently approved nutrient treating Torahs. even if enforced. are non rigorous plenty. They allow for excessively many measure over quality corners to be cut and worse. there are no labeling demands to let the consumer to do an educated pick. The function. or lack thereof. our authorities dramas in these issues is non by accident. It is non a happenstance that many high-level authorities appointed functionaries who are in charge of our nutrient safety have antecedently worked for or had ties with large nutrient corporations and chemical companies. There is no protection from the obvious struggle of involvement and this is a cleft in the system that is being exploited clip and clip once more by the people in charge of bring forthing America’s nutrient beginnings ( Simon 34 ) . We call this corruptness.

Dangerous nutrient is everyplace and the authorities we elected to make ordinances is non able to implement or chooses non to implement the Torahs when misdemeanors occur. We need to collectively come together and have one voice and do certain it is heard by our jurisprudence shapers and protective bureaus when it comes to the penalties and preventive steps in nutrient processing patterns. It IS our right to hold healthy and safe nutrient available to everyone.

When I foremost started this undertaking it was with some vacillation. I like eating out. I love nutrient. Burgers being among one of my favourites. I expected to larn gross and disgustful things that would floor me into non desiring to eat these points for a piece on pure principal. However. so far. based on the information I have uncovered. I non merely do non hunger fast nutrient ( one time a guilty pleasance of mine ) I can’t even stomach the idea of seize with teething into something that isn’t locally made from local. organic ingredient. I was raised reasonably of course so I obviously knew that fast nutrient and packaged convenience nutrients are non the best option. I might even travel every bit far as to state they are unhealthy. But what I have learned is what ‘unhealthy’ truly means. It doesn’t merely intend that the nutrient does non profit you. It can and does intend that it can harm or ache you. Food shouldn’t be making this to my organic structure.

Forming this undertaking has been hard. I want to compose a well focused. enlightening but interesting paper. I don’t want to gross people out or guilt them out of their ain nutrient picks. I don’t want to mouth off about authorities confederacies. I want to restrict the range of my research to a few chief subjects that can be a starting point for anyone who wants to get down their ain nutrient instruction procedure. I could likely compose for months and still non cover everything that is out at that place about nutrient safety and the why’s and how’s of it. It all comes down to that I want to compose a helpful paper that doesn’t overwhelm me and that allows me to do better. more informed nutrient picks.

Through my research I have uncovered a few fast ones to assist do healthier nutrient picks easier. We are so lucky to populate where hold entree to a agriculturists market and U-pick farms. The monetary value in food market shops for organic green goods is high and merely because the nutrient is organic doesn’t mean that it didn’t come from Ohio. I think the best suggestion I have for conveying existent nutrient back into our lives is to see local markets. It’s a inexpensive manner to acquire great locally grown green goods ( Foodmatters ) .

There is something to be said about looking the individual who grew my salad in the oculus. I wouldn’t merely trust anyone to borrow my auto or house sit for me. why should we swear faceless corporations to feed us. Their end is net income. non my wellness.


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