Where Shall We Go Essay

The poem “where shall we go” is written by Vernon Scannell. This poem is mainly based on a love relationship, which doesn’t go to plan. Throughout the poem it shows that love can end up in many ways, but looking closely at the content of love in this poem it doesn’t go smoothly. The see is set in a local pub bar where a man is waiting impatiently on his girlfriend to arrive, but he knows himself that she is going to be late. The mood all through the poem is down beat and this poem also has a regular rhythm.

The third line in stanza one is “Impatience frets at him” this shows that the man was so unsettled and was scared his girlfriend wasn’t going to show up. The first line of the second stanza tells us that the poet is referring back to his feelings in stanza one. In Stanza two on the first line the word “Perturbation” this means that an unhappy and worried mental state has happened. Then in the second line “By styptic irritation” this tells you that it was sharp. The poet shows in the next line that he used to be happy about seeing his girlfriend as he said “Dark current of dejection moves.

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Third stanza on the first line the poet is talking about the past and how he used to be so excited about seeing his girlfriend. “There was” shows that he really did like going to meet up with her but now he feels that with her always being late it’s not enjoyable anymore. The word “Failings” is used on the first line too this tells you that something has gone wrong in the relationship. The in the second line “Delights” which then contrasts with the failings used in the first line.

The man used to think the lady was funny as “he marveled at her”. “It seemed her clumsiness” this shows the he really paid attention to her and he was blinded by her love. The last line of stanza three is “Forgetfulness and wild non-sequiturs could never grow” shows the power of three words and shows his feelings. He must have been completely besotted. “Wearisome, nor would he ever tire” the opening line to the fourth stanza the “Wearisome” tells you that they have grown over each other during the time they have been seeing each other.

In the forth line of this stanza the poet uses the simile “her beauty as the blackbird’s gloss affirms”. The word “affirms” has been used by the poet this means that they tried to prove that her beauty was good as the blackbird. The last line stands out as it only has 3 words “The Bridal Snow” brings you to the thought of marriage, as a wedding dress is really white. Stanza five brings us back to speaking in the present. In the first line the last word stands out “theft” this gives us the idea that she is stealing his life away from him and wasting his own time.

Third line starts of with “Then suddenly she’s here” which gives us the idea that he is surprised that she turned up to see him. The word “Accuse” has been used which shows that the man is total confused about her feelings for him and doesn’t know if she really likes him. Yet aging the end line is only three word “A gray ‘Hello’” this lets you know that the tone of the voice was flat and unemotional. The last stanza carries on from the stanza before but in most stanzas they mostly all flow onto the stanza that follows.

As in the last stanza the second line states “His own aggrieved dislike” this is showing that he is feeling the same as her they both don’t have the same feelings as they did when they started seeing each other. The second last line the poet has placed a metaphor “Her Smile” this is showing that the smile is hiding the look in her eyes. Then this is where the title of the poem is used the very last line “Where shall we go” this is called antibuguous. Antibuguous means having more than one meaning like the lady might have wanted to know where shall we go in the relationship.


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