Which Age Should We Get Marriage? Essay

LOVE & MARRIAGE “No one should marry before the age of 30. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why(not)? ” (Love & Marriage have the relation each other. When someone loves another deeply, that will lead to marriage. So marriage is a result of love. But “ which age should you get married? ’’ Today, I will tell something about this. (In the modern life, the way people think about marriage is changing. In fact, we are working hard to have a good job, a good position that are called a good base to have a happy family in the future.

We don’t care about the time or age we’ll marry. Some people said that we should not marry before the age of 30. For me, this statement is quite right for some reasons. If you are male I think it is a good advice because of the two reasons. Firstly, I think 30 years old is not enough for you to be mature to have a happy family. You will have more time to understand ur lover to decide that you should marry her or not. And the more time you deal with the problems in your single life will help you deal with your family life later.

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Which Age Should We Get Marriage? Essay
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Secondly, I suppose that you graduated from the university at 22 years old. From 22 to 30, there is 8 years, it is a good time for you to save a lot of money before marrying someone. The opinion “a cottage with two golden hearts” is not practical nowadays. The point I disagree with this statement is that if you are female you should marry before you are 30 years old. It is not good for a woman to have a baby after the age of 30.

The scientific research shows that it will badly affect the children in the future if their mothers are pregnant at the age more than 30. (In conclusion, this is a good advice for men but not a good idea for women. However, if you are a mature man and have a successful life, you can marry whenever you want. Therefore, it is not really important that whether you marry before or after the age of 30. The problem is that you must ensure that you could bring happiness for ur family or not.


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