Why Am I in College? Essay

“Why I am in college” There are several reasons why I am currently attending college. In my opinion, education is always an important topic in any society because it determines our future and helps us achieve our goals. My three main reasons for being in school would have to be increase knowledge, to obtain new experiences, and to prepare for a better career for my future. To begin with, I’m attending school to increase my knowledge and understanding in the field that I am studying. I’m currently going for my bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Technology.

I plan on someday becoming a computer engineer who oversees a large corporation. I’m going to school to have the hands on training and the knowledge to know how to manage and operate anything pertaining to computers. Once having all the skills I need, I will then be ready to go out into the work place to find a better career. My other reason for being in college is I want to obtain new experiences and new job opportunities. To be in a work environment would have to be one of the most amazing experiences one can go through.

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Why Am I in College? Essay
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It may be a bit intimidating at first, but once being put out there in the real world, you are able to embrace many opportunities that come along with it. There are chances for raises, promotions, or even manager positions. With all these you are able to get a grasp on success. My last reason for being in college is to prepare for a better career for my future. Once having my bachelors I plan on either working for a large corporation such as a bank or to simply just work as a computer technician at a regular school.

Within time, I plan on investing for my future so that when I feel that I am financially stable, I then can start thinking about my family and providing for their every need. In conclusion, being in school has allowed me to set a solid foundation such as my educational and career goals. I believe that the more a person attends college and is consistent in their studies, the then are able to use and apply their skills that they learned in the work force.


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