Why Become a Nurse Essay

Becoming a Nurse Essay Opportunities in Nursing My decision to pursue a career in nursing came from my personal and professional experiences. When I was 13 years of age, I took care of my elderly grandma who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I knew that the disease was incurable but I did all to help grandma cope with her daily problems. I learned a lot from that experience. From that time I have dreamed to become a highly qualified, experienced, and very competent nurse. I want to work as a qualified nurse before becoming a doctor, which is my ultimate goal.

As a Christian, I believe that compassion and care have a positive impact on a patient’s physical and psychological state. In my view, an efficient nurse is the one who directly provides primary care, communicates with a patient, establishes mutual trust, and acts as a healer of both body and mind. I have no doubt that I want to pursue a career in nursing. Health care is exactly the type of professional challenge I have been seeking all my life. During my voluntary work at St. Sebastian hospital, I realized that it is truly the personal impact of a health care giver that is most gratifying and rewarding.

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Why Become a Nurse Essay
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I know that this is a profession that would empower me to develop my leadership skills and provide the utmost quality of care to my future patients. I am looking forward to becoming a full-time student of nursing. By doing this, I will begin to fulfill my obligation to myself, to the medical profession and to society. I am a person that possesses all personality traits needed for nursing. I am helpful, trustworthy, understanding, kind, and compassionate. I can listen to people, and they like sharing their thoughts with me. But without proper qualifications I feel I have no professional right to give advice to them.

I want to be competent, and learning at this school of my choice would help me realize my dream. I am persistent in achieving my goal, studying as a full-time student and doing voluntary work on weekends when I am free from classes. Before one chooses the greatest job ever, nursing has some basic requirements. A nurse must have a degree from a specialized school or college and must have some hands on experience. Before graduating from nursing school, a nurse must work in a hospital or and type of healthcare facility. Special requirements and special certification exceed the basic skills of entry level nurses.

An advanced cardiac critical life support, (A. C. L. S. ) certification is required for specialized areas of service, such as Pediatrics, Central Care or Labor and Delivery. A nurse also has personal requirements, such as a good attitude and a positive outlook on the tasks they are going to perform. A great nurse once said, the personal requirements of a nurse require lots of love and devotion to ones patients. Also, being a nurse requires an extreme amount of patience and the ability to leave what is at work at work, and not be bothered buy it at home. (Roark) One can clearly tell nursing has two main requirements, basic requirements such as a degree from a specialized school or college and personal requirements such as love and patience. When one becomes a nurse they must not only love their patients, but must perform some duties also. A nurse’s main responsibilities are to be familiar with the welfare of all his/her patients on the ward or hall in which she works. Routine tasks of a nurse would be to become familiar with all details on their patients record cards. A nurse must also clean bed pans and change Intravenous bags, also known as I.

V. bags. Also a nurse must assess all the immediate cares of the patients. Special duties of a nurse are to assess the mental welfare of all patients. The nurse must also listen to their hopes and fears. Nursing is a job with many duties. Nurses may have many duties, but also have numerous opportunities in the nursing field. “The two types of nurses are LVN’s and RN’s. ” The only difference is the level of education and the technical skills able to perform. “LVN’s cannot hang blood or pronounce death. ” RN’s also having a nurse practice act, where LVN’s do not (Roark).

Gender limitations can also limit a nurse, “Women tend to dominate men in nursing by upwards of eighty percent. ” Men often discouraged by this statistic, stray from the field for fear of being patronized (Fredrickso 24). Nurses evidently needed in America now more than ever and all over the world. “In the year 2000 the supply of nurses was degrees short of more than 250,000. “(Neilson). Also, the rising demand for nurses has been created by changes in the health care system. Changes in the healthcare system have made subsequent changes in the quality care one receives at a healthcare facility.

These changes can be bad or good for the patient (“National” 13). A nurse’s lifestyle is “flexible” but also “hard. ” Nurses have very harsh hours because of the high demand and low supply of nurses across America and the world. A nurse can work as much or little as he or she pleases. Sometimes a nurse can work up to sixteen hours or as little as eight hours. A nurse must also wear a strict uniform as set out by the facility in which he or she works. The color usually chosen by the hospital or facility in which that person works. All nurses must wear scrub material and white tennis shoes or specialized medical shoes.

Hazardous working conditions often affect a nurse every day. “A nurse can be exposed to things like blood, and air born viruses. A nurse also means exposure to deadly diseases such as meningitis or sexually transmitted diseases. A nurse must take precautions such as using gloves and wearing protective masks when seeing patients. The nursing can give way to relationship problems or relationship strengths. “The nurse schedules the time he/ she spends with her family based up on his/ her work schedule. He or she can work all day every day or only twice a week. Relationships with co- workers can be beneficial if the nurse works all the time, but a good working relationship can strain a family relationship. A nurse should also relate to ones patients with friendliness and familiarity. The nurses need not only help the physical needs but the psychosocial as well. Nurses have a wide range of duties and obligations. Sometimes being a nurse can be a tough job. Nursing is a rewarding job that requires patience and hard work. The act of helping others on the job makes nurses feel good about their career choice.


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