Why do you want to go to college Essay

I’m ready to experience the life of being on my own and have a purpose for what I do so that I can go further than most. Many are happy with their life but only have enough to “just get by”. But, I don’t want that for myself. College is my opportunity to make something of myself and actually get by and be happy with the knowledge I learn. I will be the second in my family that will be attending college. I am the last born child of the generation of my family, so this would be a major step of change to my family’s generations.

Attending college would be my way to express what I want to do and where I want to be in my life. I don’t want to get too caught up in the college life than become a drop out and make nothing of myself; I believe that I have a purpose. The determination I have now and towards my future tells me that I KNOW I can go future with the help of college. I want to attend college so that I can simply further my education and better my future. I think higher education is a must in this society during this type of economy.

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Why do you want to go to college Essay
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The bar has been raised and I think employers are looking for more credential. In order to stand above the rest, you need a degree or something more than just a high school diploma. Ultimately, my goals in college are to gain the skills that I need to lead a successful and productive life, to become well educated in many things, to expand my knowledge of the world, to expand my comfort zone, and to become more proactive. College should be a life changing experience and in fact to encounter myself intellectually grow as a person while in the process.

Education is the backbone to life and the more knowledge I possess the more doors that will be open for me to walk through. Being constantly engaged in the learning process will help me remain competitive and relevant in this environment. My ability to embrace new things and use them to my advantage will surely be beneficial in furthering my education and a career. I believe if I work hard, stay focused, and strive for what I believe, I will be rewarded greatly.

With all the odds stacked against me, and with the problems going on at home, I am still able to maintain a big smile and a vigilant eye on my school work. One day I will achieve my goals and reach my dreams. One day I could tell my mom that there is no need to worry because the same way I’ll be walking across the stage for my high school graduation I soon will be doing the same at my college graduation. I’m going to make my mother proud. I’m going to show myself most importantly that as long as I stay motivated and determined that I’m going to keep going until I’m ready to stop. I’m going to be somebody!


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