Why Do You Want to Participate in the Early College Program and How Will the Early College Program Help You Fulfill Your Dreams? Essay

Smaller student to teacher ratios. The opportunity to earn college credits. A more intimate environment in which to participate in the learning experience. These are all attributes of the Middle College High School Early College Program. Coming from a family who values education and all a great education stands for; I am fully capable of appreciating an experience such as the Early College Program. I have attended a couple different schools in my short time as a student and no other has caught my attention like Middle College High School.

Its values and standards raise high above the rest. Its mission statement stands out because it outlines the importance of “immersing students in an academically challenging learning environment. ” As a member of Future Builders, a segment of Bridges, USA, I am able to fully appreciate diversity and all that a diverse community and learning environment can offer. I am also aware of the importance of service to others– an important part of life that my family has instilled in me since birth.

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Why Do You Want to Participate in the Early College Program and How Will the Early College Program Help You Fulfill Your Dreams? Essay
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Having the opportunity to follow my dreams and engage in the learning experience on a more personal level makes me want to work harder to achieve the goals I have set for myself. “Every child. Every day. College bound. ” is the phrase Memphis City Schools uses to try to keep students a faculty engaged in the learning process. Having the opportunity to learn in a more intimate setting is something that can aid me in the process of being college bound. Smaller student to teacher ratios mean more opportunities for questions to be asked as well as answered.

It allows for more time to flourish and develop as a student. It paves the way for me to stay focused and engaged as my instructor gives me the necessary tools needed to prosper as a student. My dreams, to become a successful accountant and attend Howard University, have the opportunity to be fostered by participating in the Early College Program. Attending a high school where college credits can be earned and applied to a bachelor’s degree will aid me in my future academic endeavors.

This could ultimately mean I have more time after college to develop a successful business and start on my post-secondary academic career earlier than planned. Participating in the Middle College High School Early College Program will help me achieve the many goals I have set for myself. The program will give me the extra boost I need to reach each goal and attain greatness. Such a supportive and personalized environment can and will help me to flourish, not only as a student, but as a young woman and do great things with and for my community.


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