Why Facebook is a bad website Essay

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world it allows you to stay connected and updated on the world around you. It also allows you to stay in contact and reunite with friends and family. Facebook has many features that could be considered pros; it also has a long list of cons. Since the start of Facebook in 2004 there have been many crimes that have been directly related to the website Facebook. One may think Facebook is a great website, but there are many things wrong with the website.

Facebook is unsafe because of privacy issues, risk of identity heft, and it is time consuming On August 29, 2013, Facebook announced that they would be updating they would be updating their privacy policy. In the new policy it states that by being a member of Facebook you give Facebook the right to any personal data. Many people have a problem with the privacy of Facebook, because of the feeling that one’s personal information and life would be shared with millions. When posting something on Facebook you allow all of your friends to see it.

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Why Facebook is a bad website Essay
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But when your friends comment or like what was posted, all their friends are now allowed to see it. This allows t people to snoop through others a person lives in ways unheard of before Facebook. In fact, people have found ways to find any user on Facebook Just by searching a phone number. Also with simple downloadable software it is possible to find and download every single phone number entered on Facebook and match its user (Tech News Daily). The internet privacy of all Facebook users is taken the day they sign up. Facebook has the right to share all personal information and posting with advertisers and businesses.

They can also share all of your information and posting with the overnment. Facebook has personally came out and said that they collect the web browsing history from all of it users computers. The website takes peoples personal lives and shares them with millions of people without users knowing, completely invading people’s privacy. While on Facebook people share hundreds of pictures of themselves for the Facebook world to see, leaving one at risk for identity theft. On Facebook any information shared is visible to all users on Facebook.

Any pictured shared on Facebook is also visible to all users and can also be downloaded from your page. With one’s pictures and personal information to go with it is actually too easy to steal someone’s identity. When searching for people on Facebook it is not uncommon to see more than one account that are all claiming to be one person. This could possibly put somebody at risk for being stalked or have their identity involved in a situation, without any knowledge of what’s going on. There are also many users that will take pictures of another user and use them to pose as themselves.

Hacker and internet thieves have also found ways to get access to other personal accounts through Facebook. Some users have had their emails stolen, bank account emptied, and things bought in their name, Just by replying or opening mail with viruses attached. Frank Abagnale is ex-con who was imprisoned for stealing the identity of eight people 50 years ago, and is now employed by the FBI to help catch identity thieves. He says if ne naa FaceDooK aurlng nls clays 0T crime ne could nave stolen tne laentlty 0T Just about every Facebook user (Gayle).

Explaining that all an identity thieves needs to still a person’s identity is a name, birth date, and birthplace. This simple information is entered on Facebook everyday by millions of people. With this information thieves can live any life they want, but have everything traced back to the victim. Identity theft can ruin a person life financially and emotionally. It can also give somebody a bad reputation. Victims of identity theft go through many steps that are very stressful and expensive Just to get their identity back.

Overall it is very exhausting and stressful situation to be put in; Facebooks users invite identity thieves into their lives ith the information shared on the social network. Lastly, Facebook is very time consuming, and at times can seem addictive. The amount of hours user spends on Facebook is ridiculous. The time many people spend on Facebook could be used to do things that are more productive. For example, Facebooks users spend an average seven hours and thirty-three minutes per month on the social network (Fox), this time could be spent attending school or working.

Studies have shown that college students who have face books tend to get lower rades in school, than students who do not own accounts the network. Studies have shown that accessing Facebook at work decreases employee work production by about two percent. This figure may not seem large, but when an average of seventy- seven percent of face books users have admitted to using the social network during work for personal entertainment, it can become a problem. Many times Facebook users can visit the site Just to kill some time and spend an hour or two on the website (Gaudin).

Users must be connected Facebook even when they are not on the site. Many users set up their account so that updates and other data on the website are directly linked to their cell phones. Throughout all times if the day users receive messages and notifications from Facebook. This enhances the ability of the site to become time consuming to its user. Facebook has also been called addictive. Users feel the constant need to know what’s happening on Facebook. Some users feel the need to check the face books many times a day, as if it was an email account.

If one spent the same amount of time on Facebook as they did on being productive, usiness would be more profitable. Users could also be more active and valuable. Facebook is a bad website because of privacy issues, risk of identity theft, and it is also very time consuming. Facebook users should look to delete their accounts, for the reasons above and also for a variety of other reasons that make Facebook bad. If Facebook was never created, America and other countries would be better off. Face book has brought many problems to todays societies, which were not problems before the websites creation in 2004.

Facebook has now spread too many enerations, countries, and people, and needs to be extinguished from society. Gayle, Damien. “Catch Me If You Can conman issues stark warning on the dangers of revealing personal information on Facebook” Dailymail. uk. com. 21 March. 2013. Web. Sept 2013. Gaudin, Sharon. “Facebook use cuts productivity at work. ” Computerworld. com. Computer World, 22 July. 2009. Web. Sept 2013 “Facebook lists user phone numbers for all to see. ” Foxnews. com. Tech News Daily. 10 Oct. 2012. Web. Sept 2013 Fox, Zoe. “This Is How Much Time You Spend on Facebook. ” Mashable. com. 28 NOV. 2012. web. sept 2013


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