Why I chose to continue my education. Essay

I am currently attending AAU Online. I have a wonderful husband. My step daughter is 13 and lives with us and we recently adopted a baby. I am very blessed. When I was 14 years old, I started volunteering at a nursing home in my neighborhood. I turned 16 and they offered me a Job, I loved the Residents so I accepted the position. I worked at the nursing home for about 3 years and loved very Resident at the home however; I had gotten married and needed a full time job.

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Why I chose to continue my education. Essay
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So, I left the nursing home with much sadness and went to work at a daycare, which at times seemed like the same kind of work. I shortly became Assistant Manager of the daycare and loved my Job, although I always missed the Residents. I started a Vow-tech school where I received an Accounting and Information and Office Technology Diploma. I was working at the daycare one day and the Director of Nursing called and asks me f I wanted to apply for the Office Manager position at the daycare; I was delighted.

I left the daycare and went back to the nursing home. I made a career circle; I was back “home” where I loved to work. I have now been employed at the nursing home for 11 years. I love my Job and most importantly, I love the elderly. They are the foundation of the world. To often, they are mistreated, abused and Ignored. I want to make a difference in that. I decided last year that I wanted to become a Nursing Home Administrator and immediately enrolled In school.

When I earn my bachelors degree in Business Administration, I am going to apply to take the national Nursing Home Administration exam. I want to run nursing homes, to ensure the safety and well being of the elderly. I hope to someday be able to build a nursing home until then my goal Is to become Administrator In a well established, well known and appreciated nursing home. With the help and funds from scholarships, I will be able to achieve my goals.


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