Why I Want to Attend College Essay

Why Do I Want To Attend College? The American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work is a common goal amongst young Americans. I find that goal nearly impossible to achieve without attending college. College will undoubtedly make me successful with the plethora of job opportunities available after I graduate. Fame from using the skills and ethics I learned in college to become the most successful in my chosen profession. Wealth by using successful alumni and internships to set examples of the right way to becoming financially independent.

College is an institution of higher learning that I intend on taking full advantage of. Success can be defined a lot of different ways. When I speak of success, I am referring to gainful employment. My career choice of wanting to become a psychiatrist is sure to make success a reality in my future. I dream big, but I know I cannot achieve this without attending college. Not just attending college, but working diligently and not being deterred from my goal in becoming a successful, well-educated Black man.

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Why I Want to Attend College Essay
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When most people think of fame the first thing that comes to mind are get rich quick schemes, athletics, and the entertainment business. Fame is obtainable through other means and many people lose sight of that. I am intent on shining brightly in my profession, so much in fact that I am world-renown. College is the first step on the international ladder that I intend on climbing. Through the tenacious pursuit of intellectual growth in college, applying myself in my profession will be easier. Hard work pays off.

And then there is wealth; everyone yearns for it. People die for wealth, and who is to say I am not different? Not in the sense that I will do something foolish to achieve it, but I am doggedly determined to use college as a stepping stone in achieving wealth. Is it naive to say that the more you learn, the higher your salary will be? Despite how it sounds, the truth of the matter is life without an education in most cases doesn’t include wealth. I do not want to attend college–I need to attend college if I want to chieve the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. I intend to make my college experience a very successful one. I will focus on my grades and take advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. Determination is as important as having knowledge. A knowledgeable person will not always win over someone who is more determined. However, determination means nothing without an education; thus, the reason I need to attend college.


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