Why Is It Hard to Find a Job? Essay

Unemployment Check. Please? I Give Up Now. (Why Has Job Hunting Become Such A Difficult Process? ) Unemployment Check. Please? I Give Up Now. (Why Has Job Hunting Become Such A Difficult Process? ) Why is it so difficult to find a job? This has become one of the most frequently asked questions this day in age. There are many reasons why finding a job today has become the greatest hassle for unemployed citizens. To simply put it down on record, the economy has hit rock bottom over the past few years. There is a fierce competition for any available job opening, that society has turned this situation into a huge bloodbath.

Citizens are jumping at any opportunity to work anywhere. Because of the fight of finding a job and being hired at a job has become more competitive, companies are raising their standards in search for the best employee to fill the position. A few problems that may prove for finding a job to be more difficult for citizens may be that they lack prior experience, have no skills or education required for the job, or because they may not know how to write a resume properly, or even be able last through an interview. Another possibility that makes job hunting so strenuous is there are simply not enough jobs available.

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Why Is It Hard to Find a Job? Essay
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These are just some of the reasons why finding a job has become such a difficult process. Almost everywhere you look regarding job adds from the internet, in the newspaper, and in magazines seem to always state that you need some type of prior experience, skill, or education level for the job that is being applied for. A person’s ability to acquire certain skills for a job makes life that much easier. Having certain skills that others may not be able to obtain can open the door for so many more opportunities. Without having experience, you will not be able to become a manager but you could get an entry level job.

If you are applying for entry level positions in retail or food service, this is not a problem. Like previously mentioned, you also have to look at your skill set. When you do your resume, think of courses you had in high school and mention the skills that you have acquired. If you had a leadership position in clubs, that is a bonus. If you took computer classes, that is also a bonus. If you took a business class like accounting, that is a great step up above others. If you participated in Scouting, put that on your resume.

A common misconception that many citizens make is that they tend to look for the best job as their first job, maybe their second. To make the job hunting process less difficult, do not be choosy when looking for your first job. Remember that everyone has had to start at the bottom and work their way up. This is also a great way to build your experience. Another problem that makes the job hunting process difficult is that in many cases, citizens can’t find jobs in their chosen profession. In today’s economy, job seekers must be flexible in the types of jobs, as well as the salary they are willing to accept for their work.

If citizens remain flexible, they can find jobs in which they will be successful. In fact, people may find jobs that lead them on a path to a much higher paying, and more appropriate job. For example, a person may get a secretary job through a temping agency. Perhaps, someone at the company recognizes that their new employee would be great at human resources. In the end, that temporary employee may just find themselves in a more higher paying, permanent job. So, when a person can’t find a job in their chosen profession, they should consider all available jobs as opportunities that may lead to their chosen job.

All and all, going back to what was previously stated, you cannot be too choosy of a job with an economy in such poor standings. Lastly, one of the most common reasons that makes job hunting very stressful for citizens is that there are people in this generation, as opposed to say our parents’ generation ,that are more spoiled and codependent on their parents money, rather on their own money. Many Children and teenagers in this generation are growing up having everything handed to them without having to work hard a day in their lives.

These children’s parents are the ones making the money. In fact, this generation, and society has gotten so lenient, that for fifteen and sixteen year old birthdays, kids are getting brand new cars as gifts without ever having to have worked hard a day in their lives. Point be of all of this is that when it finally becomes time for these teenagers to venture out into the world on their own, they are, needless to say, lost and helpless. If they do manage to find a job, these teenagers probably cannot carry themselves professionally enough to last through to the next interview.

They have nothing on their resumes that would seem interesting other than maybe some high school achievement. Being, most likely, in their early to mid-twenties when they leave their parent’s homes, they cannot get a professional job because of their lack of employment history and skill set. In conclusion, there are many reasons why finding a job this day in age is such a difficult process. Just as an overview, your prior experience, skill set, and education plays a very critical role in which job you will get.

Not saying that a college degree will guarantee you with the perfect job, but it is just one more thing to go on your resume. Other problems may be that you cannot find a job in your profession, so to fix that, branch out and try to find something else. There is no telling where you would end up. Lastly, work hard early to build your resume. Avoid being put into situations that may hurt your ability to sit and talk to someone professionally about why you want a job. The interview process is something that is always guaranteed to happen in order to get a new job. So, you have to be prepared for it.


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