Why Is Safety Neglected By Construction Workers Construction Essay

The Managing Director of Shonacon Construction requires a proper probe of direction systems. He wants to happen out why the building safety has often been neglected. What can be done to better the state of affairs? He wants to happen out the cause and how Companyi??s advancement is affected.

A Literature Survey, carried out through capable diaries, books and other beginnings of information, reveals that Construction workers must ever maintain their head on the occupation. Safety equipment may differ from occupation to occupation, although rudimentss like difficult chapeaus, safety spectacless, baseball mitts and safety places should be worn at all times. The usage of illicit drug and intoxicant is purely prohibited on a building site. Construction sites should be kept clean. Workers must be decently trained in the occupations they have been assigned. Workers must remain decently hydrated and know the locations of H2O in instance of fire or a chemical burn.

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Why Is Safety Neglected By Construction Workers Construction Essay
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Shonacon sites should be unbroken clean ; maintaining the site free of dust, refuse and debris will better work efficiency and cut down the opportunities of an hurt due to falling or stumbling. Workers should be particularly witting of crisp objects, such as nails, prison guards or glass. Most of the workers from this company were interviewed sing safety in their section and raise what they felt should be improved. The interview treatment was focused on the causes of accidents and the attitude of workers toward safety on site. Factors act uponing the demands for safety such as communicating, span of control, working environment and productiveness were uncovered.

The operation seems to be a job for everyone. Further probe shows that it is caused by the hold of safety equipment supply to avoid hurts. Communication is a job in the workplace, span of control is non clear. There is a demand for proper communicating channels and span of control must be clear.

To better safety and wellness, company must put money in carry oning workshops and educating its employees.

1.1. Introduction and principle or relevancy of research

i?? Safety at the work is a hard incident, and the topic of safety attitudes and public presentation in Shonacon Construction is even more so. The Occupational Safety and Health ( OHS Act ) , requires that building sites must by and large be free of insanitary, risky, or that may be unsafe to the wellness or safety of any contractor and subcontractor.

i?? The employer is besides responsible for accident bar, by supplying and keeping safety equipment to workers and scheduling regular reviews of the building sites, stuff and equipment used by workers. Shonacon sites should be unbroken clean ; maintaining the sites clean will better work efficiency. Workers of Shonacon should be particularly witting of crisp object, such as nails screw or glass.

i?? The building industry is one injury-prone industry worldwide in footings of serious hurts, lost work clip index in companies and at their building site is statistically inappropriate, as these consequence must frequently run on an industry or national degree in order to demo statistically important alterations over clip ( Spangenberg et al 2002 ) . There is demand to supplement negative to and reactive feedback ( safety statistics ) . Construction sites are hierarchically organized with site directors, chiefs, and building workers. The building industry is characterized by traditional masculine values such as freedom, independency, resourcefulness, and stamina, with an frequently informal and unwritten civilization of hazard in which safety cognition is tacitly understood without being openly expressed ( wadick,2007 ; Baarts, 2004 ) .

i?? Professional preparation of building workers normally consists of practical on-site experiences. As much of preparation is based on hand-on experiences, work patterns are based on traditions, frequently passed down through chiefs and more experient colleagues, who in bend besides are self taught. Knowledge of an attitude toward safety frequently varies from worker to worker, and safety patterns, norms and attitudes are continuously negotiated between workers and chiefs ( Baart, 2004 ) . A foremeni??s attitude to safety has great significance, and they are singled out as important component in enterprises to heighten safe behavior at building sites. A recent survey provides grounds that foremen/supervisor have a strong influence on building workersi?? safety attitudes than the workersi?? co-workers ( Dingsdag, Biggs, Sheahan, 2008 ) .

Picture 1.1 ( Walking to unsafe board with nails ) Picture 1.1 ( Dangerous board )

1.1.1. Falls, staircases and ladders

o Harmonizing to OSH Act, falls are the taking cause of building site hurt and worker human death. Under the Occupational Safety and wellness Act, if an employee is working six or more pess above the land or another degree, the employee must supply autumn protection such as safety cyberspaces.

O Stairways and ladders are besides a major beginning or worker hurt and human death, harmonizing OSHA. Under Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers must maintain countries around ladders and staircases clear of obstructions, topographic point ladders merely level surface that are non slippy and certain workers use ladder and staircases safely and merely for their intended intent.

o Shonacon can cut down the opportunities of an hurt due to falling or stumbling by maintaining the site free of dust, refuse and debris.

Picture 1.1.1 ( Climbing the ladder with cement in the dorsum to rich on top of the roof )

1.2. Problem statement

Picture 1.2 ( Jumping out from the Bob-Cat )

? Productivity is influenced by leading and motive of work force the unfortunate state of affairs unproductiveness affects the net income of the company.

? Government should do certain that he allows the qualified people to hold company.

? The directors of Shonacon should upgrade the criterion of work like to use good Foreman/Supervisor.

? The operation on Shonacon IS a job Foreman/Supervisor they do non care what woker do.

? Government should do certain that all company are inspected in footings of clean site and safety.

? Shonacon should cognize how to teach/advice workers when comes to safety.

? Safety at work is a hard incident, and the topic of safety attitudes and public presentation in Shonacon Construction is even more, in Shonacon Construction the hazard of decease is 1 clip each twelvemonth, up to people are killed on Shonacon Construction site and there are about 4 workers who suffer from a major hurt in Shonacon Construction related accidents.

1.3. Purposes of the research

? The aims of the probe are to better our cognition of the apprehension of Occupational wellness and safety hazard control in Shonacon Company and Construction Industry. To place implements to and factors easing the choice and execution of hazard control measures at the technological terminal of the hazard control hierarchy. The focal point of the survey is on Shonacon Company.

1.4. Theoretical position

? Construction wellness and safety has long been the focal point of attending of many industry stakeholders and function, participants in South Africa and while it is a acknowledged that many industry associations and professional societies, undertaking administrations & A ; others have made important attempts to better wellness and safety within the building industry, overall building Health and Safety is non bettering commensurate. Construction continues to lend a disproportional figure of human deaths and hurts related to other industry sectors and there are continues to be high degrees of non-compliance with H & A ; S statute law by and large and specifically the building and other wellness and safety Regulations in South Africa. Prof John Smallwood, et Al ( 1999 )

? South African Legislation and the Construction Regulations- the primary Acts that impact on building Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 ( OSHA ) and the complementary Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act No. 130 of 1993 ( COID Act ) . The OSHA replaced the old Machinery and OSHA No.6 of 1983, the machinery and Occupational Safety Amendment Act No.40 of 1988, the Machinery Act No.97 of 1991 and the announcement thereof reflected the increased accent on wellness.

? A going from the traditionally normative or deemed-to-comply or command-and-control attacks to a public presentation based attack in footings of which no criterions for conformity are set.

? The debut of a new participant to the building procedure, the client appointed H & A ; S agent tasked on behalf of the client to organize the other participants and paperss to ease better direction of wellness and wellness on building hurts.

? Mandatory H & A ; S specifications and programs as instruments easing exchange and communicating of H & A ; S issues between all participants in the building procedure, on all undertakings.

? Compulsory digest of an H & A ; S file by the chief contractor to be handed over to be handed over to the client upon completion of the installation.

1.5. Restriction of survey and definition of footings

? A restriction and strength of this survey is the limited i??visibilityi?? of buildings workers to their chief. Construction sites are unlike many fabrication sections, where a supervisor can hold close and free visibleness to his/her workers. Luria et Al ( 2008 ) found that visibleness ( i.e. workplace layout ) had a moderating consequence on workers safe and insecure behavior. Higher visibleness resulted in greater sensing and immediateness ; hence there was a greater grade of verbal exchanges and safety behavior than in sections with cut down visibleness. In the building industry, visibleness is comparatively low, depending on site conditions, edifice types, and phase of building. Some building workers may work independently from their foremen/supervisors, with lone periodic telephone contact to their foreman/supervisors during the hebdomad, whereas others supervisors may be on site several times a twenty-four hours although the visibleness of workers becomes hard as the building procedure evolves ( e.g. raising walls and multiple celebrated construction ) .

? In all the building sites in this survey, restricted visibleness was surely an issue that influenced the consequences as the chiefs relied on actuating safe worker behavior through verbal communicating instead than through ocular or surveillance ( e.g. camera ) cues. Although a follow-up period was included in the survey, the consequences should be interpreted with cautiousness, as long-run behavioral alteration care is a changeless challenge. This is slightly brooding of building industry should besides mensurate longitudinal effects by following chiefs and their work packs as they move from site to site.

Literature Review

2.1. Introduction

– Incident in the building industry can be prevented by keeping a good leading.

– Where leading is the ability to animate assurance and support among people who need to accomplish organizational ends ( Andrew Dubrin-Principles of Leadership 2004 )

– Other writers define leading as interpersonal influence, directed through communications towards end attainment, an act that causes other to respond or react in a shared way. The act of influence people by persuasion to follow line of action.

– Leadership is non merely among people in high degree places it is a demand in all degrees in an administration. A individual in the administration must hold leading qualities.

– Good Leadership in building plays a critical function in footings of developing while preparation is the key to forestall many workplace accident and hurts is frequent and effectual employee preparation plans. These plans exist for virtually all building safety constituents including autumn protection, fire safety among others.

– Although many employers provide on-the-job preparation through their on-staff safety specializers, there are voluntary educational plans available for extra enfranchisement such as Occupational Safety and Health Act Outreach Training Program.

2.2. Groping of literature under appropriate headers etc.

Table 1 Example hazard control hierarchy for occupational tegument disease ( Helen Lingard & A ; Noni Holmes, Construction Management and Economics 2010 )

Hazard control hierarchy Control measures

Extinguish the jeopardy? Use cement that has been supplemented with ferric sulfate to cut down the soluble chromate concentration which can do dermatitis.

Substitute the jeopardy? Use water-based primers and pigments instead than organic solvent-based merchandises.

? Use proper application methods for each merchandise. For illustration, if it says to utilize brush/roller doni??t usage spray method.

? Where possible brush/roller, application should be used alternatively of spray application for easier control of exposures.

Isolate the procedure? If utilizing spray application method, it should be done utilizing a spray both with exhaust airing.

? Enclose spray country, Separating other work activities from this country will sure that other workers are non exposed to the jeopardies.

? Washing comfortss should be kept outside the spray country zone.

Engineering controls? When spray picture in spray booths exhaust airing equipment should be used.

Safe working processs? Manufacturers and providers should guarantee that material safety informations sheet ( MSDSs ) are provides to clients with each chemical merchandise.

? Employers should utilize merchandises from industries and providers who provide MSDSs.

? Employers should do certain that set of tools are used for epoxy rosin stuffs.

? Employers should supply proper cleansing merchandises so that they do non utilize organic dissolver merchandises like dilutants and gasoline to clean custodies

? Use pole-handled scaremongers to stir pigments or other merchandise.

? Employers should guarantee that all workers understand instructions, particularly new employee and those with English linguistic communication troubles.

Personal Protective equipment

( PPE ) i?? Employers should choose PPE that is suited and easy to utilize and take into history tantrum, comfort and pertinence to the undertaking. All workers should be trained in the correct usage and attention of this equipment. Employers should supply the right PPE and guarantee that workers know how and when to utilize it.

i?? Employers should guarantee that employees use respiratory protection gear if workers in confined infinites.

i?? Employers should supply appropriate protective baseball mitts to employees for the peculiar merchandise being used.

i?? Limit all skin contact with wet cement merchandise by utilizing recommended PPE.

i?? Workers who are exposed to the Sun should be provided with appropriate PPE.

i?? Workers who are exposed to the Sun should be provided with appropriate PPE-hats, vesture and sunscreen particularly of import with coal pitch merchandises.

i?? Barrier picks should be used to supply equal and safe protection for the tegument against the peculiar agents involved.

Table 2 Example hazard control hierarchy for falls from highs ( Helen Lingard & A ; Noni Holmes Construction Management and Economics 2010 )

Hazard control hierarchy Control measures

Extinguish the jeopardy i?? Structures should be connected to anchor degree and lifted into place by Crane ( e.g. prefabrication of subdivisions of roofs. )

Substitute the jeopardy i?? Non-fragile roofing stuffs should be selected.

i?? Fragile roofing stuff ( and fanlights ) should be strengthened by increasing their thickness or altering their composing.

Isolate the procedure i?? Permanent paseos, platforms and going gauntries should be incorporated across delicate roofs.

i?? Permanent border protection ( like guard tracks or parapet walls ) should be installed on level roofs.

i?? Fixed tracks should be provided on care paseos.

Engineering control i?? Railing and/or screens guarding gaps in roofs should be installed before roofing work commences.

i?? Temporal border protection should be provided for high roofs.

Safe working processs i?? Merely scaffolding that conforms to criterions should be used.

i?? Employers should supply equipment appropriate to the hazard cherry choosers, scaffolds, ladders of the right strength and tallness and guarantee that inappropriate or faulty equipment is non used.

Personal protective equipment ( PPE ) i?? Employees exposed to fall jeopardy, who are non provided with safe agencies of entree, should be provided with appropriate autumn apprehension equipment such as parachute harnesses, laniards, inactive lines, inactiveness reels or lasso grab devices.

i?? Fall apprehension systems should be suitably designed by a competent individual.

i?? Employees should be provided with suited footwear ( rubber soled ) , comfy vesture and oculus protection ( sunglasses or cut down blaze ) .

Research Design

3.1. Introduction

– Research is merely happening reply to inquiries, harmonizing to Dawson and Catherine ; ( 2002:2 ) research is a wont of oppugning what you do, and a systematic scrutiny of ascertained information to happen replies with a position to establishing appropriate alterations for a more effectual professional service.

3.2. Aims ( or specific research jobs )

– In the instance of this survey is to happen out why safety is neglected by workers on building sites. In making this exercising sites are visited to place what takes topographic point in the context of safety. Identify similar tendencies in term of what is being neglected by workers and name the job to happen cause to the job therefore this survey is a signifier of applied research.

3.3. Research method/s

– Most of the workers from this company were interviewed, Owner/Manager of the company, 5labours, and two safety office including general chief.

– Due to the available clip to carry on this survey a quantitative survey is used, relevant information is review particularly the Occupational Health and Safety Act, a reappraisal of the facets that is screens in footings of building site. This is to set up footing in which the province of safety consciousness in different building sites that are considered for this survey will be measured. This survey should bring out elements that are overlooked by the OHS Act.

3.3.1. Ignorance/Neglect

o Nongiba Alkanam Kheni BSc, MSc. ( 2008:192 ) Many Small Construction Company owner/managers are nescient of their duties under the Torahs on wellness and safety. The accomplishments and cognition needed to get down and expeditiously pull off a modern concern, independent of the size and nature of concern is a confining factor for owner/managers who can neither read nor compose. Although some of these owner/managers are seasoned bourgeoiss with concern acumen, it has taken them a great attempt for their concerns to last in an industry sector where intense competition.

O To get the better of many troubles encountered, some owner/managers delegate some of their duties and entrust cardinal facets of concern disposal to a household member. Supervision of the plants on site and clerical work is normally the duty of the household member who has educational making ( s ) . However, hapless direction of some concern maps including wellness and safety do go on. Irrespective of the educational background, some owner/manager was ignorant of their duties under the jurisprudence. One owner/manager asserted that the Factories, Offices and Shops Act do non cover building, contrary to segment 57 of the Act.

o The Factory Inspectorate Department should non be blame for owner/managersi?? ignorance since it is badly constrained by deficiency of resources and logistic to make public consciousness on wellness and safety jurisprudence and its statutory maps. Owner/managers perceived the hazard associated with their activities to be low because accidents were rare. Asked what jobs they faced in the direction of wellness and safety, owner/managersi?? response indicated they had small troubles pull offing wellness and safety merely because they thought the hazards associated with their work were really low.

Picture 3.3.1 ( blending cement with custodies ) Picture 3.3.1 ( utilizing accomplishment saw with

A incorrect manner )

Picture 3.3.1 ( hauling the reinforce while individual is in forepart ) Digging, the tallness is about 3m deep

3.3.2. The set of inquiries used that were asked during the interviews. ( Owner/Manager of the company, Two Safety office including General Foreman, and 5Labours )

? The intent of the interview is to obtain your sentiment on how you manage building site wellness and safety and how wellness and safety public presentation can be continuously improved. The interview is estimated to last about 50 proceedingss.


? To Owner of the company

a ) Can you delight give me your Personal specifics?

Namei??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? .

Degree of educationi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? .

Employment historyi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??..

B ) Can you delight state me about your company?

degree Celsiuss ) Can you state me a spot more why you started a building concern?

vitamin D ) How do you pull off the wellness and safety facets of your plants?

vitamin E ) What do you believe are the most of import ways to guarantee safety and healthy sites?

degree Fahrenheit ) How do you develop your workers in wellness and safety?

g ) What are your companyi??s motives for pull offing wellness and safety?

H ) What are the Problems if any ; you face in the direction of wellness and safety?

I ) Can you delight notice on your accident statistic over the last five old ages?

J ) What major incident occurred on your site over this period?

K ) How has that alter your manner of pull offing wellness and safety on the site?

cubic decimeter ) What are they wellness and safety challenges working on your ain site as against working as a subcontractor under a chief contractor?

m ) If your company is awarded a contract, how make you travel about wellness and safety?

n ) What are the drivers to bettering wellness and safety on building site in this state?

O ) What advice would you give to local contractors desiring to better their wellness and safety public presentation?

P ) Is at that place anything that I might non hold covered in my inquiries, which you would wish to speak about?

Q ) Is there anything you would wish to inquire me?


? As we all know that clip is money, I wish to thank you for the penetrations I have gained from your rich experience and for taking some clip off your busy agenda in order to do this meeting possible.

? To General Foreman and two safety office

a ) Can you delight you delight give me your personal specific?

Name i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? …

Employment historyi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? .

B ) What do you understand about safety and wellness?

degree Celsius ) Have your director Tell you/explained to you about safety?

vitamin D ) Why your workers is non have oning helmet?

vitamin E ) Do you form a safety stuff for your workers like protection industry ( musk ) , safety boots, safety loves, etc. ?

degree Fahrenheit ) How do you experience if person is working hard because of hurt he got in site?

g ) How can you avoid hurts from building industry?

H ) Is there anything you would wish to inquire me?

? To 5Labours

a ) Are you Ok about your company?

B ) Do you cognize what does Occupational Health and Safety intend?

degree Celsius ) Have you of all time acquire trained about safety?

vitamin D ) How you feel when you working without safety?

vitamin E ) Why you all non have oning full safety?

degree Fahrenheit ) Is there anything you would wish to inquire me?

Research Consequences

4.1. Introduction

The type of Personal Protective Equipment must be well-known by all people who are under building sites.

i?? Clothing equipment, respiratory devices, protective shields and barriers

i?? Protect eyes, face, caput, trunk and appendages.

i?? Process jeopardies, environment chemicals, radiological, mechanical jeopardies

i?? Capable of doing hurt or damage through soaking up, inspiration, physical contact.

i?? ( Toole T.M. 2002:175 ) Personal protective equipment ( PPE ) is worn to cut down employeei?? exposures to occupational jeopardies and is required to available on-site by OHSA. In fact, new OSHA ordinances dictate that where PPE is required, employers are now responsible for supplying it. Otherwise, employers are finally responsible for finding the degree of PPE their employees use for optimal protection. Hard hats, oculus, ear and manus protection, earplugs and other protective equipment provide protection from falling objects, caput hurts, flickers, dust/fragments and Burnss.

i?? Unfortunately, many workers choose to waive this degree of protection due to discomfort or disinterest. In response to this issue, many safety distributers now offer a scope of comfy and more stylish cogwheel to take from, including eyewear that resists fog and prescription-strength safety spectacless.

4.2. Unit of measurement of analysis

The ordinances on building sites for Care, Use, Maintenance and besides Disposal of PPE

i?? PPE is available in assorted type and manners

i?? Make certain that the PPE assigned to you tantrums decently and snugly

i?? Clean PPE on a regular basis, following manufactureri??s suggestions

i?? Be familiar with the life anticipation of your PPE and dispose of when needed

i?? Report and uncomfortableness, jobs or inquiries to your supervisor or safety director

4.3. Discussion of consequences

What is the cause of disregard of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) ?

? Ignorance on the portion of the workers on site is one of the causes, as some believe the PPE upset them in the executing of their responsibilities, for illustration the usage of baseball mitts is neglected by most workers when utilizing power tools such every bit drills as the workers claim baseball mitts does non supply full clasp of the tool. This should raise many inquiries, is the individuals utilizing the baseball mitts that is non taking PPE earnestly or the type of baseball mitts used.

What is the cause of unsafely Acts of the Apostless during executing of plants on site other than the PPE?

? The usage of tools incorrect for certain operations this besides present a challenge and from clip to clip it causes accidents on site it is a signifier of disregard that can be the company 1000000s of Rand.

Decision, Recommendation and Restrictions

5.1. Introduction

? The Principal Contractor shall guarantee that all site forces undergo a risk-specific wellness & A ; safety initiation developing session before start work. A record of attending shall be kept in the wellness & A ; safety file. A suited locale must be supplied to house this preparation.

? The Principal Contractor shall guarantee that, on site, periodic tool chest negotiations take topographic point at least one time per hebdomad. These negotiations should cover with hazards relevant to the building work at manus. A record of attending shall be kept in the wellness and safety file. All contractors have to follow with this minimal demand. At least one of the Toolbox negotiations shall be on any environmental related issues.

? All knowing individuals shall hold the consciousness, experience, preparation and makings specific to the work they have been appointed to oversee, control, and carry out. This will hold to be assessed on regular footing e.g. periodic audits by the Client, progress meetings, etc. The Principal Contractor is responsible to guarantee that competent Sub Contractors are appointed to transport out building work.

5.2. Decisions

? Chief/Principal contractors and relevant people must take safeguards to guarantee that objects do non fall on to or hit people making building work and people in bordering countries. Adjoining countries could include a public pathway, route square or the pace of a home or other constructing a workplace.

? Object including equipment, stuff tool, and debris that can fall or be emitted sideway s or upwards are considered as falling objects. Example of Falling objects include tools falling off a working platform, stone and dirt neglecting into a trench, foaling bricks deflected off the side of a edifice, and concrete Pre-cast panels falling over.

? The key to forestalling many workplace accidents and hurts is frequent and effectual employee preparation plans. These plans exist for virtually all building safety constituents including autumn protection, fire safety and welding safety among others.

? Although many employers provide on-the-job preparation through their on-staff safety specializer, there are voluntary educational plans available for extra enfranchisement such as OSHAi??s Outreach Training Program.

? The probe is besides based coaching and feedback to building site chiefs to increase their day-to-day verbal safety communications with workers resulted in significantly increased degrees of safety at the two intercession sites. In future surveies, training and feedback of chiefs could be carried out by-on site safety coordinators or other managers/supervisor, and alterations could be supported and reinforced across organizational degrees in order to keep alteration.

5.3. Recommendations

– To better safety and wellness, company must put money in carry oning workshops and educating its employee, on fire safety, first aider duties, how to decently elect wellness and safety duties, how to decently elect wellness and safety representatives, how to guarantee every employee starts on the right wellness and safety pes, how to carry on a basic hazard appraisal and so much more.

5.4. Restrictions

– Constructions workers must be advised that, no intoxicant and other drug will be allowed on site. No individual may be under the influence of intoxicant or any other drugs while in the building site. Any individual on prescription drugs must inform his/her superior, who shall in bend study this to the Principal Contractor forthwith.

– Any individual enduring from any illness/condition that may hold a negative consequence on his/her safety public presentation must describe this to his/her superior, who shall in bend study, this to the Principal Contractor forthwith.

– Any individual suspected of being under influence of intoxicant or other drugs must be sent place instantly, to describe back the following twenty-four hours for a preliminary enquiry. A full disciplinary process must be followed by Principal Contractor or Sub Contractor ( PC/SB ) concerned and a transcript of the disciplinary action must be forwarded to the P.C for his records.

5.5. Suggestions for farther research

? By TENDER Health and Safety Specifications 21 09 06_2, The Principal Contractor shall guarantee that every individual working on sing the site, every bit good as the populace in general, shall be made cognizant of the dangers likely to originate from site activities, including the safeguards to be taken to avoid or understate those dangers. Appropriate wellness and safety notices and marks shall be posted up, but shall non be merely step taken.

? Both the Client and Principal Contractor have a responsibility in footings of the OHS Act 85/1993 to make all that is moderately operable to forestall members of the populace and site visitants from being affected by the building activities.

? Site visitants must be briefed on the jeopardies and hazards they may be exposed to and what steps are in topographic point or should be taken to command these jeopardies and hazards. A record of these i??inductioni?? must be on site in conformity with the Construction Regulations.


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