Why People Have Birthmarks Essay

no one knows exactly why people have birthmarks but most scientists say it’s because that area of your skin is sensitive so you were born with a birthmark or in other words you got pigmentation. Also scientists say that you could inherit it from a family member. Folk tales say that where you get your birthmark is where you were killed or injured in your past life but other folk tales say that children get birthmarks because the mother while carrying a child with pigmentation desired something for example strawberries.

If she never got the strawberries then you’re born with a strawberry looking birthmark. Other folk tales say depending on where your birthmark is it could give you all sorts of luck such as wealth,etc. Birthmarks vary in different colours from red to blue to different shades or brown and black. They also appear any size and are either temporary or permanent.

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Why People Have Birthmarks Essay
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Some birthmarks are benign meaning they could give you cancer but thats very rare but in case you should always get it checked up by your doctor and let your doctor make the judgment. My theory to why birthmarks appear is that it’s something to do with our skin and blood when being born as well as our ancestors and family members. Also whoever reads this don’t let people put you down because you have one think of it as a blessing. 🙂 Also what do you think of my paper because i have to hand it in 🙂


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