why social media is good Essay

Kyla Kincaid Mrs. Hughes English 12 w2 11 October 2013 Why social Media is Good Social media is good to have because it can help get important information around faster and help students learn digital responsibility. Social media can help get important information around in a much faster manner. “Burlington parents had instant access to information and a place to have questions answered swiftly. This saved school administrators hours that in the past we wouldVe spent answering phone calls from parents and news media. ” (Larkin, 72).

During crisis situations the chools would have to call each and every parent in order to get news around and that could take hours, and in those hours parents are worried and freaking out about their children. Because of a social media site, parents can get quick texts sent out to their phones and in minutes every parent of every child knows what is going on with their child and don’t have to spend time waiting on a phone call from the school. “Twitter and Facebook have displaced traditional media as the places where many people get news first. ” (Larkin, 71).

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These social media places are where everyone oes to get information first. Schools are learning to embrace this and use this to their advantage rather than try to fght it. Social media sites are not as evil as these schools feel they are, they are helpful if you use them right. As the old saying states, if you can’t beat them, Join them. Social media is taking over our society and it’s not going to be stopped, schools need to learn to embrace this and take full advantage of it. Students need to learn how to be responsible using social media, and cannot learn that if they are not allowed to use it.

Ultimately, our Job in schools has always been to prepare students for what they’ll face when they leave our schools and transition to college or the workplace. ” (Larkin 71). How are students supposed to be prepared if schools do not allow students to use the tools they will have when they get out of school? When students get out of school they will have all these technologies and tools but students will not know how to use them properly if they are not taught how to. “Schools cannot teach appropriate use of digital communication tools if we don’t llow students access to these tools. (Larkin, 71). Students need to have a model of how to use these communications, but they have no model which can lead to cyber bullying and bad use of technology. So instead we should teach students how to prevent this rather than dealing with the after math and cleaning up our mess. It would Just be easier to prevent the problem than fixing the problem. If we prevent a problem then we spend less time and resources fixing it after someone has already been hurt. why social media is good By kincaidkyla


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