Why we hate horror movies rough draft Essay

The Attack Of Your People If you happened to farm lettuce would you write an essay about how crazy people are who eat lettuce? Would you call out there weakness’ stating they only eat lettuce to fulfill a need for healthy behavior? Or risk exposing the single element of life that allows your business to strive? Well in Why We Crave Horror Movies Stephen King did and today were going to talk about why. Maybe he had a need to express a personal belief.

Then again he could have tried to expose a part of everyone’s psyche that is often hidden from one another. Or maybe he is offering a semi-logical excuse for him to publish such horrendous stories. I will end this paragraph with how he started his ” we are all mentally ill: those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better- and maybe not all that much better, after all. ” Are we not all little crazy? Hour long sessions of extremely disturbing yet utterly intriguing simulated murderous acts committed with psychopathic tendencies.

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Why we hate horror movies rough draft Essay
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I know after re-reading what I Just wrote as a description of horror movies I would question my own mental health after viewing one and being pleased. In his essay Stephen King states ” If we are all insane, then sanity is Just a matter of degree. ” He goes on to explain how if your degree of insanity leads you to actually commit a horrendous act then we lock you up away from society. But if you have a slighter degree of insanity such as talking to your self or picking your nose openly then you are Just left alone to live as quirky person you are.

Can you measure insanity by public acts? You cant Judge a book by its cover so what about the normal psychopath, the kid who gets up every day and goes to school and nobody notices anything. The next day he shoots up the school and after wards they find a hoard of disturbing journal entries. If we are all a little crazy how do we measure it? The other day at the mall a man hurried around me narrowly knocking me down. Before he was seen an arms length away I cussed him up and down. (In my head of course. Can you remember the last time you caught yourself flipping the bird to someone in traffic or Just shouting obscenities as you lay on the horn? Does that not seem a little Volatile? As Stephen King describes ” The potential lyncher is in almost ll of us, and every now and then, he has to be let loose to roll around in the grass” To me it sounds like he is trying to describe so kind of animal instinct for carnage. That we all need to let our freak flags fly sometimes and do whats well weird enough to float our boats.

Is it true do you indulge? Is Stephen Kings indulgence to put these events on paper, does the act of such taboo get his Juices going? It poses such an awkward discussion that well you forget about every buying condoms for the first time as a teenager. How well can do you hide your crazy? An excuse no matter how logical is still an excuse. People need places to live but there are still several active protest of over logging. As a society we often accept or reject the validity of an excuse based of the bias of personal belief.

If we are all should we live our lives and see who’s unnatural obsessions evolve into erratic and irrational behavior. Towards the end of Why We Crave Horror Movies he states ” Anti- civilization emotions do not go away, and they demand constant exercise. ” Is Stephen King providing the world a great service? Or is he covering up for his own demented urge to feed his inner animal? A Sinner or Saint? On behalf of humanity I would like o issue Stephen King both a grateful thank you and a disappointed head shake.

In conclusion we might all be crazy on our very own levels, or we could all Just be acting out a need to exercise our inner animal. It could all be coincidental and Just a good way for Stephen King to explain his need to write such haunting stories without feeling guilty about polluting the “Leave It To Beaver” lifestyle. The true meaning behind Why We Crave Horror Movies I have no clue but I do know that he speaks the truth. People are all crazy some Just more than others so the most important thing to take from this essay is… watch your back.


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