Why We Need Accounting Standards Accounting Essay

This essay negotiations about Accounting Standards which is of import in fiscal. And it is interesting subject which discusses identified accounting criterions which is of import to each company. And it is analysis different things which relate with Accounting Standards as: International Accounting Standards ( IAS ) , Accounting Standards Board ( ASB ) , why we need accounting criterions? , different accounting criterions, and eventually advantages and disadvantages of accounting criterions

Accounting Standards are important statements of how peculiar types of dealing and other events should be reflected in fiscal statements and consequently conformity with accounting criterions will usually be necessary for fiscal statements to give a true and just position. [ Aidan, ( 1971 ) ]

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Why We Need Accounting Standards Accounting Essay
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In fact, Inflation accounting was merely one portion of a bigger move towards accounting criterions. Standards had been proposed a few old ages before to restrict the extent for judgement in the readying of histories.

International Accounting Standards ( IAS ) are lay down by the international Accounting Standards Board. Now these are compulsory for all European listed companies. The US market rejects IAS without rapprochement to US GAAP. UK non-listed companies still follow UK accounting criterions. [ Mellett, ( 1995 ) ]

Accounting Standards Board

The connexion among the International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) is one that can be increased continuously. These have same undertaking which able to better continuously and do regulations to preparation fiscal studies.

Fiscal Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) is considered one subdivision of the fiscal statements. This company based in Norwalk and Connecticut and its non-profit. In fiscal accounting, the ( FASB ) has duty for put rules of accounting for the private sector.

Why do we necessitate accounting criterions?

Accounting is used in every type of concern and organisation from large transnational organisations to local store, from bargainers and companies. It can cover an limitless scope of activities as different for illustration: charities, physicians, attorneies, mines, wagering stores, Bankss, films, circuses, farms, air hoses, estate agents and so on.

Peoples invest in organisations of all sorts and they would all like types have faith and trust in the figures reported in their fiscal statements. But this assortment of sort of concern, and of size, means that, while general rules can be laid down, elaborate ordinances that it would do sense to use to one company would be unsuitable for another company. For illustration ; impossible to supply 100 % confidence of the cogency of the fiscal statements of every imaginable organisation through the creative activity of a individual set of regulations and processs.

Accounting is really of import to assist the reader to arrive decision, and there are of import set guidelines to take any thing relate to the accounting. These guidelines are called accounting policies. The elaboratenesss of accounting policies allowed companies to alter accounting rules for their benefit. This made it impossible to do comparings. For illustration ; Accounting Standards in India are issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India ( ICAI ) . At present there are 30 Accounting Standards issued by ICAI.

Different Accounting Standards

Different accounting standers are a retarding force on betterment in much the same manner as different linguistic communications are an incommodiousness. Unlike making a universe linguistic communication, crating one set of criterions is accomplishable. Apart from the possible economy for companies with different international construction, following with an internationally understood accounting paradigm opens up a wider investing audience. [ Betsy Willis and Becky Jones, 1998 ]

Conceptual Model

The development of a coherent and consistent set of accounting rules which underpin the readying and presentation of fiscal statements.

First- and cardinal importance- all involved in planetary fiscal coverage must hold a common mission or aim. At the bosom of that mission is a conceptual model which must concentrate on the investor, supply decision-useful information, and assure that capital is allocated in a mode that achieves the lowest cost in our universe markets.

A conceptual model is an effort to make a set of cardinal accounting rules which will assist standard-setting. A major accomplishment of the hunt for a conceptual model has been the outgrowth of the decision-making theoretical account. The kernel of this is that the aim of fiscal statements is to supply fiscal information useful to a broad scope of users for doing economic determination. A 2nd aim is to supply fiscal information for measuring the stewardship of directors. In order to be utile, this information must be relevant, dependable, comparable and apprehensible. Although there is general understanding on the necessities of a decision- devising theoretical account, there is small consensus on which measurement theoretical account should underpin the decision-making procedure.

Conceptual Model

[ hypertext transfer protocol: //sqarra.wordpress.com/concept/ ]

Advantages of Accounting Standards:

Accounting criterions is maintaining path of dealing

It be used to foretell hard currency flow and keep a budget and for gross expected

It has installations for offer unvarying studies to fiscal statement

It is utile to investors and to foreign groups to measure the development of another investing in different companies in different states

Standards helps accountant to reach with their clients through the offer set of Torahs of authorization to which the comptrollers can appeal

It is use to modulate the different accounting policies and patterns with a position to extinguish to the range possible the non-comparability of fiscal statements

Disadvantages of Accounting Standards:

An unfavourable status or circumstance.

Something that places one in an unfavourable status or circumstance.

Damage or loss, particularly to repute or fundss ; hurt.


Accounting criterions is of import for any company in the universe. It is help companies to cognize how much is loss or derive monthly and annually. So its must be careful when make its history to be all thing correct. It is necessary to maintain a budget and gross for the company. Besides it is of import in accounting criterions show model of any undertaking the company will does such as know the aim of fiscal statement, Underlying premises & A ; acirc ; ˆ¦etc. Besides it considers an effort to make group of accounting rules which help to set criterions.


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