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Policy for correction/Updation of official Record of a student 1. Students shall be entitled to an explanation of any information contained in official records, files and data directly related to themselves as students. If they believe that the information contained in their student record is inaccurate or misleading, they may request the Administrative officer, Department of Records who is responsible for maintaining the records. If their request is granted then the records shall be corrected within two days. 2.

Following should be done to update/change the record:(a) Change/Updation of Contact No. /Email ID A student can change/update his/her contact no. & email Id on his/her own without submitting any document. Students are advised to keep these two things always updated, so that university can provide timely information to them. (b) Change/updation in the Student Name/Father Name /Mother name/Date of Birth For the change/updation in the Name of the student, Date of Birth, Father name and Mother name, a copy of the 10th class certificate is required to be submitted by the student as a documentary poof. c) Change/updation in the Residential address/Correspondence address For the change in the Residential address/Correspondence address, a copy of any document like ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, passport, voter Id card, driving license, affidavit for residence proof etc. is required to be submitted by the student as a documentary proof. 3. Students are required to fill the application form (as per the format attached) and submit it in the Department of Records .

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A Student has to bring the original copy of documentary proof which will be returned after verification on the spot. For any further queries, contact: Sr. Admn. Officer, Department of Records, Block No. 29, Room No. 601 Contact No. : 01824-502939 email : ao. records@lpu. co. in LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY, PHAGWARA Application Form for correction in student record (To be filled in by the applicant) 1. Name of Applicant ____________________________________________________________ _____ 2.

University Registration No. _________________________________________________________ Changes required in (Please tick the relevant) Student Name Father Name Mother Name Date of Birth Gender Permanent Address Correspondence Address Any Other(Please specify) Documentary Proof Submitted(Please tick the relevant) Class 10th Certificate Ration Card Electricity Bill Telephone Bill Previous/Old Detail Copy of Passport Voter ID card Driving Licence Affidevit for Residence proof Current/New Detail

Date of Submission: ……………………. (Allowed/Not Allowed) Sr. Admn. Officer, Department of Records & Registration Signature of Applicant………………….. —————————————————————————————————————————(For Office use only) File No. : _____________________ Updated: (Yes/No):_____________ Date of Updation:________________ Updated By:___________________ (Signature & ID)


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