Wildlife Conservation Essay

Wild Life Conservations Nature has always helped in flourishing the mankind. But this isn’t about what nature gives to you, its what you, as a human being give back in return. Are you concerned about nature? Does saving the endangered species and taking necessary actions for those who are on the brink of extinction means something to you? Then join hands with the wildlife organizations to save mother Earth! The natural projects and programmes started by the Indian government such as Project Tiger, Nature Camps and Jungle Lodges have been organised to promote wildlife awareness among the people.

These projects not only help in preserving our natural heritage but also encourage eco-tourism. Why wildlife conservation is so important? Because the most beautiful gift that God has given to nature are the wild creatures, they embellish the natural beauty by their unique way of existence. But due the growing impact of deforestation, few concerned animal lovers are making continuous efforts to save the endangered species as well as those who are on the verge of extinction and save the world from loosing its green heritage.

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Wildlife Conservation Essay
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Some of the projects and wildlife conservation programmes in India include Project Tiger, which has been till now the most successful one in protecting and preserving the tiger population. There is the Gir National Park, which is only habitat existing for Asiatic lions in India. The Kaziranga Sanctuary is Assam is another remarkable example of saving the endangered Rhinoceros. There’s Periyar in Kerala conserving the Wild Elephants and the Dachigam National Park doing the same to save the Hangul or Kashmiri Stag.

Health by definition is the complete physical, mental and social well-being (Burch, 2001). In the past health has been defined as the absence of disease. Health promotion enables people the ability and resources to improve and control their overall health. Being able to adjust and adapt to various social and physical environments in day-to-day activities is a trait of a healthy individual. Health promotion is not just the responsibility of those individuals in the health field. An individual’s well-being reflects whether or not that person has a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore health promotion becomes an issue for employers, retailers, sports and policy makers among others because issues such as safety and environmental factors will have an influence on the well-being of an individual (Ottawa Charter, 1986). Collaborative and coordinated efforts to provide safer goods and services, and a cleaner, more enjoyable environment should be the goal for all. The goal of all involved should be to provide a healthier environment that will provide a better well-being for the population. Promoting health requires the detection of any barriers that would hinder the health promotion process and removal of them.

Promoting health is, also, educating Health is described as physical and mental well-being and freedom from disease, pain or defect. However, such descriptions only superficially define the concept of health. There may be many occasions when individuals are not necessarily ill or in pain but may be overweight, stressed or unfit. Health is a quality of life involving dynamic interaction and interdependence among the individual’s physical state, their mental and emotional reactions, and the social context in which the individual exists. There are many factors that influence your health.

A healthy lifestyle has four major components: In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that individuals constantly monitor their health. This involves not only physical, but also mental and emotional aspects of the body’s functioning, as they relate to the home, school, work, and leisure environments. If necessary changes are made sooner rather than later, then a stable, balanced and healthy lifestyle will be more consistently maintained. The foods we eat provide us with a variety of essential nutrients required for normal bodily

The plant stretched it’s leaves out toward the sun in hopes of growing strong. Yet it was only to find out that it would not survive because there was no sun. Instead a thick layer of smog blanketed the sky. Humanity has not yet reached this point, but if we continue on this path then this dismal future will become a reality. One of the greatest dangers effecting us today is pollution. Pollution is a problem created by human carelessness and disregard for the planet. One of the most detrimental types of pollution is air pollution. Much of the world’s air has been poisoned by chemical astes. Life in some places has ceased because the air is not fit to breath. People all around the world are exposed and are at risk to many diseases, such as lung cancer. Plants and animals also feel this effect, as they have become endangered or even extinct. Yet we are not at a total loss. As a result of our actions, governments have passed laws to limit or reverse the threat of environmental pollution. In researching air pollution we discovered that the single major cause of air pollution is the internal-combustion engine of automobiles.

This is because gasoline never completely burns in the engine of a c Pollution is any substance or form of energy in sufficient concentration to harm living things or the environment. Pollution is created by individuals, communities and by industries that collect and dispose of pollutants improperly. Four types of pollutants are air, water, ground and energy. Air pollution can be caused by cigarette smoke, carbon dioxide, automobile exhaust, combustion products from heating, power plants, radioactive particles, improper solid waste disposal, fires and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).

Polluting the environment is destroying the ozone. The ozone protects us from harmful ultra violet rays and radiation that kills us. Too much air pollution on earth is slowing down the ozone’s ability to re-build itself. A solution to minimizing air pollution is to ban CFC’s from being made or used and finding other chemicals to replace CFC’s. If an air conditioner breaks, the CFC’s have to be taken out very carefully and either stored or recycled so they don’t


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