William Bradford Essay

A. Background on the Author
William Bradford was born in 1590. He was a very smart child, and taught himself how to several languages. He also studied the bible quite frequently. When he turned 18, he was in a separatist group and they broke away from the church. They went to Holland so they wouldn’t be killed. He then was one of the members on the Mayflower heading to America. He made it there in December 1620.
Bradford became the governor of the Massachusetts colony. He was there a very long time because he was re-elected thirty times. He then died in 1657.

B. Authors Major Works and Awards
The History of Plymouth Plantation
C. Title and Genre of the Selection Read
The history of Plymouth Plantation
D. Brief Plot Summary
This story was about believing in god. What I got out of the story was this…if you do good things and are true to god, you get rewarded. Your reward was life. If you do bad things you die. John Howland was a good man and did good things to show god that he appreciated him. Therefor when he was in trouble and feel off that ship, god saved him and made it possible for him to hold on to something to pull himself up. That other man that didn’t do things to show god that he appreciated him got sick and died.
E. Setting
On the sea heading to Cape Cod
F. Main Characters
Squanto, Samoset, John Howland, William Bradford
G. Theme/Purpose
The puritans were very religious. They wanted to show everyone what happens if you are good and believe in god and the heavens. If you do bad things you would be punished or be killed. If you do good things you can be hand chosen to go to heaven.
H. Literary Terms or Devices
I. Personal Response Section
I think that believing in god is a great thing. I believe in god and the heavens with all of my heart and soul. I want to believe that it is all true. I think the puritans were great people, but their beliefs were too strong for me. I agree with some of their beliefs, but others are in my opinion are dumb. I strongly disagree with their belief that everyone is born evil. I think that everyone is born pure and empty. I think that society and parents put evil and even good in people. I don’t believe that god gives you favors either. I think that everything happens at the spur of the moment. God doesn’t have say in everything that happens. I really believe in accidents and the puritans didn’t. I think that god has nothing to do with accidents. They just happen, but I do think that god allows accidents, but doesn’t create them. Along with the puritans I believe that god handpicks you to go to heaven, but the puritans believed that only 1-2 people made it to heaven. Well I partially agree except I think everyone is allowed in heaven unless they do something to make people unable to go there. I think that god handpicks the ones that don’t get to heaven.
Back to the story, I think the guy dying in the beginning was an accident. I think that accidents happen and this was one of them. And for the guy in the beginning, I think it was a common known miracle. Stuff happens and he just got really lucky. I also don’t think that people like the puritans shouldn’t base their whole lives upon 2 incidents.
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