Wireless Neural Network Essay

A SEMINAR REPORT On “APPLICATIONS OF NEURAL NETWORK IN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION” PREFACE In the light of practical aspects of seminar for engineering. We, the students of B. Tech. Final year had completed our presentation on APPLICATION OF NEURAL NETWORK IN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION. The objects of seminar report in engineering course is to correlate the theory with practical aspects and to make students familiar with the difficulties arises during practical application so that they can face challenges boldly while working in the field.

As we are the student of electronics and communication engineering so it had been particularly beneficial for us. We observed various APPLICATIONS OF NEURAL NETWORK that are used in different field of WIRELESS COMMUNICATION. We tried our best to get acquitted with whole seminar report. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Our sincere thanks goes to Mr. MOHIT SRIVASTAVA (HOD-EC DEPT. ) for his prodigious guidance, precaution, painstaking, attitude reformative and suggestion throughout our seminar schedule.

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Wireless Neural Network Essay
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Special thanks go to FACULTY of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION DEPT. who enlightened us with the knowledge of essential equipments and their working. NITI MISHRA PRIYANKA SINGH SHALINI PRADHAN B. TECH (FINAL YEAR) ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING MAHARANA PRATAP ENGINEERING COLLEGE, KANPUR. ABSTRACT Neural processing presents a different way to store and manipulate knowledge. It uses a connectionist approach, where connections emphasize the earning capability and discovery of representations. This report presents a study of the application areas for neural networks in wireless communication. Despite its capability to act as a black box and model systems using learning, domain knowledge is required to apply neural networks successfully in wireless communications. Considered in this work are neural network based adaptive equalization, field strength prediction in indoor networks and microstrip antenna design using neural networks.


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