Wizard of Oz Analogy Sample Essay

If comparing the film to current political relations. much can be tied to the wicked enchantress. The enchantress has many of the winging monkeys which abide to all of her bids. Using this. the monkeys represent the US Congress in which senators and province representatives do what the president says. This farther makes the house of Congress seem like marionettes on the larger graduated table. The monkeys besides did non like the enchantress and they were excited when Dorothy melted her. This is correspondent for the manner the US is ne’er pleased with the Government. The Witch did non support herself well. leting Dorothy to kill her easy. which could be symbolic of the manner that the US authorities doesn’t have a strong grip on all of the issues in the US.

During the Gilded age. urbanisation and poverty struck many of the freshly industrialized and flourishing metropoliss. This is parallel to Dorothy’s life at the beginning of the film when it is still in black and white and she’s vocalizing “somewhere over the rainbow” which could be her hoping of a better life and the “American dream” like most of those who came to the united provinces besides trusting for a better life. In the beginning of the film. the Dorothy has to walk on the Yellow Brick Road to acquire to the Emerald City. This is similar to the Silver and Gold criterion in the Gilded age. The Silver criterion versus Gold criterion was widely debated along with the bill dollar which had no existent wealth. merely like the Emerald City. Along her journey. Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow who wishes he had a encephalon. Throughout his journey through Oz. he uses common sense and flexibleness which makes him similar to the Farmers of the Populist party who were unhappy with their state of affairs. but weren’t to the full informed of the true causes of their economic battles.

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Wizard of Oz Analogy Sample Essay
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Next was the Tin woodman. who wanted a bosom. It appears as if he wants a bosom because he’s no longer able to experience for people. This is similar to the ways in which the mill workers were dehumanized and turned into mindless machines after old ages of humdrum work. The wicked Witch of the East was the 1 responsible for cussing the Tin woodman and doing him turn wholly Sn. This makes her like the capitalist business communities or the large business communities who didn’t care so much about the workers and how they felt. but instead how much money they were doing and how they could increase end product in their concerns. The Sn woodman uses the oil for lubrication. which could be symbolic of the manner that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was one of the large concerns of the clip and ruled over the little mill workers like the Sn adult male. Without the proprietors. the workers would be out of a occupation and the unemployment rate would go on to lift as was shown during the Gilded Age. After the Tin woodman. the group faced the Lion. The king of beasts exhibited traits that made him seem cowardly through the brush with the group because of the fact that he feels that he lacks bravery.

Because of this. he is a analogue for William Jennings Bryan. Bryan was a campaigner from the Populist party who was thought of every bit cowardly to the American people when he failed to contend for free Ag in the Election of 1900. Just as a king of beasts has bravery. Bryan had the bravery to run for president 4 different times and lost each clip. Since Bryan is a parallel to the Lion. McKinley is a parallel to the Wizard. When faced with the Silver versus gilded criterion. McKinley took the side of the Gold criterion which helped him get the better of Bryan in the election and besides is a parallel to the manner that the xanthous brick route led to the Wizard merely as the gold act led to McKinley. As the full group skips down the Yellow Brick Road. The Wicked Witch of the West watches them and plots against them and gathers things to kill Dorothy to obtain her Ruby Slippers.

This makes her symbolic of the West where a bulk of the natural stuffs were gathered to construct Railroads that linked the East and the West. If this is a possible analogue. so it may besides be true that the winged monkeys. who did anything for her. were like the Chinese workers who slaved over the railwaies. On the other manus. the winged monkeys claimed that they were one time free until Oz was taken over to be ruled over. This is like the Native Americans who one time roamed free over the US and so were forced to travel one time enlargement of the US occurred. Since Dorothy was like the democrat group and the Emerald City was like the big authorities organic structures that was ruled over by the Wizard ( or the president in US political relations ) . so the journey to the Emerald metropolis could be a analogue for the Populist portion seeking to obtain power in authorities. as was shown as the democrat party continued to turn in the Gilded age and Populist leaders like Bryan tried to run for President.


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