Woman's Issues in Cambodia Essay

Name: O. Pvisoth Women’s Issues In Cambodia In the past, woman seems to have much discrimination from the society. Women cannot do everything they want. The things they can do are, doing housework, looking after the children, and cooking. They are not allowed to work outside like men even the ability to accept knowledge; they have no change to get it because school didn’t provide education for women. Nowadays, women still don’t have equal right in some developing countries such as: the equality of working salary, domestic violent that put press on women . etc.

Those are the problems that the women have to fact. In woman’s position as the gentler and weaker half of the human family been emphatically and generally questioned. Men assumed that this was woman’s place; woman herself accepted it. It seldom occurred to anyone to ask whether she would go on occupying it forever. Upon the mere surface of woman’s organized protests there were no indications that she was desirous of achieving a fundamental change in her position. She claimed the right of suffrage and legislative regulation of her working hours, and asked that her property rights be equal to those of the man.

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Woman's Issues in Cambodia Essay
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None of these demands, however, affected directly the most vital factors of her existence. Whether she won her point or failed to win it, she remained a dominated weakling in a society controlled by men. Why women still stand with those terrible situation and does find the law to protect? Under are the descriptions of women’s difficulty which was interviewed about what they are faced every day. The first interviewee is Miss Phaly, age 25 years old, was born at Banteay Mean Chey province. She emigrated from her homeland to work in a factory in the city called “Cambodia Bolan_Hometextile @citylink. com. kh”.

The factory address is #25-26, st 339, Sangkat Beong Kok 1, Khan Toul Kok, Phnom Penh. The number of the workers in the factory is 190 persons. She said she can earn 85$-95$ a month include the additional time. She added her husband is a Tok Tok taxi driver that can earn 10$ to 15$ a day. She has two children and the easy of her living is never fact the difficulty especially economic problem but the terrible thing is that her husband always hit her everyday because of his jealousy toward his wife with other men. Her husband never ever allows her to make the relationship with other men even if her co-work.

Every time if a stranger or her neighbor calls her, her husband will hit her and accuse her that she is a jerk. The second interviewee is Miss Minea, age 32 years old is a factory female worker as her friend Phaly. She can earn 60$ per month and 85$ to 95$ for her work additional time. Her husband is a moto taxi. She rents a house with her work mate. Her husband like playing card and sometime he doesn’t work but sit and play card. Every time when he loses, he always blames his wife and feels like hit the roof to his family members. The third is, Sok Phal is a female factory worker, age 22 years old and her husband is 30 years old.

She works in a factory which is called “8 star sportwear, ltd”. The factory’s address is Sangkat Phum Russey, Steong Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh. She earns 90$ per month after the payment of water service, electricity, house, and food supply in her daily life which cost totally 70$ per month. Her husband is a building worker that can earn only 3$ a day but because of his absent from work so he can earn maybe only 60$ per month. Because of his smoking and drinking so he waste his money paying on them 40$ a month. Sok Phal has two children. One is a son and other is a daughter. Every day Sok Phal has mother to look after her children.

Her husband always drunk and make the domestic violent in the family. Sometime he hits his children and her very badly. Sok Phol never lives happily in her family. The fourth is Neang nary is a female factory worker, age 21 years old. She is a single. She has 8 family members. They are her father, age 72 years old, her mother, age 63 years old, and her 6 brothers and sisters who live under her support. Her homeland is Kom Pot province. She is one of the employee at WOOSU CNC (CAMBODIA) Co, LTD. Factory’s address is on the MAYDA st, Trapang Romcheik Village, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Dang Kov, Phnom Penh.

Nary get 50$ per month for her salary and include her additional time so totally she can earn 80$ per month. She pays 60$ for her daily food supply, house, electricity and water service with other 30$ remain, she sent it to her mother at the homeland. It is exclude the payment of clothes and health service or medical support. Because of the world economic collapse, she really worries about her work every day her afraid is that the factory will stop working one day. Domestic violent never occur in her family. The last interviewee is Keang Leakna comes from Kom Pong Chnang province. She is a single, age 22 years old.

She has been working in a factory for 5 years and she got 45$ per month excluded additional time but now she can earn 55$ without it. Moreover, if she work additional time, she can earn 80$ to 90$ per month. She lives in a rented house with her other 5 friends who are her workmate. Every month she shares with her friend 8. 5$ for the rent cost and her payment on food every day is 1500R to 2000R a day. From her working salary, she can afford it to bring the money to her mother in her homeland at least 20$ to 30$ a month. Nowadays, she facts the financial problem because she can earn less than before.

Because of she is poor so she gave up study and decided to go to work because she has to support her other 6 relatives in her family who has to study every day. If she got a family and got domestic violent, she would stand for it but if she couldn’t stand for it anymore, she would find the consultant for help. The results of the interviews are indicated already about the women’s issues. Most of them faced domestic violent and economic problem. Even now, we have the laws to protect women from domestic violent and the equality of working salary but still they are worked in the men’s shoes.

Most of the women from rural area don’t know at all about the law to protect them and they enable to find the legislators for help so they still dominated from their husband and the society as a whole. From my opinion, the government should advertise more by all kinds of mass media especially in rural area about the way that the women can find help and the laws to protect them. Moreover, the government should increase the working salary for them to fulfill their daily needs and to support their family. From my suggestions, women should have equal right as men and give more value in the society. This is the end of the interview


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