Should Women have equal rights to Men?

Men and women should have equal rights in the areas of speech, education, respect and the right to vote. They should be given their rights so that they have the same social, economical and political status as men.

It has been a cultural belief of many regions that women exist to be housewives and mothers; these beliefs give women limited roles. They are considered inferior to men in terms of intellect; this has underestimated women’s talents leaving them with a ‘label of inferiority’. The belief that women are inferior to men is no more a ‘label’ of inferiority for women; it has also affected their lives and actually made them inferior. These women do not seek to be superior to men, nor do they want to work eight or ten hours a day like men, they only seek to get the right to get educated and to be considered respectable in the society. They want to participate in politics and in other activities related to business so that they can work to their full potential.

In male oriented societies, where sexism is the base of getting one’s rights, women are deprived of education and due to their lack of knowledge; they are unable to challenge the difficulties they face society and work for themselves. They cannot get respectable jobs, being illiterate prevents them from taking part in politics or other social activities. It is not that these women are not gifted with the brains like that of men or they are not as talented as them. They may even be more intelligent than many of the men, but their intelligence is veiled behind the curtains of sexism, so is their talent.

In the World War 1 when soldiers from all around Europe had to leave their countries in order to defend their regions, it were women, who took charge of making weapons thus taking care of their children and houses in their husbands’ absence. This prominent incident in history proves that women are not only capable of housekeeping and childbearing, but they can also perform jobs that they have never done before.

Some cultural beliefs state that women are not ‘made’ to learn science or mathematics, therefore, they should not be send to schools for education. They think that women are only meant to do housework and raise their children. What they don’t seem to realise, is that it is these women who, if well educated, would bring up their children in a fine way so they become future leaders. These women mold our future generation, and if they are not given equal rights to men, this underestimation will result in a disaster for us in the future. The youngsters will grow up to be violent terrorists, who have been brought up in an unbalanced atmosphere.

It is therefore important to provide equal rights to women, because they are also the creatures of God and are send to company ‘men’ on earth. And if one of these two companions were underprivileged, the whole human race would suffer for a very long time. There aren’t any differences between the nature of a man and a woman; it is the way they are molded in the world. And it is therefore vital to privilege every one with their rights without making preferences for any one gender.

The belief that women were inferior was not only a tag of inferiority for women but also affected their lives and actually made them inferior

Women’s rights ensure that women will not be discriminated against based on their sex. Women in most societies were denied some legal and political rights given to men until the second half of the twentieth century. Even though women have gained significant legal rights people still believe that women do not have complete political, economic, and social equality with men. During most of the history of Western civilization cultural beliefs gave women limited roles. Most people believed that a woman’s role was as a mother and wife. These people believed that woman were made for childbearing and housekeeping and should not be involved in business or politics. The belief that women were inferior to men in terms of intellect led to limiting their education to learning domestic skills. Well-educated, upper-class men controlled most positions of employment and power in society.

They have held a subordinate status in all areas of their life; this includes the homestead as well as the workforce. Men have simply held a higher status throughout history and up to the present time. To look at the struggle for equality, one must understand gender roles. Gender roles have been assigned by society. Examples of this are everywhere. Even children’s toys socialize children into taking traditional gender roles. An example of this social construction is toys for little girls. Girls are taught to play nice and to take care of their dolls. These basically teach little girls that the female takes the caretaker role and the male takes the provider role. Traditionally, women have taken on the household responsibilit


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