Women Inferiority to men according to Darwin

Throughout the years, women have been characterized as the weaker gender. Women are smart, intelligent and a strong creation of God made equally to men, not to dominate, but to complement each other, although scientists have proven that the female brain is smaller and less developed than the brain of men. Charles Darwin who is biased in his writings claimed women are inferior to men in anything requiring usage of the brain and hands. The measure of strength that establish between men superiority and female inferiority is irrelevant if power is defined as energy and not as control.

How tall, how much they weigh, how fast they can run, and how much they are able to lift does not determine the transmission of message within the brain. Women might not be as macho and have physical strength as men, but mentally their brains are powerful and capable of doing anything. Mr. Darwin is clearly anti- biased towards women in which he underestimates the strength of womens brains. Also, he overlooked that imagination does not come with gender but with aggressiveness and determination. For instance, Martha Stewart, a women and entrepreneur who utilize her ideas in selling home dcor.

In addition, Oprah Winfrey who is one of the richest women in the world, because of her uniqueness that she brings to the talk show world. Due to imagination and visualization of their ideas, these women are successful and are indeed millionaires/ billionaires. Women are as equally successful as men, but respect is not given where due. Hillary Clinton in winning Senator of New York State against ____________, a man. This was shocking for men around the nation, because she is a woman and women cannot do a mans job.

Queen Elizabeth II has been in control of England and several other countries for quite some time, and everything seems to be flowing correctly. She is an example of women being equal to men in the sense that she is looked up to by many of her fellow men. Since womens brains are smaller and less developed than men, then why do men have women therapists? No one is saying they should be able to figure everything out, but considering the claim, they are mentally stronger. Why seek ideas from someone with a mentality less than theirs?

Does this not prove that women are generally mentally just as strong if not stronger than man? In fact Although girls and women continue their education and training for at least as long as boys and men, their educational decisions still tend to limit their career options which, in turn often limits their income. It is important we encourage women to stay in science and mathematics, with curriculum and teaching practices helpful to girls and women in these fields. This will allow us to compete with this best of men.

In addition women have worked hard to achieve some sort of equality to their male counterparts in every field of activity. Social economic and political conditions have undergone a massive change in the last 100 years. Today as most women are seen working side-by-side men in almost every field. They are also playing an important role in armed forces and large corporations but we must not forget that women struggled for more than a century to reach their current status in the United States and the struggle must continue.


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