Women Oppression Sample Essay

Marilyn Frye makes a really bold statement in her essay “Oppression” saying that “women are oppressed as adult females. but work forces are non oppressed as men” ( Frye. 16 ) . She claims that adult females are oppressed as adult females. because in our society females are defined by preconceived stereotypes of their gender. However. work forces are non oppressed as work forces because the male population holds societal power and take to non stigmatise their ain gender. Alternatively they choose to pigeonhole and put societal limitations on the female gender in order to make a system to suppress adult females. This subjugation is manifested in double-bind state of affairss. societal rites. and stereotyped gender duties and functions. From this subjugation of adult females. work forces have benefited greatly and males’ lives have been made much easier. This is why I believe that Marilyn Frye is right in her averment. because it is absurd to believe that work forces would be oppressed as work forces. when they have been commanding the gender limitations for centuries. The first illustration of subjugation made manifest is in double-bind state of affairss.

Throughout a woman’s life-time she faces many double-bind state of affairss in which the result for her is ever guaranteed to be negative. Frye demonstrates this position by researching two facets viz. that of a woman’s visual aspect and that of her sexual activity. Society has been structured in such a manner that adult females must take attention of how they look. If a adult female is dressed sultrily so it is assumed “one is publicizing one’s sexual availability” ( Frye. 12 ) . Furthermore. if a adult female decides to dress ill so she is said to be unfeminine or does non care about herself ( Frye. 12 ) . For younger adult females in the United States the position of their sexual activity ( whether they are sexually active or non ) is faced with rough unfavorable judgment from males ( Frye. 11 ) . If one chooses non to be sexually active she is seen as “uptight” . a “man-hater” . a “bitch” . and a “cocktease” ( Frye. 11 ) . Furthermore she would be invariably told by work forces to “relax” and parents would worry that she is a sapphic or non normal ( Fry. 11 ) .

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Women Oppression Sample Essay
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On the other side of the spectrum. if a miss chooses to be sexually active. work forces would see her as being “loose. unprincipled or a whore” ( Frye. 11 ) . This is a signifier of subjugation of adult females. because state of affairss such as these have been orchestrated by work forces. However. it is convenient that work forces do non confront the same rough worlds with double-bind state of affairss. If a adult male were to voice that he has several sexual spouses. his equals applaud this behavior and promote such an unchaste life-style. He would be seen by other malesas popular and successful. because he can fulfill his desires when he chooses to.

Additionally. society is non critical of whether a male decides to pay attending to his visual aspect or non. Further tied to this distinction in footings of visual aspect is the issue of diet. A adult male will have positive support from his parents and friends if he is able to devour big sums of nutrient. However. if a miss is known to hold a hearty repast. she will be told that she will acquire fat and should non eat so much. Men benefit from this once more. because non merely does this give them the freedom to make as they please. but it keeps adult females bound to an outlook of being thin. Corpulent adult females from the male position are seen as unattractive and unwanted. and have a batch of abhorrent remarks that make them believe they are non qualified to be complimented or pursued by work forces. Corpulent work forces may besides confront unfavorable judgment. but the extent of attending paid to them in non about as extreme. The media. telecasting shows. and yellow journalisms besides all tend to concentrate the bulk of their attempts on commanding women’s ideals of their gender.

Frequently this can be seen in the signifier of advice. Absurd statements such as ‘how to lose that last 10 lbs in 5 days’ . ‘5 nutrients that burn tummy fat’ . and ‘10 minute exercising for better glutes’ . are all geared towards adult females instead than corpulent persons overall. Hence it can be seen that double-bind state of affairss serve the intent of commanding and suppressing adult females. Another signifier of subjugation is found in societal rites. Frye argues that door gap rites that work forces have performed as a helpful service is non what adult females believe it to be ( Frye. 12 ) . She claims that the message being sent across is that adult females are seen as incapable and handicapped ( Frye. 13 ) . Work force are affecting on adult females that they need male aid in order to be to the full capable. Yet most work forces will non offer to assist with family work. because it is a woman’s responsibility. Work force have imposed the duties of raising kids. cookery. and cleaning on adult females. because they are excessively busy with their self-assigned male functions. Household work is seen as a woman’s duty even if she has a full-time occupation.

This subjugation that work forces have set in topographic point allows them to hold more leisure clip to make things that they enjoy. Related to this is the thought of gender-stereotyped duties. As mentioned a adult female is regarded the primary caretaker of family jobs and the kids. This is besides seen when a adolescent gets pregnant. Rearing the kid automatically becomes entirely her duty and even if the male parent decides to portion this charge he would still merely receive negativeness from the mother’s parents. unlike her who would probably confront the unfavorable judgment of society as a whole. Furthermore. the teenage female parent has to give much more in comparing to the teenage male parent who would still be entitled to his adolescent life. This is all because adult females are being indoctrinated into believing that they are the primary caretaker. Even in divorce colonies. adult females are automatically entitled as the primary caretaker of the kids unless the male parent battles for detention. Once once more work forces are able to go on on their life style without any major accommodations because of kids.

The fact that every state of affairs that arises in our society in which women’s subjugation benefit the male population. merely gives more weight to Frye’s statement. Women face the double-bind state of affairs in which with either option they can non win. Furthermore. they think that they are having aid from work forces. but are alternatively being forced into their gender functions. This indoctrination and stigmatisation merely serves the male population that benefit from these double-bind state of affairss. Work forces are non bound by their gender functions like adult females are and acquire to populate free from outlooks in comparing to their female opposite numbers. Hence it is apparent that Frye’s article “Oppression” is right in its statement.


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