Wonders of Canada Essay

THE ’10 ‘ Wonders OF CANADA! ( CBC NEWS IN REVIEW – 2007 )

Wonder/Location Description of Wonder Significance to Canada

# 1. ( W ) Niagara Falls

( L ) Niagara, Ontario

This spectacle was born around 12,000 old ages ago. It is a big drop off of which, Niagara river flows down. The H2O from the river clangs down about 175 pess to make a truly brilliant sight.

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1. It is an highly old and of import Canadian landmark.

# 2.Canoe

Throughout Canada

Between a sleek, modern, fibreglass canoe and a rugged, hardy, cedar canoe, one thing is common. Canada radiances on every square inch. Imagine, without this astonishing admiration, we ne’er would hold discovered Canada ‘s true beauty.

1. Without the canoe, Canada would non hold been explored and developed.

# 3.Igloo

Northern Canada ( Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon )

It is an iconic and clever construction. It is handmade of ice blocks. It may change in size and form. If built right, it can incorporate heat highly good. For illustration, if it is 40 & A ; # 730 ; C outside, the temperature inside the iglu could be about 0 & A ; # 730 ; C.

# 4. Pier 21

Halifax, Nova Scotia

It is known as Canada ‘s National Museum of Immigration. From 1928- 1971, it was used as a rider terminus for trans-Atlantic ocean line drives. 1. The state ‘s last staying ocean in-migration shed.

2. It tells the narratives of 1.5 million immigrants.

# 5.Prairie Skies

Prairies ( Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba )

Large, keen and out of the ordinary. The prairie skies are enchanted with a peaceable bluish skyline. Merely looking up and look up toing will daze and overpower anyone ‘s head. 1. It is a admiration that can non be found anyplace else in the universe. It resembles Canada in excessively many ways.

# 6.The Rocky Mountains

British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

A true admiration which puts your head in awe as you glance up, about 4000m. These mountains are a complex combination of pyrogenic and metamorphous stone. There are hints of sedimentary and volcanic stone every bit good.

1. Largest mountain scope throughout Canada.

# 7.Old Qu & A ; eacute ; bec City

Quebec, Ontario


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