Woodrow Wilson (532 words) Essay

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was clearly an important icon in the action of the United States entering World War I. He also played a major role in the US participating in more world affairs during his presidency. He came to be known as the “prophet of peace” though still today he is a controversial figure in the history of the United States.

Wilson had a very strong belief of executive leadership. He carried out a plan called the Federal Reserve Act, which set up a new system to back finance and banking; the Clayton Antitrust Act, which strengthened earlier laws limiting the power of large corporations, and the organization of the Federal Trade Commission. Woodrow Wilson also did things that appealed to the common people like securing federal loans, marketing aid for farmers, and supporting 8-hour day for railroad workers. He even tried to pass a law that prohibits child labor, which was later shut down by the Supreme Court. These acts helped him receive a popular majority of votes in his second running for president by heavy farmers, labor, and reform voters.

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Woodrow Wilson (532 words) Essay
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Wilson had promoted the most corruption-free American war attempt up to that time period. After the United States had no choice but to join World War I, three years after its commencement in 1914, a draft was established called the Selective Service System. Though the US tried to stay neutral during the war, Woodrow Wilson did declare war against Germany, due to its lack to stop attacking US ships without warning. The war finished fall of 1918, about a year after the US had entered in favor of the Allies. This came as a victory for the United States, and proved the amount of power it controlled.

After the war was over President Woodrow Wilson outlined a peace plan called the 14 points. It called for national determination and an end to colonialism. This proposal raised the hopes of liberals around the world. He was in pursuit of a plan that would ensure a just and enduring peace to follow the success of the Allies in World War I. Wilson received a position of moral leadership and dedication among the Allied leaders. However Wilson’s plan did gain controversy and hostility as well. Some of the European victors did not fully agree with the program. Wilson had to make corrections and change some of his initial ideas to fit more agreeable and acceptable points. Adding to his expanded respect, his 14th point was recognized in the League of Nations, which was established as a result of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

Wilson is a very admired previous US president, but he did have his fair share of detractors as well. Many Americans blamed him for plunging into an unnecessary war, which opened the country into repression. Woodrow Wilson is still debated about today. His acts seemed to be in the country’s best interest, but his decisions may have brought conflict into the United States. This is a concept that will be disputed for years to come. President Wilson, however will serve as a historical icon for years to come.


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