Word to know for science in my school im in 6th grade.

Term Definition
Rotation The act of spinning or turning on an axis
Axis An imaginary line that runs from a planet's north pole to its south pole on which a planet rotates.
Day Length of time it takes for a planet to rotate once on axis
Year Length of time it takes for a planet to make one revolution around the sun
Revolution The act of moving in a curved path or orbit around another object
Oribit Path an object takes when it revolves around another object
Ellipse An enlonged circal; ovel
Time Zone One of the 24 standard zones into which earth is divided, corresponding to the 24 hour day!
Horizen The point where the sky seems or appears to meet the land, ground, and earth
Sunrise When aney part of the sun's disk becomes viable over the horizen
Sunset When the suns disk completely disappears behind (does not have to be complety the horizen

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