Work and life of frida kahlo Essay

Introduction of the essay

This essay will concentrate on the work of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican female creative person. This analysis aims to uncover the personal features of the creative person, by analyzing Kahlo ‘s pick of capable affair and look intoing what drives her to make art that is so bold and noncompliant. To foster the analysis it will look into to the issues her art efforts to raise and the message her work portrays. It will concentrate on how her pictures were greatly influenced by her life paying peculiar attending to the subject of muliebrity and gender that tally throughout her work.Henry Ford Hospital ( 1932 ) , . Self-portrait with Cropped Hair ( 1940 ) , . My Birth ( 1932 ) , . The Two Frida ‘s ( 1939 ) , . Flower of life ( 1944 ) , . Two Nudes in the Jungle ( 1939 ) .Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Humminbird ( 1940. However it will non be limited to merely these, it will besides include a few other pieces of Kahlo ‘s work that may be of import to explicate the subject of gender and muliebrity. It will take to seek for a better apprehension of the creative persons work and the idea procedure that may hold gone into bring forthing these peculiar pieces of work. It will look at the creative person ‘s capable affair and discourse what the stuffs of those topics may be seeking to stand for. It will besides look at the work of female creative person Tracey Emin, to separate the similarities and differences in her portraiture of muliebrity and gender today. Ultimately it will be inquiring the inquiry if Frida kahlo ‘s work still portray adult females of today and can adult females still relate to her work.

Introduction of Frida Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo Calderon was born on 6 July 1097 in Coyoacan, Mexico. She was born to a Mexican adult female Matilde Calderon and German born farther Guillermo Kahlo who had a concern as a lensman. The household lived comparatively good in the blue house that her male parent built sing the fiscal problems caused by the revolution. Along with her parents she lived with two older sisters and two half sisters from her male parent ‘s first matrimony and Her younger sister Christina. Frida faced a tough childhood and at the stamp age of six she was stricken with infantile paralysis which meant she was forced to remain in bed for nine months. Even after her recovery Frida was left with a smaller right leg which caused her to gimp as she walked, and her schoolmates nicknamed her ‘Frida, nog leg ‘ . This malformation led her to ever experience self-aware. Frida wanted to analyze medical specialty and so In 1922 at the age of 15 Frida enrolled in a premedical plan at the National Preparatory School of the University of Mexico. This was considered a esteemed establishment and out of 2000 pupils ‘ Frida was merely one of 35 misss who were accepted. At the school Frida mixed with like minded people and became portion of a rebellious group of pupils known as the cachuchas. Within this group they all shared this clip to bask the reclamation of Mexico following the revolution of 1910-20. Through their strong bond of friendly relationship they gained an inherent aptitude for rebellion against the authorization. These thoughts and values which were bought into her, would non merely fix her for the hereafter, but would stay with her all her life. While at preparative school in her trim clip she took pulling lessons and here is where she came into contact with the Mexican painter Diego Rivera, who subsequently plays a large portion in Frida ‘s life. Until late the Preparatoria University was restricted entirely to males, and Frida being one of merely a few female pupils, began to turn confidence and assurance about herself. She continued to analyze really hard in the hopes of one twenty-four hours go oning to medical school and going a female physician despite the societal clime at the clip, of which being a female physician was a rareness. Although the surveies in biological science and physiology did n’t give Frida a medical profession they did subsequently play a large portion in her pictures where Frida made usage of medical analogies and metaphors frequently painting actual variety meats and medical instruments. Henry Ford Hospital ( 1932 ) .The Two Frida ‘s ( 1939 ) .

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On September of 1925, Frida suffered a close fatal accident that changed Frida ‘s life dramatically. Frida was on coach back to place when it smashed into a streetcar auto. Frida was caught in the impact and was left with really serious hurts. She had crushed her right pes doing it to interrupt in 11 topographic points. A metal bannister pierced Frida through the pelvic girdle which she described ironically as fring her virginity.Her spinal column, clavicle, ribs, and pelvic girdles were broken. Although she recovered from these critical hurts the accident left Frida physically really delicate but more damaging was that it left her with deep psychic effects. Frida had to come to footings with the fact that she will be semi-invalid for the remainder of her life and that any professional programs she had would hold to be discarded. The clip Frida spent in the infirmary was a really lonely one, so she turned to books of poesy and doctrine to get away this purdah. ( The poesy is apparent in the journal of Frida Kahlo ) . It was merely when she returned place that she started her foremost picture, which was a self portrayal. She was bed-ridden and encased in a organic structure dramatis personae and following to her ballad a little mirror and pigment which her farther gave to her. The mirror invariably forced Frida to face her ain individuality and to oppugn the really kernel of art and this is why her pictures were more than merely self portrayals, ‘they were much more than autobiography, her self-portraits would turn out to be images of the inner ego, of a being puting out on a pursuit, every bit experiential as it was aesthetic, of a immature adult female still in the procedure of formation, of an rousing scruples. ‘ ( Christina Burrus 2005:201 )

After being freed from her plaster Frida became a member of the Mexican Communist party in 1928, besides at this clip as her organic structure was easy mending Frida embraced her new accomplishments of picture and started seeing herself as a serious creative person. Soon after Frida set out to derive a calling being an creative person and for this she went to Diego Rivera for advice. Frida greatly admired Diego and this captivation grew to a romantic relationship and which lead to Frida get marrieding Diego in Mexico City hall on grand 1929. This portion of Frida ‘s life was really much all about acquiring back to her Mexican roots and traveling against the political current, she displayed this by have oning the traditional Tehuana costume. From this twenty-four hours till her decease Frida dressed in this ornate costume that was accustomed to reliable Mexico. She did this non merely to arise against the societal norms of political relations but it allowed her to build her image and established her personal manner which would do her easy recognizable and alone.

In 1930 Frida faced yet another calamity to her already tough life ; her first gestation was terminated due to medical complications. Too come to footings with her loss she persisted on picture and finally her work was recognized and exhibited for the first clip in San Francisco. But shortly after her short success came another calamity, in early 1932 Frida faced a 2nd abortion at the Henry Ford infirmary. In the same twelvemonth she hears intelligence that her female parent is deceasing.This left an already delicate Frida depressed, emotionally scarred and oppugning life wholly. This clip was really proving on Frida ‘s matrimony, it became strained and they both searched outside their matrimony for sexual pleasances and emotional aid. During this clip of a troubled matrimony Frida engaged in sexual dealingss with both male and female. Even though Rivera ‘s personal businesss may hold bothered Frida it was n’t until he became romantically involved with Frida ‘s younger sister Cristina that she decides to go forth Rivera. After this clip she was involved in a twosome of relationships with other work forces but this ne’er truly satisfied Frida as the load of non being able to bear a kid was ever present. And it was at this clip that she acquired a sense of complexness and assertiveness in her work, in My Nurse and I ( 1937 ) . Frida ‘s repeating wellness jobs meant she had to be hospitalized for appendicitis which leads to several toes being removed after a pes surgery. Even with her wellness jobs in 1938 Frida was labeled a surrealist creative person by Andre Breton after her first solo exhibition in New York. At the terminal of 1939 Frida and Rivera divorced and as a consequence she painted. The Two Frida ‘s ( 1939 ) . Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair ( 1940 ) . At this clip of anguish and separation she besides painted more self portrayals but now she adorned herself by animate beings, flora and assorted other topics transporting peculiar significances with them to make her dreams and desires within the pictures. Frida farther damaged her organic structure by turning to drugs and poisoning on a day-to-day footing to stamp down the loss she felt of Rivera non being in her life. After 18 months of separation Frida and Rivera reunited and finally remarried. Their new relationship had several districts and Frida started to fuss Rivera despite the hurting she felt from her deteriorating wellness and the loss of her farther in 1941. The undermentioned old ages Frida experienced a batch success as her work was shown in assorted galleries throughout the universe and she begins learning art and sculpture in schools. By 1946 Frida ‘s of all time weakening wellness got worse which meant she could no longer stay sitting or standing and after assorted different organic structure girdles she undergoes a bone transplant operation on her spinal column. This operation proved unsuccessful nevertheless she spent many more months in hospital picture. As her terminal failing declined further she became unable to paint and on 13 July 1954 Frida Kahlo died at her place. Her last words in her diary read: ‘I trust the departure is joyful-and I hope ne’er to return ‘ ( Frida Kahlo in Herrera 1983:392 ) .

Main organic structure of text

Frida Kahlo, a good celebrated creative person non merely for her pictures but for her extraordinary life that she lived. Kahlo says “ I painted my ain world ” ( cited in Betty Ann Brown ‘autobiographical imagination in the art of Los Angeles Women ‘ ( March 1989 ) yesterday and tomorrow: California adult females, New York midmarch humanistic disciplines imperativeness p.119 ) by this she is meaning non merely that she relied on life but that she created herself in her pictures. Kahlo ‘s work which is obviously autobiographical and touches on these outstanding facets of her life-overcoming physical disabilities and changeless hurting, populating through her hubby ‘s unfaithfulnesss and a morbid compulsion with her inability to bear a kid. These issues vividly run throughout her work and particularly in the piece. Henry Ford Hospital ( 1932 ) . This is a shocking and upseting painting which makes the spectator at the same time repulsed by it and drawn to it. Kahlo is the cardinal point of the painting her face is of great desperation and anguish prevarication stark naked on a bed of blood from her month-long ordeal of abortion. The six surrounding images, connected to her lower venters by umbilical cord-looking ruddy lines are specific to her abortion. The dead fetus is Diegutio ( small Diego ” ) who will non be, to his right Kahlo paints a snail which may hold been used to stand for the slow horror of fring a babe or perchance embodies her province at that point: an empty, hollow shell, both physically and emotionally. To his left is a diagram of the female anatomy, the system that has failed Kahlo. This system from which all life springs is everlastingly riddled by hurting and complications but besides mostly holds female power. When it does non work right, a adult female may experience that her exclusive claim to power in a male-dominated universe has been ripped out of her. The surgical machine was invented by Kahlo most likely to explicate the operation process but the map of it is unknown. Kahlo had a certain disfavor to machines and this disfavor came from the fact that inevitably it was a machine that caused her hurt in 1925. This disfavor is made really clear in her ego portrayal on the Border Between Mexico and the United provinces 1932 where “ she contrasts the diverse fruit of Mexico ‘s Earth and history with the mechanical reproduction of homogeneous zombis and proliferation of massive, unvarying skyscrapers. ” ( Sarah M.lowe 1991:67. I feel the machine has a deeper significance it represents the force of the male society ( since most medical physicians are still work forces and the profession has a strong masculine stereotype about it ) taking what it can from adult females and go forthing them to “ shed blood ” after they have failed or served their intent. It is non adult females that are per se of import to work forces, but it is what they can make for a adult male that gives them what small position that they do hold. The shriveling orchid, everlastingly a feminine symbol which lies at the bottom Centre of the picture is a flower which was given by Diego her hubby. Harmonizing to Kahlo this was to unify a sexual metaphor with the sentimental. Diagonally across, on the lower right manus side is reproduction of her ain pelvic girdle which was broken by the accident and damaged further through sexual intercourse. It ‘s the chief cause of Kahlo ‘s desperation and the incrimination for Kahlo non being able to bear a kid to term. It is deserving adverting that the bed is seemingly drifting in forepart of a huge field land and is separate from the industrialised metropolis in the background. This creates an feeling of solitariness and weakness and demoing her isolation may be stand foring her stray province of head. She is in an wholly unfamiliar infinite both literally and figuratively. Kahlo failed at making life, which isolates her from the male population by doing her lupus erythematosus desirable and taking away her “ usefulness ” . Furthermore, she has lost the power that other adult females portion, thereby insulating her from other adult females. She sees herself as a failure: an castaway that does non belong anyplace in society. And underneath the black sky in “ no mans-land ” she is entirely with her heartache and wretchedness. The riddance of apparels on her organic structure is non for the male regard but for a medical regard. And by commanding this she stays clear of being the object of desire which is traditionally associated with the bare female organic structure. The narrative that this piece tells is one that lies at the bosom of being female. While adult females have come really far since this piece was painted ( in the early 20th century ) , there is still a feeling that certain things are purely female, and many adult females fight to keep on to those cherished elements and to maintain them every bit sacred as womanly possible. The ability to go pregnant and give birth is one such cherished effort. This is really apparent in kahlo ‘s other plants where she ‘s used images of sprouting, of birth, of nurturing, and even of Rivera cradled in her weaponries to show a womb-to-tomb torment at barrenness. This despair is easy apprehensible due to the fact Kahlo was Mexican and populating under the Mexican societal codifications, which meant maternity and holding a kid was a important portion of life and it about defined muliebrity. Without right to vote, adult females in Mexico had no officially sanctioned political life and were accordingly limited to a domestic function. There was a rigorous separation between the genders in society both publically and in private, which makes Kahlo ‘s work all the more extremist as she steps outside the comfort zone of what was expected from a adult females. What is particularly touching about this piece is that it transcends racial and cultural boundaries, alternatively striking a chord in the Black Marias of all adult females. Fears of gestation, childbearing and the complications and emotional and physical injury that go along with these things are on practically every adult female ‘s head at some point in her life. Even adult females who decide that they do non desire to hold kids must, at some point, think about gestation in order to make up one’s mind why they would prefer to avoid it. While gestation is surely non the cardinal experience or specifying characteristic for being female, it is still one thing that females merely can see, it is inherently a female act. This makes it relevant, in some mode, to all females.

Self-portrait with Cropped Hair 1940, Here Kahlo explores the societal concept of a “ adult female ” . With this picture she is disputing and construing the cultural definition of muliebrity. This self portrayal Kahlo eliminates all the societal norms of being a adult female in society. She does this by cropping all her hair which is one of the specifying elements of a female, looses the Mexican frocks for which many of her pictures clasp and fring the modest position alternatively taking a austere stance. Transgression is seemed even till this twenty-four hours a really audacious act even though cross dressing day of the months back to scriptural Bible ( Deuteronomy 22:5 ) .The manner a individual dresses topographic points them in different societal categories and enables people to distinguish the gender split. Even though we are in the twenty-first century there ‘s certain garments that a male by and large would n’t have on such as skirts, frocks, girdles and leotardss etc and frailty versa, in order to remain with societal norms and be easy accepted. So here in this picture Kahlo is being really bold by dressing herself in an outsize adult male ‘s suit and keeping a brace of scissors where usually a fan would be seen. Kahlo ‘s regard is austere and consecutive towards the spectator prosecuting them and about coercing them to see her as a female. She holds a batch of power in this picture and she does this merely by her assurance in her stance she purposefully has her legs dispersed apart to resemble confident masculine qualities. By puting her-self in this type of dressing and pull stringsing her organic structure in this manner she is finally declaring her independency. And even after the act of cutting the hair is done she still holds on to the scissors connoting that she is intentionally doing the spectator aware that she physically did this to symbolize her cutting off parts of her muliebrity. However non all is lost she still keeps her earrings and her high heeled places to go forth slightly of an indicant that she is still a female even after this transmutation, as if non to allow travel wholly of what she truly is. Her face gives little off about her emotions or feelings yet she boldly renders herself in such lurid pictures of herself. She does this deliberately to give a sense of ambiguity. “ The lines from a popular vocal painted above the figure of Kahlo point out how adult females ‘s position relies upon elements of societal meaning ( vesture, behavior, physical beauty ) , and how opposition to order manners of behavior is rewarded with, in this instance emotional disenfranchisement ” . ( Sarah M. Lowe 1991:59 ) It reads expression, if I loved you it was for your hair, now that you ‘re barefaced I no longer love you. The hair which splattered across with no control all over the floor around her is demanding attending and stand foring the freedom she feels.

The two Fridas 1939 was painted shortly after her divorce to Rivera and perchance painted to seek to come to footings with the separation. In this image Kahlo is non analyzing her ego but more constructing different signifiers of her and her personalities. She has placed both signifiers of herself seated on a bench on a background of a cloudy sky, maintaining it a really obscure and un-detailed infinite. The Frida on the left who is have oning the Tehuana frock represents the one loved by Rivera, and the 1 on the right who is have oning a white Victorian garment represents the one despised by Rivera. Both Frida ‘s thoraxs are exposed to uncover one of the organic structure ‘s chief variety meats: the bosom. This is a direct presentation of Frida ‘s torment over unanswered love. The bosom is symbolic of 1s love to another but more significantly in Kahlo ‘s Aztec heritage it symbolises ritual forfeit, so Kahlo may be seeking to stand for what she has sacrificed for Rivera ‘s love. The Frida on the right is keeping a little portrayal of her hubby as a kid. The arteria which emerges from it is really evocative of an umbilical cord which suggests Frida saw Rivera as her lover and as her kid. The arteria is linked to the bosom which supplies both adult females with blood. In her bosom the arteria splits and leads to the rejected Frida where it splits for 2nd clip. The arteria is unfastened and the Frida on the right is depicted keeping surgical clinchs to halt the hemorrhage. However the clinch seems to be neglecting to make its occupation and the blood is dripping on to her frock and finally Frida will shed blood to decease. This blood could be a reminder of the many surgeries, abortions and abortions Kahlo underwent. Blood is what nourishes a human being and it indispensable for us to remain healthy, so by Frida picturing herself shed blooding to decease allows us to understand her province of head, drained and lifeless. Shed blooding to decease is besides a slow and painful decease and Frida may hold this to do the spectator understand the slow deep torment of fring a hubby. Both adult females are separated by coevals which is depicted by Kahlo in their frocks yet they both seem to be allied and she portrays this by both Frida ‘s keeping custodies and providing life to each other. In this picture Frida conceives herself as an emotionally damaged adult female who is shed blooding to decease. This is a adult female after a divorce and she is sloping her feelings on to this picture and no 1 does it better than Kahlo as Rivera quotes ‘in the annals of art, Frida is the lone individual of all time to hold ripped open her chest and rupture out her bosom to state the truth in biological footings and state what is felt inside ‘ ( Isabel Alcantara and Sandra Egnolff 1999:69 ) . This picture raises issues of broken relationships and how they can impact a adult female emotionally and physically. This history from Frida is from a matrimonial relationship and tells the narrative of Frida ‘s hurting after she hears about his hubby ‘s unfaithfulness with her younger sister Christina. So non merely did Frida hold to confront the treachery from her hubby but besides from her ain flesh and blood. This is why this picture can make out to any adult females who have gone through confronting treachery and holding to come to footings with the loss of a relationship.

To derive a broader apprehension of the portraiture of gender and muliebrity in art I want to look at the work of Tracey Emin and see the similarities and differences between the creative persons. She merely like Frida raises the issues of gender and muliebrity trough art in an autobiographical manner. A life and working British creative person Emin differs non merely in coevals to Frida but besides in civilization.

Tracey Emin, a all right art, creative person, has a famous person position and is good known as a “ immature British creative person ” ( YBA ‘s ) . She is ill-famed to the general public due to her vocal work, as Her autobiographical manner of work is really much about exposing things about herself that people by and large would be excessively ashamed to uncover. Tracey Emin ‘s work is really subjective as her thoughts are drawn from her personal life and emotions through peculiar state of affairss in life. Her work appears in a confessional mode, due to its vagueness the spectator is made to oppugn what the work is seeking to accomplish. This leaves a large spread for unfavorable judgment and reading which I think is what makes her, and her work so high profiled within the art industry. One of her best known work titled ‘my bed ‘ 1998 confirms this impression. The installing was Emin ‘s ain bed compiled with soiled sheets, bloodied underwear, empty intoxicant bottles, used rubbers, coffin nail butts and other points alongside it. The installing was shown in the Tate gallery in London as a Turner award campaigner in 1999. It was a show of the station nervous dislocation Emin had gone through and it immediately put her mental province and her sexual life in the public oculus. Consequently this work caused a argument within the media. Prior to this it made its first visual aspect in Tokyo following on to New York. This work speaks out really boldly and experience really honest as it is a personal object, her bed, on show. This shows the creative person is courageous and brave as she is willing to set her personal life to public examination to acquire her message across.

This is farther highlighted by the study carried out by The Independent on Sunday ( 24.10.1999 ) , which asked its readers, “ would you demo your bed to the populace? ” the inquiry was taken literally and bulk of the people stated that they would non desire their bed displayed and some went to state “ worst incubus would be seting my bed on show ” . This merely foreground how adumbrate this piece of graphics was. I think it was really successful because “ it was an environment where public and private kingdoms intertwined ” ( Sarah Kent1998:35 ) and through this it gave the audience a feeling they had a direct penetration into her life about giving a sense of being accepted into a secret. This peculiar piece of work was really controversial and many people found this really difficult to accept as art. This was because of the capable affair and because it was her ain bed, in its natural province and non a constructed piece of graphics. Peoples started to oppugn if art could be displayed in this mode as in the ( the observer 24.10.1999 ) Matthew Collings asked, if anyone ‘s bed could be a work of art. He concluded that it was merely possible because of her famous person position and that “ there ‘s a small civilization of Tracey Emin that she ‘s worked on over the old ages, and this is what makes it possible for her bed to do the spring from life style into art ” .

In retrospect this unfavorable judgment may non hold been deserved, as Emin ‘s bed was made as she was populating through the injury and this gave it a batch more genuineness than the usual attack creative persons use of doing something to stand for a certain feeling. This work can be viewed as a successful piece of work as it was non produced in the cognition or outlook of it being an art instillment. This work creates a powerful image as it exhibits the twentieth century adult females ‘s sexual life on public show. Due to the capable affair, the work conveys a powerful affectional reaction from the audience. The instillment feels really existent arousing an emotional response, this possibly a consequence of the un-staged like quality. This work is successful in non merely arousing an emotional response from the spectator but it besides captures the alteration in society and clip, where adult females can openly demo their gender in a natural mode.


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